Well I finally got a contract and it was like 48 pages! Mostly just lots of extra wording lol. But there was a big issue in there for me about aborting and that if Jon and Molly wanted me to then I had to all the way up to week 20! I FREAKED I had already talked with my agency and Molly about not wanting to and that’s why I was so happy that they had done genetic testing already so they know the babies are great! So I was concerned why this would still be in there? My lawyer then told me she would call me on sunday night at 7:15. She really called at 6:00 and said she was hoping to talk with me because there was a more pressing case she had to work on! I was upset I mean does that mean my case is of little importance?  We have to have contracts done by the 22 that’s this Thursday. So I had to call her yesterday we got to talk. I told her my major issue and she said she would fix it and e-mail me a revised copy last night. I never got one. She also told me to call her this morning to go over the canges. Well I guess I can’t do that! I’m sure she is busy and I understand but don’t tell me you are doing something and then don’t do it. She could have said ill try to do that tonigjt or tomorrow.  I don’t want to mess this up for Jon and Molly I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want to take a shot on Friday night lol! My lawyer did tell me to call Molly and talk to her though about the issue and I didn’t really want to but I did and I’m glad I did. I can’t imagine having a more caring person being the intended mommy. She said she told her lawyer I didn’t want to and they just didn’t take it out. So what a relief that was! She just kept saying she wants me to be completely comfortable with everything! So now I just have to get my lawyer on the ball so this all gets done lol. Wish me luck guys and ill update soon! Thanks for all the continued praying and support!

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