When will things get good???

Ok so I am super let down. You would think I would be used to this by now but no I still get my hopes up every single time… so if anyone is keeping count this is now THREE couples that have decided to not use me! The agency said they have pleanty of other couples they can try to match me with. I’m just disappointed this is taking so long.. the first couple said they thought I lived to far away they were in new york the second was in California and had to leave the country due to a family emergency and the third didn’t like that I didn’t live in Illinois… so I will keep praying the right couple is just around the corner and this will all be worth it!!!

2 thoughts on “When will things get good???

    • thanks its just hard for me to not be bummed lol i get SOOO excited every time thinking this is it and then it all comes crashing down i didnt think blessing someone with a baby would be so hard i guess…. but i know my perfect couple is out there and it will be so worth the wait to find them!!!


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