Good news sort of???

So I finally got some news last night and I know the couple likes me but they don’t want to commit to me untill they find out more about my insurance. I can understand that were waiting to make sure I’m approved (I’m not worried) and to get the policy info in the mail to check to see what all it covers. But I’m relieved to know that they like me! So it will be another week or so I would think before I can get there info slight bummer for me. I have been dreaming about this couple and our hopeful journey!!! I hope this week goes fast!!!

Still waiting grrrr

So no news yet its been killing me the waiting!!! But I spoke with my agency yesterday and I was just thinking they could look at our pictures and my med record and just say yep I love her lol. But I wasn’t thinking of all the things they must think about! Not only my med records but the money involved and my insurance and lots of other things!!! I feel bad for not thinking of all that before so now I have been praying that God will bless them and show them what to do. I know I can’t wait to do this and bless a family but it has to be in Gods time not mine. Sadly I think God loves to test me in the waiting game I’ve never been good with waiting for his time lol! So I hope ill know something tonight but if not I know it will happen. I just hope I’m a great fit for this family and if not I hope they find someone that is!!!

Sending my portfolio out!!!!

Ok so I got to talk with my agency today and there for sure sending out my portfolio tonight!!! Slight change now though they found a couple they think will better match me they want to only transfer one embryo!!! That’s great because I can not imagine having two babies in there lol!!! And holy stretch marks!!! So now I keep waiting and praying! All I know about this couple is they live in New York so that would be super exciting to go to New York I love to travel anyway. The earliest I could know something is tomorrow but it may be Wednesday! I pray its tomorrow my nerves are already shot lol. Thanks to everyone who’s reading this too!!! I can’t believe how may people are reading it lol feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have!!!

Its a snow day!!! And a few fears.

Well its snowing like crazy here I guess were the eye of the storm were suposed to get 9 to 12 inches!!! I’m glad work closed down and let me leave I doubt anyone wanted haircuts today anyway!!! I started taking prenatal pills joni the lady that works with my agency said it was ok. So I figure ill do what ever I can to help this baby!!! I can’t believe tomorrow they may be giving my portfolio to the couple I just keep praying there the right couple for me! I have been reading other blogs and its so exciting but I’m also super scared because some of them don’t get along with there ips the whole time or don’t get to talk with them much after the baby is born! Don’t get me wrong I know its not my baby but I know I will love it and I just want such a great relationship with my ips that that scares the crap out of me!!! Well I guess that’s all for now ill make sure I update you all as soon as I know they have sent off my portfolio! !!!

The beginning!

Well everyone said start a blog so here it is lol! I’m still just starting out and all my feelings are frustration,  excitement, fear, and joy just to name a few. This has been a long road for me so far and its just starting. I started all this in december but have wanted to do it for a long time. Thanks to my friend Sierra who helped me talk to the right people I am moving along. My first agency didn’t work out but I was sent to another and I’m just waiting to be matched now. I feel like i have been waiting for this for a LONG time. All I know about the couple that they will be sending my portfolio to is that they live in North Carolina! I just have to hope they really like me I guess! I have been praying a lot about this I pray that its what God wants me to do and that this couple and my family get along well that I can bless them with what they have been wanting for so long and that my family can be understanding of my decision to do this. I can not wait to see the joy I can bring to this couple! I actually feel bad about it sometimes that I feel like I will be gaining so much from this journey!  Well I guess time will tell if they like me I know I won’t know much untill monday that’s when they will be ready to send out my portfolio. Untill then I will just keep praying that they are the family God wants me to help complete with there beautiful new bundle of joy!