Happy 9 weeks and 3 days

How’s Baby Mac?

Happy 9 weeks. Things are going along pretty well. I’ve still been feeling pretty good. I have had a few days were I felt nauseous and just not good. But it hasn’t been to bad. My legs are also super crazy itchy from the meds I guess. So much so that I accidentally bruised myself pretty bad. I swear I didn’t think I was scratching that hard. Just 12 more days of meds. Not that I have a count down. 😂 I get asked alot how I’m feeling and I generally always say I feel good and fine. Because that’s generally true. We did have a scare last week though I had some slight spotting of brown blood. It’s never a good thing to see blood when you are pregnant. I tried to relax and not worry. I went to the dr and thankfully baby Mac was just fine in there. We didn’t get an explanation for what or why the bleeding happened. Thankfully since then I have had nothing though so that makes things much better!

I’ve had a couple people also ask about cravings. I guess I would say I am maybe craving soups? Lol I have been eating lots of soup the last week or two. I also always crave fruit in the beginning of my pregnancy’s. I’ve always loved fruit but, with each pregnancy I feel like I just want yummy ripe fruit all the time. Our next appointment is November 3rd. Karen is going to be in town for this one. I’m excited for her to be here. It feels like it’s been forever since I have seen her now. I’m thinking of all the fun St. Louis things to show her. Mostly food! 😆

Baby Mac is now almost an inch long (.9 inches), the size of a pecan, and though they’re not fully developed, all of their essential muscles and body parts are present. Your little one’s kidneys, liver, brain and lungs that are all starting to function on their own too, and they’re even starting to develop taste buds! Although Baby Mac’s eyes are forming more complex structures, their eyelids will shortly fuse shut for another four months or so. Your baby’s inner ear is also beginning to form the fluid that will allow them to develop a sense of balance. Baby Mac also has toes, bones in their arms, and joints that bend in their elbows.

Perhaps the most exciting part about week 9 is the increased likelihood that you may be able to hear Baby Mac’s heartbeat using a fetal doppler, a super special first for you and your little one. Baby Mac’s heart has been beating for a while now, but now it’s really starting to develop, forming distinct chambers and valves. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

My poor leg!

Med start day round 3.

Today is the day I’ll start all the meds again. I feel excited and anxious if that makes sense. I’m excited to be moving forward and trying again but I’m anxious knowing the transfer could fail again. I’m going to remain positive and pray for the best we all want this so badly. I feel like it just has to work this time. We are doing everything we can. Acupuncture twice a week and it’s going well. It is definitely starting to become more relaxing. I actually look forward to it! I’m hopeful that this will help with the little embryo to help him or her dig in deep. The studies seem to show it’s very helpful so why not. I will do acupuncture twice a week up until transfer and then I will do it an hour before and after the transfer!

Then as usual it’s a waiting game. That’s the difficult part. It’s hard to not get my hopes up every time. I want to be cautious but it’s hard to not get excited and think about how great it will all be as long as everything works. I have had a few dreams here lately where Rodger and Karen are at our home and drs appointments and stuff. I’m hoping that’s God reassuring me that it will work and this third try is the one!

Other then that life has been good. Getting the kids ready for school and soaking up every bit of summer I can get. We haven’t been to the pool as much this year. I need to get a few more days in before school goes back. We are also going to see GG for an extended weekend. We are all excited to visit her and I’m sure do a couple fun things with the kids when we are there. She lives in Branson area so there is plenty to see and do with the kids. I’ll update more often now that I’ve started meds again and will be having all the ultrasounds. This time just has to be it. Third times the charm.

3 day past 6 day transfer

I’m officially 3 days past the transfer at like 10 am today. I’m still in Chicago. I stayed in bed for two solid days. Day of transfer and the day after. Yesterday I ventured out and walked around. The weather was gorgeous low 70’s. I had some cramping the first day and a half I would say. Now nothing. It’s so hard knowing they put the embryo in and now you have to wait and over analyze every little thing. I have hours where I’m so at peace and confident that this time it’s the time. I feel like we had such a great transfer day. The embryo looked SO SO great and my lining was even thicker then last time. Plus the music gave me such comfort. It all seemed so meant to be. But then I also have too much time on my hands because I’m here alone 😂. That’s when my brain starts saying STOP you can’t be too excited Rashel. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Then I spiral into what if it fails again. What if I take test after test and they are all white again. I will once again have to feel all the emotions while on all these crazy medications. Then I pick myself back up and say no stay positive. I know I have done everything perfectly. Taken all the meds and all the appointments looked great. My body has done everything it’s supposed to so that this little girl should want to stay. It’s now up to her, God and science!

