Omg omg she is SOOOO sweet!!! I can’t believe it went so well. I was already on the line when they got on. the lady from the agency was a little late but we did just fine without her! I’m glad we seemed to just click. well me and the (Im)intended mommy! (Id) intended daddy didn’t say much lol. I think it was more for me and her anyway! I just can’t express enough how happy I am right now I’m so glad now that God had put the obstacles in my way that he did! Its all for the greater good! So for anyone not to this point yet we talked about basics our jobs having twins what we wanted our relationship to be like ect… I am so happy they want to be as involved as they can be and I want the same! So now its more waiting grrrr. I have never wished for a period to come but boy am I now lol!!!!

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