Another let down!!!

Well I should know to NOT get my hopes up by now but nope I do it over and over again its a flaw of mine I guess… the couple after having my profile for two weeks has decided that I live to far away??? I’m angry for one I mean they were aware for two weeks where I lived if that was a big deal they should have known that alrwady right?  I jumped through all there hoops just to be turned down. I feel like they could have just told me right away they didn’t like that then I wouldn’t have had to wonder and be excited for TWO weeks!!! But I guess that just means its not the couple GOD wants for me yet again I have to wait wait wait..I’m hoping it won’t take long and they will have a new match for me. Sorry to have to give everyone bad news I was hopping my next post would be a super exciting one. 

3 thoughts on “Another let down!!!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear your bad news.. Yeah that is awful to have you prepare for the last 2 weeks just for them to tell you, you live too far. But you hit it right on the nose! Maybe this isn’t the couple God has in mind for you! Wishing you luck to be matched with “Your” soon to be IP’s!


    • Thanks it just gets to be such a let down I feel like god has called me to do this but something keeps getting in the way! I know your doing it for friends so that makes thing a lot easyer for you I guess I’m a hard match because of the fact I don’t want to abort!! I hope you get some good news soon with a better test!!!!


      • Yeah that makes sense. But just stay strong! I don’t blame you one bit for not aborting! Stick to your beliefs & I promise it will pay off. Those IP’s will be contacting you really soon & I will be right here with any questions you have & will be so happy to answer any questions you have! They may even choose you for being not wanting to abort! 🙂


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