I did finish my book and have watched some tv. Today is my last day in Chicago I go home tomorrow morning. Today is a BIG day for Karen she has been working hard for this fundraising event to help the boys and girls club. They will all get to wear gorgeous gowns and drink and dance the night away. Hopefully they raise lots of money from the auction to help the club. I get to go do hair for everyone tonight before they go out! I’m excited for that.

We decided to take our test tomorrow morning before I leave for the airport. I didn’t want to test today and her be sad or disappointed for the event she worked so hard for. Plus hopefully tomorrow we can have a stronger line on the test anyway. I keep visualizing there being two lines. We want it so bad. I know even if a line doesn’t show up tomorrow we would have time for it to show up but it sure would be nice to see it earlier. I really want Karen to have such great news.

Karen also gave me one of the best gifts ever while I was here. She is seriously too kind and a wonderful gift giver. She gave me a copy of a special poem that has significant meaning to her and Rodger. They always tell each other they have each other’s hearts and carry them. So then she gave me a heart necklace to Symbolize that I get to carry their baby’s heart! You guys 😭😭😭😭 it was so so beautiful. The meaning behind it is so incredibly beautiful. I am so lucky to be trusted with peoples most precious of things. Their babies! That will never be lost on me. I just keep praying so hard that this little girl is strong! That she can find a perfect cozy spot inside of me so that she can live and grow! So I can hold and protect her tiny heart until she’s big enough and ready to go to her mommy and daddy! I will keep this necklace on forever. ❤️🥰❤️

For a funny story yesterday Ricky told me that the cardinals were actually here in Chicago playing! I had no idea. So I was with Molly and I teased him that Molly just said I could go with them! (They always get season tickets and he knows it) I will upload the screen shots from our text. Let’s just say Ricky wasn’t happy that he didn’t get to go. 😂 But then when I got back to the room I had a delivery! It was an edible arrangement. Now I felt extra bad for the trick because I still hadn’t told him I wasn’t actually going to the game. Turns out he went to his physical therapy appointment and told everyone there how excited he was for me that I was going to a cards cubs game at Wrigley Field. 😆

So I will update everyone tomorrow at some point about our first test. Please PLEASE be praying and sending all your good thoughts and emotions our way. We need them. here are the fun pictures so far.

First messages!
Second message and then he FaceTimed us! 😂
I just happened to have packed one cards shirt so I put it on to show him I was going! 😂
My delicious delivery
The poem. ❤️😭❤️
It’s so so pretty
It’s perfect!!!

Today we start again.

Today is the day I start meds again. I will be starting the Lupron shots again tonight. This is the drug that puts my body into menopause. So I get super rage and all the other stuff. Like night sweats, insomnia and other fun stuff. Karen said I can call her and rage whenever I need too. 😆

I will go for lining check and blood work for the next 3 weeks and then I will fly out on the 30th for our transfer on the 31st! So just 29 days until transfer. I’m really hoping and praying this little girl sticks this time. I’m going to make sure to tell Dr Kaplan to push her in a little deeper this time. 😂 I will stay a few days after like last time and we will test together again before I leave.

It really REALLY sucked last time testing together and not getting a positive but I also know just how incredible and exciting it will be if we test together and we do get a positive so that’s what I’m really hoping happens this time. Ricky won’t be able to go with me this time. I have mixed emotions about it. 😂 Down side he won’t be there to spend time with when I’m bored… He also will not be able to give me my shots. Karen said she’s going to be brave and do them! I know she will do fine. The perks of Ricky not going are I get to be in a hotel room alone! I can watch what I pick, eat when I want and nap and shop when I want! No husband to say I don’t think you need that do you… 😆 I mean does anyone really NEED anything?

My Birthday is 6/8 and I’m telling everyone all I want for my birthday this year is to get pregnant with Karen and Rodgers baby! Plus any other gifts people decide they must get me. Im a size 12 days at the beach kinnda girl. 😆 So hopefully God willing this transfer will work just fine and then on 6/10 will be our first blood test to check for beta numbers. They typically like to see around 100 or more. I’ve always had a big mix of numbers. Ellie was my lowest at like 70 something and then I have had some pretty high ones where I was like oh crap what if this little one split into twins! I won’t lie that’s always my big fear.

