30 weeks

30 weeks means only 10 weeks left! Actually we only have 9 or less since Dr Sammons said she would induce us on June 30th if I don’t go before then. On one hand I’m so incredibly excited for J and K and on the other I’m sad that my time is coming to an end with my belly buddy. 🥰 The end of pregnancy is my absolute favorite. I love all the big movements and all the excitement that comes with contractions and labor.

Yesterday at work I was super busy and when I got home I noticed I definitely had some mild swelling in my ankles! This hasn’t happened since I was pregnant with Ellie. I am glad I have only had one pregnancy that swelling was an issue because I can honestly say it sucks. I hate fat sore feet. Thankfully by this morning my feet were just fine.

We had a Dr appointment today and it was an easy quick appointment. We checked on baby and he looks good. He was actually head down today too! Now who knows how long it will last but I really hope this little guy will be extra nice to us all and just stay head down so we have less to worry about. He is definitely quite the mover in there though and I love it. I got some good kicks on video the other day to send to his mom and dad.

I’ve definitely started getting more sleepy again and my major craving is still ice 🧊. I love long naps and lots of trips to the bathroom all day and night. The kids are getting super excited for baby to come too. Kailynn is excited to see him and I’m pretty sure Everett is just excited because he knows we are going back to Disney after baby comes. 😂 I’m pretty excited to go back to Disney too.

It’s so crazy how fast all this goes. I feel like I was just suffering with all the shots and extra hormones. Now looking at how big this guy is getting and knowing soon he will make his grand introduction into this world. I’m excited to see exactly what he looks like. All those little features we see on ultrasound in real life. I just know Mr Leaf is going to be a great big brother. Like most siblings I’m sure he has no idea what’s really in store for him though. 😂 I remember Kailynn was so confused that this new baby was just going to be staying with us every day! That all changes quickly though and then they have a built in best friend.

I’ll post what baby LB is up too now and some new pictures.

Baby LB is growing like crazy, now 16-17 inches, the size of a cantaloupe, and probably weighing somewhere near three and a half pounds. At this point, most babies will start to move from the breech position (head up) to the birth position (head down) where their heads are delivered first. If your healthcare provider says Baby LB doesn’t appear to be moving from the breech position, you can ask them about exercises to encourage Baby LB into a head down birth position. In all likelihood, though, your little one is already rotating towards that birth position as you both move closer to that special day!

How else is your little one developing this week? Baby LB’s lanugo, the furry coat that’s been keeping them warm in the womb, will begin to fall off this week as they put on enough fat to keep them warm without it. Your little one is going to start putting on up to a half pound each week until they’re born — they’ll be far less little in just a few weeks! 

Your baby’s eyes are also still developing. And while they can open their eyes, right now their vision is extremely poor. It will continue to improve while Baby LB is in the womb, and soon this development will speed up. They might reach the point of being able to track objects moving horizontally and vertically in just a few short weeks, and by week 34, they’ll probably have vision that’s just as strong as it will be at birth.

What’s new with you?

Around now, you might notice a return of the mood swings you may have thought you left behind in the first trimester. You also might have paradoxical symptoms, like increased tiredness right alongside difficulty sleeping. These issues are common, and the important thing is that you’re three-quarters of the way done with all of these frustrations, and three-quarters of the way to meeting Baby LB.

And as you approach delivery day, it’s increasingly important to start planning for some of the important, practical things in Baby LB’s life, like their nursery or sleep space. The transition from the womb to the world is a pretty drastic one, and you want Baby LB to be in a comfortable and nurturing environment so that they can be as happy and healthy as possible. So it’s also a good time to start thinking about things like where you’re going to get baby supplies, like diapers (you’ll need diapers!), and set up a crib or bassinet if you haven’t already. 

If you have a partner, it’s great to include them in all of this prep. It can make for a nice bonding experience for you both and help them prepare for the big change happening in both of your lives — and get used to the idea that they’re going to be changing a LOT of those diapers! This is also a great time for them to spend some quality time with your growing bump, which can be a sweet way for them to nurture their bond with Baby LB even before your little one is born. Let them talk to Baby LB, touch your bump, and try to feel some of your growing baby’s movements so they can appreciate just how huge, and how wonderful, this change in your lives is going to be.

Swollen ankles ewww
Kailynn took these photos and she wanted me to be a model she said. 🤪
Awe baby kicks

Almost 15 weeks!

