Ultrasound to check my lining.

Yesterday we did an ultrasound and blood work to check my uterine lining and blood work for my estrogen levels. Good news was my ultrasound went great and my lining looks to be even better then it did last time!!! I’m at a 10 with still a little over a week to go! So they said we can keep everything the same now. Meaning my meds. I’m still taking Lupron each night and estrogen pills 3 times a day. I’m waiting for them to call me today to let me know when I will be starting all my other meds. Pills and butt shots. 😔☹️😢 I already feel bad for my butt. 😂

We will be flying out on the 15th in the morning and as far as I know transfer still looks good for Friday the 16th. I’ve been praying for this next transfer of this sweet baby boy! I’m excited for this next try. I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to test this time after transfer or not. This was obviously the first time I have ever not been able to share excitement and good news. So I’m honestly scared to test again and not see good news and feeling as bad as I did last time. I know I will feel bad even if I don’t test and get bad news. I’m just not sure what I will do.

Thanks as always to everyone for all the love and support. I’ll be sure to update more this coming week.

See that triple stripe! 🥰 I want to be nice and fluffy and cozy for baby boy!!!
Here’s where some of my crazy comes from. 😂

Last ultrasound!

Today was my last ultrasound and blood work! I was a bit nervous because my lining is only at an 8 but we still have a week to still build and we are upping my estrogen and starting the awful butt shots tomorrow. 😫😫😫 This week I decide last minute to do the craziest thing I have ever done! On Tuesday night I planed a 3 day Disney trip!!! You guys this was insane. So we fly out tomorrow morning at like 5am then we fly back to STL Monday morning drop the kids off with my parents, then we fly right back to Florida Tuesday morning at like 7am!!!! 😳😳😳 The transfer is all a go for the 20th. All my meds are going to be crazy for the next few weeks. Let’s all just keep praying for this little sweet baby. I’ll be sure to update through this next week.

Look how happy we are
Look at that triple stripe!!!

Guess who’s back…

Yep it’s me again 😂. So our fun Florida trip wasn’t just about beaches and fun in the sun. I also had a drs appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) there! My last IPs (intended parents) have been wanting baby number 2 for a bit now. Our original plan was to wait until after our Disney trip in august/September. Obviously Disney is not happening for us this year 😢. So we decided may as well get into baby making. So we started calling our lawyer’s and making plans for my medical screening. Good news is screening went great he said my uterus looks perfect. That’s a big compliment from a RE! So as of now as long as things go according to plan with contracts I will be starting meds on July 20th!!! Bring on all the shots. Then the plan is to do the transfer of baby on August 20th. I’m already praying for this sweet baby. I want my belly to be a perfect home for him or her for the long haul. We would appreciate all the love and prayers and happy thoughts you all have to offer. I’ll be updating as often as I can. I seriously can’t believe I’ve had 5 babies and planning for a number 6! What an incredible body I have. I’m so happy I can use it to help other’s. We also got a super cute picture of us while social distancing of course. 😆 I can’t believe this guy is almost 2!

😂 Ricky Hates me 😂
He’s a great camera man though.

Holy Hormones.

This is a post to help other surros. So this is my first period after my iud was out (sorry if this is tmi for you) it will most likely only get worse as time goes on! Anyone that knows me knows I’m not shy lol so anyway back to the story! I only had the iud for around 9 months and I have never had bad pms. sure I would get a little crabby but nothing like now lol. My poor husband… I feel like could cry and yell at the same time and I am NOT a emotional girl lol. Also sorry to poor lindsay at work yestersay who said she’s never seen me so bad lol. I did talk with a few other girls who said they felt this way after there iud too so I’m glad I’m not the only one!!! So the whole point of this post is to warn you and let you know your not the only one and for my friends and family to stay out of my way and don’t eat my chocolate! (Inside joke)

IUD gone.

Went to see my doctor today and got my IUD out I was scared it would hurt but it was like a pinch so not bad at all! She is so excited for me and I’m so excited that she is so supporting of this whole thing! I know some women keep it a secret from there doctor. I don’t think I could. So now I just have to wait for my period hurry up 4 weeks lol. I also talked with the nurse at the doctors office in Chicago and she said it was ok to start taking prenatals so I started today they are the gummy ones!!! Way more fun then the giant pills! I suck at swallowing big pills just ask ricky lol. I also want to say I’m feeling so blessed to finally be in this part of the process I felt like giving up a few times and thought it was maybe just not ment to be… so thanks for all the support! !! I’m so lucky to have a great support team at work I don’t know what I would do without katelyn, lindsay, and cheryl!!!! They are great listners!!! And my poor hubby who has to hear about all the ups and downs everyday lol.