Twins would be exciting and I would do my very best but I would just worry selfishly about me not being able to work as much and honestly just keeping two babies healthy in there. I know I’m a pro with one! I’ll post a picture of my med calendar so you all can see how crazy and in depth this stuff is. I read it each morning and each night just to make sure I am doing everything properly. I don’t want to mess anything up.

As always thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers for the baby, parents and me! Don’t forget to pray for Ricky and my kids who have a bit of a crazy rage mom for a few weeks. 😂

Say it with me: This time is the right time, this time baby girl is going to dig in deep and my body is ready to help her grow. 🥰

Happy induction day.

Well today was supposed to be induction day. I didn’t make it to today and I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand I’m so happy he’s here safe and sound. I can’t help but to be a little sad though that it was due to me being told I had pre eclampsia. 😔 5 pregnancies and now this happened. I was shocked I felt fine! It was a regular Thursday I had my drs appointment where everything was FINE. They checked me and I was only like 2cm and baby was still high up. We laughed and knew he would make it to induction day today. I was feeling fine other then my swelling that only seemed to happen when I stood for too long. I came home and installed a toilet with my dad and then I took a bath that night. I had no contractions all day. Then bam at like 9:30 or 10:00 they started and after about 30 mins of me feeling like they were consistent I decided to download a contraction timer and time them.

Well they were coming every 3 mins! This was happening for about an hour and a half so Ricky was not going to let me not go to the hospital. If it had been up to me I would have probably stayed until they were more intense. I dislike being in the hospital sitting in a bed and probably being sent home. 😆 So I curled my hair and did my makeup because well I can’t look a mess. I told J and K I would let them know but I was going to be checked. They had me pee and hooked me up to the monitors. I was super dehydrated they said. (As usual I never drink enough water…) So I was getting IV fluids and I figured they would send me home.

They also took my blood pressure and she asked if it had been running high. I said no I’ve never had a high reading that I know of. I knew then something was not good. She of course said it was no big deal and they would check again in a little bit but I just knew something was off when I’ve never had a high reading. They said they would run a blood sample to check things too. The on call dr came back in and said how would you like to have a baby today. She was very cheerful about it. I knew better. 😢 I said well not if it’s because you think I have pre eclampsia. She said sorry but they wouldn’t let me leave because of it. I cried. I was worried about baby LB and me. I asked them to re test my pee after I was hydrated but they said it wouldn’t matter. I was confused because I felt totally fine and normal. I was disappointed that my body was not doing what it was supposed to do. I’m a pro pregnant person this isn’t supposed to happen to me! But good news he was head down!!!

I called J to let her know, she took it way better then I did. They started booking flights! Dr Sammons was not on call and it was a different dr from the wentzville office. Someone I had never met. He was all about putting me on pitosin and breaking my water immediately. I was a FIRM NO! My last labor I let them break my water and I felt like it was too soon. They insisted that once that happens labor would go quickly. That didn’t happen and they almost gave me c section because my water was broken for so long and I wasn’t progressing fast enough to push. (Thankfully my nurses rallied for me and I made it last time) This time I wasn’t going to repeat that! They also wanted me to get the epidural before they broke my water… I didn’t want to because then I knew I would be stuck in bed. Now I’m definitely Pro epidural! I’ve always had an epidural so I wasn’t against getting it. I just didn’t want to get it if I wasn’t in pain yet. The nurse kept telling me i could do what I wanted, but that if I didn’t get it and things went quickly then it would be hard to get relief. So I caved and got it. I don’t want to say I regret it but I will say I was right and nothing happened quickly! I labored for HOURS! Stuck in bed.

I asked the nurse if I could be moving or using a peanut ball etc. She just encouraged me to rest. In the mean time J and K had made it to the hospital. My Dr also called me and said the other on call dr told her well she wouldn’t even let me see her or do anything! Lol Dr Sammons said that sounds like Rashel. I even asked her if I for sure had pre eclampsia or if it could be wrong. She said it wasn’t wrong. Uggg Thankfully the night nurses came in and it was the same girls from last time! 🎉 These girls had me on the peanut ball and hanging my legs off the bed etc to get baby LB to come on down! Thank the lord. During the whole labor thankfully my blood pressure went as stayed down and I didn’t require any medicine for it. (Magnesium) I have only been told terrible things about this medication when laboring. I was very thankful to not need it.

