Going to Chicago!!!

Ok so I got my email from the nurse today and she said to start taking the birth control pills on sunday! Then she asked if me and Ricky could go for my medical screening on August 9th!!!! That’s only like 3 weeks away! My appointment is at 6:30 AM!!! So anyone that really knows me knows I HATE getting up early I don’t roll out of bed untill the last possible second lol. But because I’m so excited and nervous I’m sure I won’t be sleeping the night before anyway! I know lots of girls freak out about the screening and i am worried about it but I’m more freaked out about meeting my IP’s in person! It takes a lot to make me nervous but I really am about meeting them! I know 100% once were there it will be great its just the 3 weeks leading up to it now lol. So I guess after all this happens and my medical screening comes back great then it will be onto contracts (I’m least excited about this) I know it has to be done and its in everyone’s best interest but I just don’t like the idea at all it seems so business like and i dont want to step on anyones toes or anything. I can just see that getting awkward and I only want to build a amazing friendship! But then it will be all the meds and SHOTS!!! I’m also not super excited for that lol. So that’s all for now and ill update soon guys!!!

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