Doctors appointment today…

Well I’m still waiting on the right match for me guys so not much news on that. But I did have to go to my obgyn today for a updated pap for the agency. I just have to say it feels so sad and weird to go there and not be pregnant the pregnant ladies were all so cute!!! I know I’m crazy but I CANT wait to be pregnant again!!! So lets all just keep praying the right couple is out there and they find me fast!!! I wonder if ita like finding a boyfriend or husband when you stop looking they just show up lol!!!

When will things get good???

Ok so I am super let down. You would think I would be used to this by now but no I still get my hopes up every single time… so if anyone is keeping count this is now THREE couples that have decided to not use me! The agency said they have pleanty of other couples they can try to match me with. I’m just disappointed this is taking so long.. the first couple said they thought I lived to far away they were in new york the second was in California and had to leave the country due to a family emergency and the third didn’t like that I didn’t live in Illinois… so I will keep praying the right couple is just around the corner and this will all be worth it!!!

Bad/Good news…

Ok so my California couple had to leave out of the country for some emergency so I will no longer be able to match with them… Now for the good news there is another couple that may like me from CHICAGO!!!!! How amazing is that!!! They would be so close. I really have to hope they like me now and want to have a match call with me!!! I HATE to say I like them better but I feel like they just fit better with what I was hoping for out of this experience. Their pictures are so nice and I feel like their answers on the papers were perfect. I’m hoping to hear something by tomorrow lets all pray real hard this is the couple for me!!! I can’t believe how many let downs I have all ready had. Who would have thought it could be this hard to have a baby for someone lol.

More GOOD news!!!

Ok so me and ricky were able to talk about everything last night and I have too say we both like them. Soooo we are going to do a phone call with them if we both still like each other then we will be officially matched!!! Wow I never thought this would happen!!! I feel like things are really speeding up now I don’t know how much the couple would want me to share so ill just say they live in California lol. If things move along I may ask if I can share more on here about them. With talking to the lady at the agency she said that if things go right we could be doing a embryo transfer in JULY!!!! Wow that’s fast… I know they were already talking about contracts and lawyers. Thats the part I’m not excited about!!! That seems scary to me. I know its part of the process but I just know I’m not looking forward to that particular part… I am glad she said in her papers that she would like to have a friendship. I hope we can feel comfortable on our first phone call and continue to talk and build a relationship!  I really feel for this couple already it must take a strong marriage to go through the things they have and are going through. I hope I’m the one that can help bring the love and joy of a baby to them!!!

OMG OMG someone likes me!!!


Ok so I’m TRYING to not get to excited but we all know its to late! I have someone else’s portfolio and it’s just as exciting as I thought it would be!!! I prayed Before I opened it. They seem so cute and nice from the pictures they sent!!! I really feel bad for looking it over I mean how sad for them to have to worry about how I feel about them!!! I get them looking at me. I mean the trust they have to give me. To make sure I am a good pick for them! I hope this is the start for us all and that God has placed the right couple in my life so that I can give them the best gift ever!!!! I’m SOOOOO glad I get to put some great news up now!!!!! Thanks everyone for reading and supporting me with all the good and bad times!!!!