I don’t even remember what time it was but they finally checked me again and I was like 9 and a 1/2cm… I was so tired and hungry I said I bet I can push through a 1/2 cm! Or just do a good membrane sweep. My nurse laughed and said she would tell the Dr but that she thought I could push through it also! Woohoo In came my Dr and she said let’s give it a go! I’m a super pusher I know this about myself 😂. It’s like my pregnancy super power. I feel bad for women who push for an hour plus. I’ve never had to do that thankfully. Baby LB was still pretty high us she said so I was going to have to work for it. I felt like I had been pushing for HOURS. I was tired and kept thinking oh no maybe this is the time I can’t do it. But I kept pushing. Finally they said he was close and before I knew it out he came!

His mom got to grab him right away and I touched his sweet little head! He had such dark hair. He was precious and perfect! He was crying right away too. Those first sweet tiny baby cries are the best. K got to cut the cord and mom did skin to skin. It was perfect. Turns out my pushing of what felt like hours was a crazy 21 mins… 😂 I’m pretty dramatic I guess. I’m not sure how you women have the energy to push longer! You all are incredible!!! We ordered pizza and salad and Ricky got me a soda! It was like 10 pm and we were all exhausted but excited too. I love getting to see J and K with their new baby. That’s literally all it’s about for me! Seeing them love that baby is what I waited 9 plus months for. It makes all the shots, meds, drs appointments, swelling, pushing for 21 mins 😆 etc all worth it! And Leaf if a wonderful big brother. He loves his baby brother so much and J is great at sending me pictures and updates on how life is going with two kids.

After I was released I had to go back to the dr that Monday for a blood pressure check. Thankfully it’s still been good and I didn’t have issues or need medication for it. It seems to be back to normal and all my swelling is gone! I guess I’m thankful to Ricky for making me go to the hospital even though I didn’t want too. If not things could have gotten worse I guess since I didn’t have another appointment until the following week! I’m still shocked that my body has birthed 6 babies! It doesn’t feel real to me. I have been so blessed to have two of my own children and then two more for each of the families. I will always say birthing babies will be the best thing I will have have done in my lifetime. These children will do incredible things in this world. They are all bringing such love, joy and happiness to so many! I have not only been able to help make parents happy but grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, God parents, and big Sisters and brothers! My heart will forever be grateful and blessed for this experience. I’m the least emotional girl ever but this part of my life makes me emotional! This chapter of my life has been filled with the most love and joy. I’m not sure if this is the end for me or not but on baby making. 😔 I don’t think I will ever feel ok closing this chapter. This part is hard for me. I want to have babies for EVERYONE! Regardless I’m so blessed and happy to have this chapter in my life. Love is a powerful thing. I love all these babies and these families. This isn’t something everyone can do and that’s ok! I think we can all look for ways to help change the world though. Look for ways to give back! I promise it’s worth it. 🥰

I also have to obviously thank my incredible support team. First up my husband! He doesn’t get enough credit! Not only has he supported me 1,000 billion percent. (But being pregnant with other peoples children is a little different lol) He has picked up the slack when I have been pregnant. He gave ALL the butt shots except for like 3! The first one my cousin Barb showed him how to do it and two Molly had to give when Ricky couldn’t come to Chicago! He deals with the hormones. Lupron rage is real! He has taken care of me after every delivery. Helping me shower, carry IV bags in and out of bathrooms, putting my underwear on me when I can’t bend over, waking me up when I fall asleep on the hospital toilet! 😂 That is an inside joke but yes it actually happened! So so many things. He loves me like crazy and I need to do better at remembering that. 🥰

Then their is my parents! My mom and dad have always watched the kids for every out of town trip I had to make. When I had my C section my parents kept the kids for 5/6 weeks because it was so bad and I couldn’t lift the kids for car seats or Everett for his crib for naps. They came over at crazy hours to get the kids when I would go into labor. They have picked up meds and supplies for me so we would just be able to go home from the hospital. They have sat with me when I couldn’t be alone, taken me to drs appointments. The list goes on. I don’t know what I would have done without that kind of love and support!

We also have my kids! They have sacrificed time with a non pregnant mom. Suffered when I had headaches or mood swings. We have skipped family trips because I couldn’t travel too far. Good comes from this also! My kids think having babies for other people is NORMAL! They ask others who are pregnant who their baby is for. ❤️ I am proud of that.

