A baby story…

I LOVE watching a baby story! Its always such neat people and storys. I think it would be cool if I could be on there show what a cool memory of a pregnancy!!! But I love the show more when I’m pregnant. I know I’m a crazy person but I just love being pregnant and can’t wait to be again!!! I should have been a dugger lol! There’s still not much news as far as my journey goes still waiting for a good match but I just keep praying that God puts the right people with me. I know once I find them it will go so fast! So I’m trying to be patient but anyone that knows me knows that’s not easy for me to do! I am amazed at how many people read this some one from Sweden… and I know I don’t know anyone there lol. so thanks everyone for reading And just keep praying ill keep watching a baby stoy lol…

I did some updates

So I decided while I have to wait for the right couple to come along I could make my blog pretty. So I worked for two days trying to just add a backround. I’m not good with computer stuff so this was a task! Lindsay was there to see how hard I worked lol! but I finally figured out how to do it! I also was able to add the other blogs I like to read so go read there’s! I’m so excited for alvina and her ips!!! she’s pregnant her blogs on my list if you want to read it. Sorry there was nothing exciting but I hope you like the yellow backround lol!!!

Little to no news…

Well I got to talk with the owner of the agency and she said there still trying to match me and that the couple that had my portfolio were still talking about how much they liked me she said the husband was more worried about where I lived. And I can understand wanting there surrogate to live as close as possible I mean I would love for my ips (intended parents) to live close but I know that’s not how it normally works. So I guess for now I’m still waiting and praying for the right couple to come. That’s my little update for now.

Another let down!!!

Well I should know to NOT get my hopes up by now but nope I do it over and over again its a flaw of mine I guess… the couple after having my profile for two weeks has decided that I live to far away??? I’m angry for one I mean they were aware for two weeks where I lived if that was a big deal they should have known that alrwady right?  I jumped through all there hoops just to be turned down. I feel like they could have just told me right away they didn’t like that then I wouldn’t have had to wonder and be excited for TWO weeks!!! But I guess that just means its not the couple GOD wants for me yet again I have to wait wait wait..I’m hoping it won’t take long and they will have a new match for me. Sorry to have to give everyone bad news I was hopping my next post would be a super exciting one. 

Its been a bit!

Sorry I haven’t updated much but not much has been happening. They had been waiting for my insurance letter to say I was approved and I just got that today!!! So I hope that makes them feel better about me and we can get there info soon! I just keep thinking of what they may look like and be like I wonder what they do for work and lots of silly things lol. I can’t wait to see all there info I was thinking I was so worried about them liking me I wonder if they have the same fear? I mean how scary for them to like me then have to hope I think there deserving enough to have a child! I mean that’s so horrible to have to feel that way and rely on someone else to pick them! I feel like I already love them for what they have had to go through up to this point. What a struggle for any marriage and couple to go through. I feel like no one ever really hears about women who long to be mothers and the pain they must go through day by day hoping and praying for the child they have loved for so long that’s not even here yet. It makes me feel that much more blessed to have my kids and sad for the people in the world that don’t love there kids the way they should! Well that’s my update sorry it wasn’t super exciting I hope ill get there info soon and get to give you all more info!!!