Tomorrow we will be 15 weeks. I’ll be going back to the dr soon too! I feel like every 4 weeks is so long to wait now 😂. I’m just so used to going at least once or twice a week for ultrasounds, bloodwork etc. Not much is really going on other then that. I’m glad to be off all meds and into the second trimester already! I’m pretty sure I can also feel the baby every once in a while. Just those tiny flutters. I’m already starting to feel like it’s going too fast. My belly is definitely growing. I have been eating LOTS of fruit! Mostly berries raspberries, blueberries and blackberries but a lot of kiwis also! I haven’t gained any weight yet. That’s still typical for me I don’t usually gain much if any when pregnant. I’m actually extra happy about that this time because well those quarantine pounds were not kind to me! Hopefully when the weather warms up a bit I can go for some extra walks.

This is a short little update because I don’t have a ton to share. January is just boring and that’s ok with me! I’ll add a belly progress pic. I took this a day early for 15 weeks.

Ultrasound again today! 8 weeks.

Well almost I’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow! So today I went in for another ultrasound and I’m always a little nervous before ultrasounds because well it’s early and so many things sadly could go wrong. Plus since I don’t really get many pregnancy symptoms I don’t actually feel much different. I’m always so excited once I can see the baby looks bigger and see the fluttering heartbeat! That will never not amaze me. It’s so incredible and beautiful all at the same time. Just weeks ago they put this tiny ball of cells baby into me and now he has tiny arm and leg buds starting to form! It’s just so hard to believe it can all happen so fast. The love I feel for these little babies is also so amazing to me. You just can’t help it. I have prayed for this little guy before he was ever even in me. I prayed he would thaw out perfectly and that he would be comfortable in my fluffy uterine lining. He’s just a baby miracle and I feel so blessed and lucky to help.

While the ultrasound technician was checking everything I was joking and asked if he was head down yet. 😂 Turns out he is!!! Woohoo 🙌 obviously this boy has plenty of time to wiggle and move about but it was so funny to me since his big brother came out breach! I have literally delivered babies every way possible at this point. I kinda think it’s cool. Oh also his heart rate went up to 163 so that’s great also.

As far as me my headaches are still off and on and Tylenol is working so that’s good. My dreams have went back to normal from what I can tell. My boobs are definitely more tender right now. That really seems to be all that’s going on with me. Oh I do feel like my belly is sticking out more in my lower uterus area! I’m sure it’s because I’ve had 5 previous pregnancies so my uterus is just like here we go again 😆. I also started this time a little heavier then I wanted to with this pregnancy so, I’m sure that helps add to the fluff that’s already there. 🙄

I’m waiting to see what the Dr says about the next steps. I’m assuming he will say I can stop meds at 10 weeks and just be a regular pregnant person!!!!!! You seriously have now idea how happy this will make me. My butt is so ready to not be stabbed anymore. Also I think Ricky will be happy to not have to do it every night. Oh gosh I almost forgot to tell you guys a great story!!! Ricky had his first injury with giving me my shot. He was trying to put the cap back on the needle and stabbed HIMSELF. He’s obviously fine but of course I had to give him crap and tell him that the next day he would feel pregnant from all the hormones that must have been left on the tip of the needle 😆. I’m actually surprised it took this long for him to stab himself with all these years of shots he’s done. I’ll post some pictures to enjoy as well.

This is what baby B has been up to 🥰

Baby B is moving around like a little dancer, even though you can’t feel it. Your baby bulge might start protruding at this time, as your appetite increases to match Baby B’s. The placenta is also picking up its hormone production, giving yours a break. You’ll start to see fewer mood swings soon.

How’s Baby B?

Baby B is in his last few days of embryo-hood, which mostly means that the brand new, teeny tiny internal organs developing under his see-through skin are almost ready to start functioning on their own.

That pesky tail is finally celebrating its last hurrah, and pretty soon it will disappear completely. Baby B’s webbed fingers and toes are poking out from little limbs that are growing longer every day, and facial features are becoming more prominent, as his lips, nose, and eyelids are looking increasingly human-like around now. Your strawberry-sized bundle of joy is also moving around like crazy, although you almost certainly cannot feel it. Baby B’s head, still tiny compared to yours, now makes up half of his total body weight. But don’t worry, all the famous babies have big heads!

So big!
Fat or baby that is the question lol.
The terrible wound 😝

6 week update!

Well so far I feel well. I’ve had a few headaches that seem to come and go but thankfully Tylenol is doing the trick. It could also be from the weird weather we are having in November who knows. I’m pretty sure I left off with our second beta it was 478! That was a great number so the next blood beta day was on Monday basically we needed the number to be 1912 to know that it doubled again.

When they called they said my number was 3,495!!! 😳😳😳 Wow obviously it’s a super good jump. I was so happy but honestly also starting thinking oh boy what if it split! It’s always a small fear I have. While obviously I know the odds are slim it does happen and I’ve seen it happen to other girls who transfer just one. So I can’t help but think what if it’s me ahhhh.

