For everyone asking!

I’ve gotten so many messages, calls and texts. I appreciate each and every one. It’s so nice to know so many people care about baby, me and the parents! So the update is we are STILL PREGNANT. 😂 I seriously can’t believe I am just walking around half way done laboring! Heck who knows now I may be more then half way because I haven’t been checked since Sunday morning before I left the hospital. Karen and Roger are not leaving they are staying until baby girl comes. Basically they get a St. Louis vacation before she makes her grand entrance.

On Monday morning I messaged Shirley on Facebook. She works at my drs office. Perks of knowing someone! I had tried to call the regular hotline number to see if I could get an appointment with Dr Sammons but the lady told me no. I said I really don’t need a whole appointment time even. I really just wanted to check and make sure she was at least still head down. That’s literally the only thing I cared about. So I said can anyone see me to check via ultrasound anyone. She was like nope sorry you are out of luck. 😂 So thankfully Shirley made magic happen for us and got us in at 10:30. I had also texted Dr. Sammons have I mentioned how much I love her as my OB. Seriously how many people get their cell phone number! I’m a lucky lady. I told her what had happened over the weekend and everything they told me. She said let me work on this I’ll come up with a plan.

I was just so nervous something crazy would happen like my water breaks or something and if she had flipped again we could be in trouble. Especially since it’s my 7th delivery and I was progressed so far already. I said I don’t want an arm falling out or birthing in the car! Wouldn’t that a a crazy birth story. So we all got to the drs office and Dr. Sammons was all ready to go with a plan. Because of the fact that I am already so progressed and that the baby has been known to flip so much her and MFM (maternal fetal medicine) decided it would be a good idea to induce us at 37 weeks. That will be Thursday. They also did the ultrasound and thankfully she is still head down!!! Praise Jesus I was so happy and relieved to hear that. That’s all I needed to know to feel better about our situation. So Unless she tries to come before that Thursday will be the day. She really likes to keep us on our toes though so who knows. We all feel pretty comfortable with that plan. We just want a happy healthy baby and a healthy delivery for me.

So honestly now that we have an official plan she has been so good and I haven’t really been having any contractions. Definitely not like I was. Part of me thinks she’s definitely waiting for Thursday now. I’m ok with that. Honestly I wish she would have stayed put for even longer but her safe delivery is our top priority at this point. Since Karen and Roger are in town we are just visiting and trying to pass the time. We went out to a delicious dinner at a new restaurant we hadn’t even been too. 801 chop house it was so yummy and I ate WAY too much. I already want to go back! The steak was delicious and so were all the sides. So if you haven’t been you should go! Today Karen and I went for manicures and pedicures because clearly that’s important before she arrives. I’m hoping since my feet and toes look so good that is all anyone will be looking at during delivery! 😂 😆

So that’s the plan for now. Let’s see when little miss decides to make entrance. We are all excited and ready whenever she is. Thanks again for all the support and well wishes.

Time to relax
We even ordered yummy drinks.

36 weeks and 2/3 days. Guess what’s happening?

Well I’ll start off by saying if Dr Sammons tells me she’s going out of town that’s how I know I’ll have an issue! 😂 So remember on Thursday I was 3cm and 50% effaced still. My Friday appointment went great actually baby girl FLIPPED! She was head down so the dancing, acupuncture, and cold pack stuff worked. I actually think it was mostly the cold packs but they were all still fun to do. What a relief. So on Saturday Ricky and I went to the farmers market for a bit to get out of the house and we took Bo to hobby lobby to get GG (our kids great grandma) a cute sign for her door. He enjoys the car rides and does well in stores. We came home and I took a nap. I don’t sleep much at night because she loves to kick and play.

I got up to go do a few pictures with our family photographer for something a little extra to remember this last pregnancy by. I wasn’t going to do anything but then one day getting in the shower I was looking at my body thinking this is really it. I am never going to look like this again. It’s really a bittersweet feeling. So I decided last min I was going to do something for just me if no one else. I may not always love the way I look or my body but I can’t forget the amazing things it has done. I’ve been so blessed to be able to get pregnant and carry my children and then five more for other women. Wow sometimes that even surprises me. My old uterus has been good to me and my body has held up well concerning how many babies I have grown and birthed.

