Last moments before my last birth.

Wow looking back on all my journeys is incredible. Thinking about the fact that I started all of this more then 11 years ago is crazy. I have basically been pregnant for the last 14 years between my children and everyone else’s. I started out on this journey hoping to help a family within my church and when that didn’t happen I was still so drawn to finding someone to help. I am so happy I followed through with what I knew I was supposed to do. As much as people tell me how great I am and what a blessing I am I really REALLY mean it when I say my family and I are really the lucky and blessed ones. I truly believe God answered my prayers and sent me the perfect families to help. He knew how important my relationships with these moms were to me. Don’t get me wrong all my baby daddies are incredible men as well but I was just drawn to help other women become moms. Ricky and I were so blessed to have our own children so easily and I know there are so many women who don’t have that same blessing. I really wish I could help everyone who wanted a baby.

Knowing these families and watching them love and enjoy their lives with their children is so fun to watch and see. The friendships I have cultivated with these women are so important to me. I know I can call any one of them and they would be here for me. (Not just because I had their baby/babies) haha. My body has grown, loved and birthed 7 babies! (Well 7 tomorrow) That honestly still shocks me! I guess because I have never seen them all together it just doesn’t seem real. I’m not sure why. My uterus has been so good to me and my body has done an incredible job at keeping these babies growing and safe. I am so thankful for that.

I hope that through this others are encouraged to find a way to help and give back. Obviously not everyone can have other peoples babies. Honestly most people can’t and that’s totally normal and fine. There are wonderful ways to help others though and I promise it feels so good to know you can do something for someone else to help them in their lives.

I know for me I will be emotional after this delivery. I’m emotional after all of them but knowing this one is really really it is a hard pill to swallow. Pregnancy has been essentially part of my identity at this point. I’m not sure what to do with my life when I’m not pregnant or preparing to get pregnant or have a birth. I had a good cry in the shower today knowing this is it and knowing how much I’m going to miss this all. It’s sad for me to think about the fact that I will never again have an ultrasound where I see a baby in there. I will never watch my belly grow and get round again as a baby grows. I will no longer feel those first little flutters of a baby starting to move. I will never again feel the big kicks and Jabs. This is the last time I will have counting and timing contractions. Last time pushing a baby out. I won’t get to park in expectant mother parking anymore! 😂 Seriously so many things I’m going to miss. Even the uncomfortable parts like, lack of sleep, hormone headaches, nauseous days, swelling, getting winded while walking or showering! Im going to miss it all.

It’s all been worth every single moment the good and bad. I know 99% of people don’t love pregnancy like me and I get it. If I had all hard pregnancies I wouldn’t want to do it either. Im just glad I did love it so that I was able to help others. I’m excited to see what’s in store for all these children I have birthed. I feel like maybe one of them will be a president! With 7 I feel like I have better odds then most? 😂

Thanks to everyone who has helped in anyway during any of my journey’s. I appreciate all the love, prayers and support I have received through all this. You all are part of this too! Please continue to pray for me after this. Like I said I know this will be a difficult transition for me. I need to take some time and see what I am supposed to be doing next.


1 thought on “Last moments before my last birth.

  1. Idk how I’m just now seeing this! So by now, you’ve had the baby! I was just thinking about you and wondering if you’d had the baby yet! Hope it was a smooth delivery!


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