A baby story…

I LOVE watching a baby story! Its always such neat people and storys. I think it would be cool if I could be on there show what a cool memory of a pregnancy!!! But I love the show more when I’m pregnant. I know I’m a crazy person but I just love being pregnant and can’t wait to be again!!! I should have been a dugger lol! There’s still not much news as far as my journey goes still waiting for a good match but I just keep praying that God puts the right people with me. I know once I find them it will go so fast! So I’m trying to be patient but anyone that knows me knows that’s not easy for me to do! I am amazed at how many people read this some one from Sweden… and I know I don’t know anyone there lol. so thanks everyone for reading And just keep praying ill keep watching a baby stoy lol…

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