Our travel plans!

Well the agency got back to me with all our plans! We will be flying in to chicago from St. Louis its only a 45 min flight lol. But I’m glad were flying we have a very busy month! Were going to visit grandma in branson the first week in August so that’s a 6 hour drive there and back then we get back sunday only to fly out to Chicago on Thursday!  So if we would have had to drive it would be a lot of driving in a week! We will be in chicago by 3 we can check into our hotel by 4. I’m so excited to get there! Were not taking the kids so it will be like a little mini vaca for Ricky and I! I have been once before with Krystal and we had a BLAST!!! I hope Ricky is as much fun but I doubt it lol. I know my IP’s said they would like to meet us for lunch or diner on Thursday or Friday so that is what I’m most excited about finally meeting the woman I have been emailing for over a month! I was talking online with a few other surro’s who are already pregnant and they were talking about people asking about the baby and pregnancy and what all they say.  I can’t wait! There so funny they tell people shhh don’t tell my husband its not his lol and don’t worry its not mine LOL I can just see peoples faces already! They will be like what in the world! Also how many women can say I have a baby momma lol!!! Well I hope one day I can! I know ricky has lots planed for Chicago he wants to eat pizza and portello’s I think that’s how you spell it lol and go to the pier and sears tower and see how much Cardinal’s stuff he can wear lol!  I would be happy shopping! We should be geeting back Saturday evening.  Ill be so glad to get the kids but I’m sure they won’t miss us at all Granny and PaPa always spoil them lol.

Holy Hormones.

This is a post to help other surros. So this is my first period after my iud was out (sorry if this is tmi for you) it will most likely only get worse as time goes on! Anyone that knows me knows I’m not shy lol so anyway back to the story! I only had the iud for around 9 months and I have never had bad pms. sure I would get a little crabby but nothing like now lol. My poor husband… I feel like could cry and yell at the same time and I am NOT a emotional girl lol. Also sorry to poor lindsay at work yestersay who said she’s never seen me so bad lol. I did talk with a few other girls who said they felt this way after there iud too so I’m glad I’m not the only one!!! So the whole point of this post is to warn you and let you know your not the only one and for my friends and family to stay out of my way and don’t eat my chocolate! (Inside joke)

Going to Chicago!!!

Ok so I got my email from the nurse today and she said to start taking the birth control pills on sunday! Then she asked if me and Ricky could go for my medical screening on August 9th!!!! That’s only like 3 weeks away! My appointment is at 6:30 AM!!! So anyone that really knows me knows I HATE getting up early I don’t roll out of bed untill the last possible second lol. But because I’m so excited and nervous I’m sure I won’t be sleeping the night before anyway! I know lots of girls freak out about the screening and i am worried about it but I’m more freaked out about meeting my IP’s in person! It takes a lot to make me nervous but I really am about meeting them! I know 100% once were there it will be great its just the 3 weeks leading up to it now lol. So I guess after all this happens and my medical screening comes back great then it will be onto contracts (I’m least excited about this) I know it has to be done and its in everyone’s best interest but I just don’t like the idea at all it seems so business like and i dont want to step on anyones toes or anything. I can just see that getting awkward and I only want to build a amazing friendship! But then it will be all the meds and SHOTS!!! I’m also not super excited for that lol. So that’s all for now and ill update soon guys!!!

Guess what!!!!

Woohooo I started my period!!!!! I litterly was juming up and down at work and high fived lindsay!!! I felt like a twelve year old girl who got it for the first time. I emailed the lady at the Drs office first and then my IM!!! I’m pretty sure she’s just as excited as me lol at least I hope she is! So now I hope this means I get to go to chicago soon for my medical screening and more importantly to meet my IP’s. Its really odd getting to know them with email and papers and one phone call. Normally you meet someone like them and then the rest follows this is like all backwards. I feel like its like internet dating but for a baby lol. Anyway its going to be a happy night for me and ill update when I hear from the nurse tomorrow! !! Thanks again everyone for all the support! !!

Little update…

I have been emailing a little with the IM just getting to know each a little better! Its surprising how easy it has been not very awkward. It feels really weird trying to get to know someone you haven’t met really. I also finally told her that I have been bloging my experiences so far. I was worried she wouldnt like the idea. I know some surrogates choose to not share their blog and others have told the ips  and they have not exactly liked the idea so I was very glad when she emailed back saying she thought it was great! So that’s the only update I have for now. 

I guess I left something out….

I have talked with a few people now who read my blog and all ask if things are still good with my couple. I always say yes. But then I realized that I never told you guys I’m officially matched!!!! Woooohooo!!!!! Sorry I can’t believe I left that part out the part I never thought would happen. So things are going great just waiting for my period to come so I can get started on my birth control and get my medical screaning set up!!!