Welcome to the world sweet baby Oliver! Born at 37 weeks and two days! 6/18/21

5 pounds 15oz of pure perfection.

Watching your wife birth is exhausting… 😂
Making the best of an early birthday party!
Dad Cutting the cord!
Baby Oliver’s little home! This was cool.
I love love love this one!
My crazy positions and incredible nurses!
He was a perfect little roommate! 🥰
I had to make him hold him! 😂
Liquid gold!
Oliver’s first feeding

Two days after transfer.

Well not quite. At 2:00 ish it will be 2 days since that’s actually about the time they put the baby in me 😂. I had some mild cramping after and that’s about it. It’s so hard for me because obviously you try to feel every little thing going on in your body hoping it’s a sign of things working and baby growing. I never really get any symptoms of pregnancy anyway. I guess that’s why I enjoy being pregnant so much lol. Once I’m for sure pregnant I do usually break out a bit more then normal and I get tired the first trimester but that’s about it.

Our plane ride home last night was crappy to say the least. They made me check a bag even though I knew it would fit. Plus I had specifically asked the people at the desk where you check bags and the man assured me it would be fine. Then as I’m getting on the plane the woman tells me I have to check it!!! Ugggg I was so frustrated. So by the time we got on there was no more open rows so Ricky and I had to sit with strangers. Plus the lady next to me decided the open middle seat was her’s. Not to mention her bag clearly didn’t fit under her seat.

I know it was dumb to get so frustrated over such dumb things but my hormones are crazy and so therefore I’m crazy too! 😂 I’m glad to be home though in my own bed. I slept so great last night. Our dog and cat missed us a lot. 💓 They slept with us last night.

I’m still terrified to test this time and feel the way I did last time. But I’m also terrified of waiting and pretending it’s all going to be perfect and then getting blindsided by the dr calling. I do still have some tests left over from last time in case I decide I want to test. I think I’m going to just enjoy the unknown for awhile longer this time though.

Thanks as always for all the prayers and encouragement. Hopefully this time everything works out perfectly and I get to share much happier news with everyone.

This lady and all her stuff… 🙄
Then she shoved it even closer to me.

Transfer is completed ✅

I’m happy to report that the transfer is completed. Everything seemed to go smoothly. So I’m considering myself pregnant at this point 😂. At least until the blood test tells me otherwise.

On my way there I prayed a lot. I always get anxious before transfers. It’s so many emotions you feel and all the estrogen I’m on doesn’t help. We were listening to the radio and a song came on and it seemed pretty fitting. I love that when I’m worried or stressed God can still tell me things are going to be ok.

I got to see the picture of the embryo before they put him in but I couldn’t take a picture or anything. It looked very similar to the last embryo. I could tell it was already hatching. That’s a good thing!

In 10 days I will have my blood beta draw! After the transfer Ricky and I decided to go eat at an Italian restaurant the pasta was SO good! I will still be on all my meds so butt shots, suppository’s and estrogen keep on going.

This was the song we heard right before we went in. 🥰

So much water before transfer!
We also saw this funny truck on the way there. 😂
My last drinks were mojito’s they were so good!

Ultrasound to check my lining.

Yesterday we did an ultrasound and blood work to check my uterine lining and blood work for my estrogen levels. Good news was my ultrasound went great and my lining looks to be even better then it did last time!!! I’m at a 10 with still a little over a week to go! So they said we can keep everything the same now. Meaning my meds. I’m still taking Lupron each night and estrogen pills 3 times a day. I’m waiting for them to call me today to let me know when I will be starting all my other meds. Pills and butt shots. 😔☹️😢 I already feel bad for my butt. 😂

We will be flying out on the 15th in the morning and as far as I know transfer still looks good for Friday the 16th. I’ve been praying for this next transfer of this sweet baby boy! I’m excited for this next try. I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to test this time after transfer or not. This was obviously the first time I have ever not been able to share excitement and good news. So I’m honestly scared to test again and not see good news and feeling as bad as I did last time. I know I will feel bad even if I don’t test and get bad news. I’m just not sure what I will do.

Thanks as always to everyone for all the love and support. I’ll be sure to update more this coming week.

