Its been a bit!

Sorry I haven’t updated much but not much has been happening. They had been waiting for my insurance letter to say I was approved and I just got that today!!! So I hope that makes them feel better about me and we can get there info soon! I just keep thinking of what they may look like and be like I wonder what they do for work and lots of silly things lol. I can’t wait to see all there info I was thinking I was so worried about them liking me I wonder if they have the same fear? I mean how scary for them to like me then have to hope I think there deserving enough to have a child! I mean that’s so horrible to have to feel that way and rely on someone else to pick them! I feel like I already love them for what they have had to go through up to this point. What a struggle for any marriage and couple to go through. I feel like no one ever really hears about women who long to be mothers and the pain they must go through day by day hoping and praying for the child they have loved for so long that’s not even here yet. It makes me feel that much more blessed to have my kids and sad for the people in the world that don’t love there kids the way they should! Well that’s my update sorry it wasn’t super exciting I hope ill get there info soon and get to give you all more info!!!

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