Contracts done SHOTS TOMORROW!!!!

Ok guys contracts are over and it was super easy! I’m glad it didn’t take us weeks and months like others I have heard about! I will get my box of shots and meds tomorrow.  Molly is calling me tomorrow night for moral support! I know as soon as I do it I will think I was crazy for freaking out lol. Its the pio shots that look TERRIFYING!!!! I should have never watched the video lol. I just keep thinking about that perfect baby swimming around in my belly and Molly and Jon getting to hold their baby for the first time and its all worth it!!! I feel so lucky to get to be a part of making this baby for them and helping make their family of two into three!!! Ill post tomorrow after my shot to let you know how it goes. Ricky said he may take a video for fun lol.


Well I finally got a contract and it was like 48 pages! Mostly just lots of extra wording lol. But there was a big issue in there for me about aborting and that if Jon and Molly wanted me to then I had to all the way up to week 20! I FREAKED I had already talked with my agency and Molly about not wanting to and that’s why I was so happy that they had done genetic testing already so they know the babies are great! So I was concerned why this would still be in there? My lawyer then told me she would call me on sunday night at 7:15. She really called at 6:00 and said she was hoping to talk with me because there was a more pressing case she had to work on! I was upset I mean does that mean my case is of little importance?  We have to have contracts done by the 22 that’s this Thursday. So I had to call her yesterday we got to talk. I told her my major issue and she said she would fix it and e-mail me a revised copy last night. I never got one. She also told me to call her this morning to go over the canges. Well I guess I can’t do that! I’m sure she is busy and I understand but don’t tell me you are doing something and then don’t do it. She could have said ill try to do that tonigjt or tomorrow.  I don’t want to mess this up for Jon and Molly I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want to take a shot on Friday night lol! My lawyer did tell me to call Molly and talk to her though about the issue and I didn’t really want to but I did and I’m glad I did. I can’t imagine having a more caring person being the intended mommy. She said she told her lawyer I didn’t want to and they just didn’t take it out. So what a relief that was! She just kept saying she wants me to be completely comfortable with everything! So now I just have to get my lawyer on the ball so this all gets done lol. Wish me luck guys and ill update soon! Thanks for all the continued praying and support!

After much anticipation….

I have talked with my intended mommy and she has said it was ok for me to share their names and a picture with you guys!!!! So now I get to say the soon to be mommy is Molly and daddy is Jon!!!! I’m very happy they are so open and honest about all of this I was a little worried that they wouldn’t like me doing a blog but Molly thinks its great I’m so glad this is something we will be able to look back on one day and see how it all started! This is our first group shot of all of us after our first meeting!


So happy and so sad….

This is a long one guys!!! We had a great time while here! The best part by far was meeting the future Mommy and Daddy!!! We had such a great time I was so worried what if they decided they didnt like me or we just were not a good fit for each other. We ate at the Tavern at the Park. I got there SUPER early I was just to nervous to wait at the hotel anymore lol. But once they got there it was great! We talked about friends and family she has a big family that she’s very close with! I think that’s so nice! Ricky got along great with the intended Daddy they talked about sports and crap lol. They really remind me of us he seems so laid back and more quiet and she seems more out going! I just can’t believe how well we match up I feel like we really have a lot of the same feelings about how we want all of this to go. We really just want what is best for the baby. The food there was so yummy and so was the desert and we had some champagne to celebrate! Ricky and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo that place was so much fun the polor bear was my favorite part! After the zoo we went out for drinks!  Before we leave we’re going to walk down to the Navy Pier and est at Portillo’s! Then its back on a plane to head home I’m excited to love on my kids but I’m sad we don’t get to spend more time with our new friends! Oh I almost forgot the best part!!!! Dr Kaplan said I have a beautiful uterus! And we got my calendar for transfer!!! Holy cow do I need to study this thing! Lindsay we have to buy me a planner like yours and you need to get me organized with it!!! As long as contracts are done by August 22 then I start my shots… scary right lol. So ill be back September 23 to get pregnant!!!! Woohoo I can’t wait to have a baby momma and daddy lol.


Chicago Chicago Chicago

Ok so we made it were here!!! My brother Bobby took us to the airport and we were super early so we just ate and waited. When everyone started boarding we were the last group so we had to wait until they called us and we kept waiting and it got really empty and then they started paging us saying the plane was going to leave!!!! WHAT I swear we did not hear them say group 4!!! So we almost missed our flight after being two hours early lol. I also asked the man if we could have a window seat he looked a bit aggravated and changed it. When we got on the plane I was lucky to have a window seat but it was literally right on the engine!! It was the loudest plane ride ever lol. So I have about two hours untill we meet them and I’m relaxed in bed with one of my favorite movies ever anchorman! But I know I need to get up and start getting ready it takes a bit to make me look nice lol. Ill be sure to update you guys after! Thanks again for reading and supporting us in this amazing journey! Here is a picture of me on the plane!!!



Getting excited!!!

Ok guys I know its been a while sorry. We have been so busy with life lol. In just two days I will finally be meeting my IM and ID (intended mommy and daddy)!!! I can’t tell you how excited and terrified I am all at the same time!!! What if its like the show catfish on MTV lol. I’m sure its not but a funny way to look at it! We will be meeting them Thursday night at 7:30 at a restaurant it looks super yummy! They asked if we wanted to meet Thursday or Friday but I just can’t wait a extra day lol. Then Friday morning we will be off to my med screening at 6:30 am.  I’m wondering how long it will take them to tell me everything looks ok. I know they have to do std tests so I’m sure that takes a week or so. I think we are also doing another psychological exam. Then we will be off to spend the day on the town! But I’m ready for a break I think it would be nice to lay in a hotel bed all day and watch tv and nap!! I’m pretty sure Ricky will not let that happen lol. I promise to update as soon as I get a chance after we meet in Chicago!