So actually tomorrow is our first ultrasound to check on baby. I’m so excited to hopefully see a healthy heart beat. I’ve been eating a lot of fruit so that’s healthy and good. Although some of my pants have been a little snug by the end of the day…. 😆 At work last week I had to unbutton my pants at the end of my bad because I couldn’t take it anymore! I’ll update everyone tomorrow after the ultrasound.

Here is how baby B is doing.

Baby B has tiny little buds that are just waiting to bloom into arms, and his eyes are beginning to form. Many women in this week of their pregnancy experience morning sickness as well as exhaustion, so if you’re not feeling them yet, now’s a good time to clean up your diet and get plenty of water and exercise to try to head them off before they hit. If you’re already feeling them, it’s still a good time to make sure you’re eating as healthily as you can be, hydrating, and getting some exercise, to best deal with the symptoms.

Nope it’s a boy! 💙

Unbuttoned at work… 😂
So yummy!!!

4dp 5dt

This means 4 days past a 5 day transfer. I still haven’t tested and it’s so hard but I just can’t go through what I did last time. So I’m waiting. I don’t know how long I’ll wait but for now I’m waiting. Each day is a day closer to my beta blood test.

Yesterday I unpacked all my stuff from my suitcase and cleaned a bit. I also ordered my groceries and watched some crap tv. (90 day Fiancé the other way) 😂 I’m addicted. I still have pregnancy tests left over from my last cycle and I “hid” them from myself in the bathroom closet. Obviously this was dumb because I’m not a toddler and I know they are there… Ricky said I should give them to him and he would hide them but I already know that would be way WAY to risky. I don’t want to test but I like knowing where they are just in case.

I will say Wednesday night between 11 pm and 6 am I got up to pee ***6*** times. I mean I usually get up and pee at night but definitely not 6 times. Then when I was getting the kids ready to leave for school yesterday I swear I smelled dog poo in the dining room. Like the smell was so strong I made everyone look for it before we could leave. We never found any poo… Also I can smell the lemon grass in my oil diffuser still and I haven’t had it on for two days. Ricky says he can’t smell it.

That’s the only things I have really noticed so far. Still a bit of cramping here or there but nothing big. I’m trying to not over analyze everything but I also don’t want to not make mention of things. The hard part is all the meds I’m on make my body think it’s pregnant already so it’s really so hard to know anything. I didn’t pee a ton last night so maybe the peeing was a fluke?

This morning I got to watch my nephew Travis for a few hours so that helped keep me busy and occupied. Then he left and my kids decided to go with my mom also. So now the house is so quiet with Ricky down stairs working. I already made dinner also. It’s only 12:30 😂. I made white chicken chili. I have been seeing it all over Facebook and it looked delicious. I guess I will watch more tv and maybe nap. That always helps pass the time and I love napping.

Puff got a bath and a conditioning treatment last night to keep me busy. She obviously wasn’t amused 😆.
Sweet baby snuggles to keep me pre occupied!
He got to nap before me 😂

Two days after transfer.

Well not quite. At 2:00 ish it will be 2 days since that’s actually about the time they put the baby in me 😂. I had some mild cramping after and that’s about it. It’s so hard for me because obviously you try to feel every little thing going on in your body hoping it’s a sign of things working and baby growing. I never really get any symptoms of pregnancy anyway. I guess that’s why I enjoy being pregnant so much lol. Once I’m for sure pregnant I do usually break out a bit more then normal and I get tired the first trimester but that’s about it.

Our plane ride home last night was crappy to say the least. They made me check a bag even though I knew it would fit. Plus I had specifically asked the people at the desk where you check bags and the man assured me it would be fine. Then as I’m getting on the plane the woman tells me I have to check it!!! Ugggg I was so frustrated. So by the time we got on there was no more open rows so Ricky and I had to sit with strangers. Plus the lady next to me decided the open middle seat was her’s. Not to mention her bag clearly didn’t fit under her seat.

I know it was dumb to get so frustrated over such dumb things but my hormones are crazy and so therefore I’m crazy too! 😂 I’m glad to be home though in my own bed. I slept so great last night. Our dog and cat missed us a lot. 💓 They slept with us last night.

I’m still terrified to test this time and feel the way I did last time. But I’m also terrified of waiting and pretending it’s all going to be perfect and then getting blindsided by the dr calling. I do still have some tests left over from last time in case I decide I want to test. I think I’m going to just enjoy the unknown for awhile longer this time though.

Thanks as always for all the prayers and encouragement. Hopefully this time everything works out perfectly and I get to share much happier news with everyone.

This lady and all her stuff… 🙄
Then she shoved it even closer to me.

Transfer is completed ✅

I’m happy to report that the transfer is completed. Everything seemed to go smoothly. So I’m considering myself pregnant at this point 😂. At least until the blood test tells me otherwise.

