So happy and so sad….

This is a long one guys!!! We had a great time while here! The best part by far was meeting the future Mommy and Daddy!!! We had such a great time I was so worried what if they decided they didnt like me or we just were not a good fit for each other. We ate at the Tavern at the Park. I got there SUPER early I was just to nervous to wait at the hotel anymore lol. But once they got there it was great! We talked about friends and family she has a big family that she’s very close with! I think that’s so nice! Ricky got along great with the intended Daddy they talked about sports and crap lol. They really remind me of us he seems so laid back and more quiet and she seems more out going! I just can’t believe how well we match up I feel like we really have a lot of the same feelings about how we want all of this to go. We really just want what is best for the baby. The food there was so yummy and so was the desert and we had some champagne to celebrate! Ricky and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo that place was so much fun the polor bear was my favorite part! After the zoo we went out for drinks!  Before we leave we’re going to walk down to the Navy Pier and est at Portillo’s! Then its back on a plane to head home I’m excited to love on my kids but I’m sad we don’t get to spend more time with our new friends! Oh I almost forgot the best part!!!! Dr Kaplan said I have a beautiful uterus! And we got my calendar for transfer!!! Holy cow do I need to study this thing! Lindsay we have to buy me a planner like yours and you need to get me organized with it!!! As long as contracts are done by August 22 then I start my shots… scary right lol. So ill be back September 23 to get pregnant!!!! Woohoo I can’t wait to have a baby momma and daddy lol.


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