Guess what!!!!

Woohooo I started my period!!!!! I litterly was juming up and down at work and high fived lindsay!!! I felt like a twelve year old girl who got it for the first time. I emailed the lady at the Drs office first and then my IM!!! I’m pretty sure she’s just as excited as me lol at least I hope she is! So now I hope this means I get to go to chicago soon for my medical screening and more importantly to meet my IP’s. Its really odd getting to know them with email and papers and one phone call. Normally you meet someone like them and then the rest follows this is like all backwards. I feel like its like internet dating but for a baby lol. Anyway its going to be a happy night for me and ill update when I hear from the nurse tomorrow! !! Thanks again everyone for all the support! !!

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