On my way there I prayed a lot. I always get anxious before transfers. It’s so many emotions you feel and all the estrogen I’m on doesn’t help. We were listening to the radio and a song came on and it seemed pretty fitting. I love that when I’m worried or stressed God can still tell me things are going to be ok.

I got to see the picture of the embryo before they put him in but I couldn’t take a picture or anything. It looked very similar to the last embryo. I could tell it was already hatching. That’s a good thing!

In 10 days I will have my blood beta draw! After the transfer Ricky and I decided to go eat at an Italian restaurant the pasta was SO good! I will still be on all my meds so butt shots, suppository’s and estrogen keep on going.

This was the song we heard right before we went in. 🥰

So much water before transfer!
We also saw this funny truck on the way there. 😂
My last drinks were mojito’s they were so good!

Transfer is completed

So I actually slept well last night. I didn’t get to anxious or nervous until it was drive time! I prayed the whole way to the office. I’m not sure everyone understands how much pressure I/surrogates put on ourselves. I cried in the office praying for this sweet baby.

We all already love her so much! That’s right it’s a GIRL!!! I prayed for the doctors and nurses and the embryo technician! I prayed that my lining and body was just what this little lady needed to feel comfortable for the next 9 plus months. It’s such an exciting and nerve racking time. So many shots and emotions go into preparing for this very moment. Then it’s over in less then 10 mins. Now it’s up to this baby and my body and all our prayers. It’s difficult for me to not be emotional during all this.

I know this baby is so loved by so many already! My job for the next week or two is to try my best to be stress free and just keep taking my meds and shots. We have official blood work on the 31st to check my HCG that’s the pregnancy hormones. I’m hoping to hold off on my at home tests until Sunday or Monday. It will be super hard but it’s also super hard to see negative tests. If I do test on Sunday it’s likely to still be negative. But we can all hope and pray 😂. I went back to the store to try to find more pregnancy test that I like and they were still sold out from when I bought the last 8! Lol.

I’ll try to make another post in the next day or two to update if I have any symptoms to note. Although the pio drug I’m on makes my body think it’s pregnant so it’s hard to go off that too much. After the transfer we went and had a nice lunch and just enjoyed being together! I was excited to tell the waiter that I couldn’t have a Bloody Mary because I just got pregnant today! 😂 I’m not sure he was as amused as we all were. So now we need all the love and prayers we can get. I want to see this little girls face in 9ish months!!! I just know she will be perfect and beautiful!!!

I’m so incredibly blessed to be able to help others. I truly hope this helps show others and my own kids that we can all do something to help others! This world can be a beautiful place if we all love and help each other. I so often have people tell me how great I am etc. I truly want everyone to know how blessed I have been to be able to do this. Yes I know I’m giving a gift and helping a family but you have no idea how much these families mean to me!!! These are friends that I would have never met or known had I not decided to do something like this. I can’t imagine not having these people in our lives.

Obviously I know this is not something everyone can do or wants to do and that’s ok! I know I’m crazy and love being pregnant but that’s why this is such a perfect thing for me to do. Here are some fun pictures from our last few days. ❤️ check out these leggings. 😂

Check out these adorable leggings I found for us to wear! They are storks!!!
I wore my bracelet from last time too!
So funny that they even made something like these!
Baby Girl!!! Isn’t she already perfect 💗

Last ultrasound!

Today was my last ultrasound and blood work! I was a bit nervous because my lining is only at an 8 but we still have a week to still build and we are upping my estrogen and starting the awful butt shots tomorrow. 😫😫😫 This week I decide last minute to do the craziest thing I have ever done! On Tuesday night I planed a 3 day Disney trip!!! You guys this was insane. So we fly out tomorrow morning at like 5am then we fly back to STL Monday morning drop the kids off with my parents, then we fly right back to Florida Tuesday morning at like 7am!!!! 😳😳😳 The transfer is all a go for the 20th. All my meds are going to be crazy for the next few weeks. Let’s all just keep praying for this little sweet baby. I’ll be sure to update through this next week.

Look how happy we are
Look at that triple stripe!!!

Today was ultrasound day.

Today I went for an ultrasound to make sure my body was responding well to the meds. I also get to start some estrogen today! This is great news because the Lupron makes me have hot flashes and be extra grouchy. The estrogen will level me out again and they will begin building my lining up to where they want it to put baby in. We have about 3 weeks before transfer now. The shots have been going well I’m basically a pro at them since I’ve done this 3 times already. I’m already excited and thinking about pregnancy tests and baby kicks. My next ultrasound is next week and I’ll do blood work with that one also. Until then I’ll keep praying for baby and my body to do what it needs too. let’s also pray for Ricky dealing with my slight mood issues and hot flashes. I’m stealing blankets and then kicking them all off. 😂

Just a silly pic!