IUD gone.

Went to see my doctor today and got my IUD out I was scared it would hurt but it was like a pinch so not bad at all! She is so excited for me and I’m so excited that she is so supporting of this whole thing! I know some women keep it a secret from there doctor. I don’t think I could. So now I just have to wait for my period hurry up 4 weeks lol. I also talked with the nurse at the doctors office in Chicago and she said it was ok to start taking prenatals so I started today they are the gummy ones!!! Way more fun then the giant pills! I suck at swallowing big pills just ask ricky lol. I also want to say I’m feeling so blessed to finally be in this part of the process I felt like giving up a few times and thought it was maybe just not ment to be… so thanks for all the support! !! I’m so lucky to have a great support team at work I don’t know what I would do without katelyn, lindsay, and cheryl!!!! They are great listners!!! And my poor hubby who has to hear about all the ups and downs everyday lol.

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