Contracts done SHOTS TOMORROW!!!!

Ok guys contracts are over and it was super easy! I’m glad it didn’t take us weeks and months like others I have heard about! I will get my box of shots and meds tomorrow.  Molly is calling me tomorrow night for moral support! I know as soon as I do it I will think I was crazy for freaking out lol. Its the pio shots that look TERRIFYING!!!! I should have never watched the video lol. I just keep thinking about that perfect baby swimming around in my belly and Molly and Jon getting to hold their baby for the first time and its all worth it!!! I feel so lucky to get to be a part of making this baby for them and helping make their family of two into three!!! Ill post tomorrow after my shot to let you know how it goes. Ricky said he may take a video for fun lol.

2 thoughts on “Contracts done SHOTS TOMORROW!!!!

  1. I did my second shot after a friend showed me the first time. I am glad they start you on estrogen first. PIO isn’t too bad! I heat the PIO in a heating pad first to get it warm. Ice the site before you inject and then go for it. Make sure to aspirate every time and re stick if you get a flash of blood in the needle. I massage the site really good and then sit on a heating pad afterwards and that usually helps. After about three weeks you go numb from the pain of the shots but it will be worth it in the end to see them holding their baby, right?!?!


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