See that triple stripe! 🥰 I want to be nice and fluffy and cozy for baby boy!!!
Here’s where some of my crazy comes from. 😂

Transfer is completed

So I actually slept well last night. I didn’t get to anxious or nervous until it was drive time! I prayed the whole way to the office. I’m not sure everyone understands how much pressure I/surrogates put on ourselves. I cried in the office praying for this sweet baby.

We all already love her so much! That’s right it’s a GIRL!!! I prayed for the doctors and nurses and the embryo technician! I prayed that my lining and body was just what this little lady needed to feel comfortable for the next 9 plus months. It’s such an exciting and nerve racking time. So many shots and emotions go into preparing for this very moment. Then it’s over in less then 10 mins. Now it’s up to this baby and my body and all our prayers. It’s difficult for me to not be emotional during all this.

I know this baby is so loved by so many already! My job for the next week or two is to try my best to be stress free and just keep taking my meds and shots. We have official blood work on the 31st to check my HCG that’s the pregnancy hormones. I’m hoping to hold off on my at home tests until Sunday or Monday. It will be super hard but it’s also super hard to see negative tests. If I do test on Sunday it’s likely to still be negative. But we can all hope and pray 😂. I went back to the store to try to find more pregnancy test that I like and they were still sold out from when I bought the last 8! Lol.

I’ll try to make another post in the next day or two to update if I have any symptoms to note. Although the pio drug I’m on makes my body think it’s pregnant so it’s hard to go off that too much. After the transfer we went and had a nice lunch and just enjoyed being together! I was excited to tell the waiter that I couldn’t have a Bloody Mary because I just got pregnant today! 😂 I’m not sure he was as amused as we all were. So now we need all the love and prayers we can get. I want to see this little girls face in 9ish months!!! I just know she will be perfect and beautiful!!!

I’m so incredibly blessed to be able to help others. I truly hope this helps show others and my own kids that we can all do something to help others! This world can be a beautiful place if we all love and help each other. I so often have people tell me how great I am etc. I truly want everyone to know how blessed I have been to be able to do this. Yes I know I’m giving a gift and helping a family but you have no idea how much these families mean to me!!! These are friends that I would have never met or known had I not decided to do something like this. I can’t imagine not having these people in our lives.

Obviously I know this is not something everyone can do or wants to do and that’s ok! I know I’m crazy and love being pregnant but that’s why this is such a perfect thing for me to do. Here are some fun pictures from our last few days. ❤️ check out these leggings. 😂

Check out these adorable leggings I found for us to wear! They are storks!!!
I wore my bracelet from last time too!
So funny that they even made something like these!
Baby Girl!!! Isn’t she already perfect 💗

9 Weeks!

Well we skipped week 8… Oops time gets away from me! We had another dr appointment yesterday and had a ultrasound too! Baby B is starting to look like a actual real baby! I took a video and sent it to J so she could see. The baby was even wiggling around in there, so adorable! They also said the heart rate was 172 this time. I’m feeling really good other then just being so darn tired! Although the last couple of days I have felt like my energy is coming back woohoo. I do get slightly nauseous from time to time but nothing bad at all. I’m just getting excited for the second trimester so I can start feeling the baby move that’s my favorite part! I’ll go back to the dr at 12 weeks so that’s only 3 weeks away. It will just be a regular appointment I don’t think I will have an ultrasound or anything.

Now let’s see what baby B is doing this week!

Would you believe your baby is only an embryo for one more week and is already developing into a fetus? She’s now about one inch long, the size of a medium green olive (but no martinis, please). The head has straightened out and is more fully developed and the ears are continuing to grow, making baby look more human. Plus, toes are visible, and all of baby’s essential organs (heart, brain, kidneys, liver and lungs) have begun to develop. Your soon-to-be-fetus is also making spontaneous movements of her arms and legs now that minuscule muscles are beginning to develop, though you won’t feel your tiny dancer for at least another month or two. While it’s way too early to feel anything, it’s not too early to hear something (possibly). Your baby’s heart is developed enough — and has grown large enough — for its beats to be heard with a Doppler, a handheld ultrasound device that amplifies the lub-dub sound the heart makes. But don’t worry if your practitioner can’t pick up the sound of your baby’s heartbeat yet. It just means your shy gal is hiding in the corner of your uterus or has her back facing out, making it hard for the Doppler to find its target. In a few weeks, or at your next visit, that miraculous sound is certain to be audible for your listening pleasure.