Anyway after the pictures I told Ricky I was having a few contractions but nothing I was worried about yet. He came home and we were watching tv. The contractions kept coming so I decided I better start timing them just in case. Well they got pretty timeable! So I drank extra water and moved positions. All the things they tell you to do. I finally gave in and figured better safe then sorry I will go in to be seen. I wanted to make sure I gave Karen and Roger enough time to get here. So off we went.

Once I got to the hospital it was like the contractions were like haha never mind. I told the nurse I swear I was having them for like the last 2 hours! Well then they started again and were even getting stronger. The house Dr came in and checked me. I was 4cm and still 50% effaced. So that was a change from Thursday appointment. Because I am not 37 weeks though they can’t do anything to encourage labor. So they gave me some fluids and said we would check again after some fluids. I told Karen to wait until my next check for us to make a decision on what to do. So about an hour or hour and a half goes by and she came back in the re check me. You guys I was then 5cm! I called Karen and said I would feel more comfortable if you guys came. They were ready to go! So the hospital said they were keeping me over night for monitoring and they would keep pushing fluids and sugar water to see what happens.

I wanted to sleep but as everyone knows in the hospital that doesn’t happen. They came in constantly trying to get this girl back on monitors. One nurse was like no wonder you don’t get any sleep. I don’t mind too bad though we manage. Karen and Roger made great time and got to the hospital to say hello around 3am ish. They went ahead and went to a hotel since not much was happening. Once I got up they decided they were sending me home! 😳😬 That’s right I am literally 50% done having this baby and they are like go home and good luck. Just come back if contractions start coming again and get worse. I am sure I looked panicked because the nurse was like is everything ok? I said well I a mean this is my 7th baby and delivery we all know it can go fast at this point. She was trying to be kind and reassure me but I finally said well I am not trying to have a baby in the car! She was very sweet but also young. I know she was doing her job but I just couldn’t believe this was happening.

So I told Karen and packed up to come home. On the one hand I totally get it. They want her to stay in and healthy so do we I, but I can’t help to think I have NEVER been 5cm and not been in the hospital actually birthing! She is obviously trying her best to come out. To make things extra exciting I lost my whole mucous plug I think! I was losing a bit in the hospital I thought but couldn’t be sure. Well once I was home a huge amount came out. I was sure that was it! It was so yucky looking. I made Ricky come look because well I needed someone else to see it I guess. 😂 He wasn’t happy about it. So now I’m thinking how much faster will this make things? Dr. Google haha says hours/days. I am thinking soon for sure. I can’t imagine walking around have way done could last much longer. I guess we will see.

So now I guess we wait and see. I know whatever birthday she picks will be the perfect one. This is still my favorite part and I am so glad Karen and Roger made it safely for the birth. Whenever she decides it should be. I’m going to keep praying she stays head down! I actually may call the office today to just see if they had time for a super fast check just so it can put my mind at ease to make sure with all her moving she hasn’t flipped again. You all know how much I wanted to experience my water breaking naturally. I still kind of do but I will say I’m a bit more apprehensive now that I’ve naturally progressed so far. My fear is if my water breaks I really might have a baby in the car!

That’s all the information and updates I have so far. Let’s all keep praying for baby Mac and that her birthday is wonderful and that we all make it to the hospital in time. 💓

Happy 36 weeks! Did she turn?

I’ve been doing all the things to get her to go ahead and go in the right direction for exiting. Acupuncture twice a week, spinning babies moves, I even tried a bright light and music! Karen’s friend said it worked for her so hey why not. I’ll try it all! I found the brightest light I could and even danced a little to get her moving in the right direction. Out of all these things the most fun was definitely the light and dancing! I am really just trying my best to soak up each and every second of this last bit of pregnancy. Obviously we are so very incredibly excited for her to come but selfishly I just want to keep her inside longer.

I have been struggling to sleep at night. I pee a lot and getting comfortable is difficult plus she love’s moving about. As easy as it would be to complain about this I am still excited and grateful for these moments. I’ve been having off and on contractions still but nothing regular. I would love for her to stay in as long as she needs but I don’t really think we will make it to 39 weeks. I am excited to see what day she picks for her birthday though.

At my appointment today Dr. Sammons checked me again and surprisingly I am still 3cm and 50% effaced. She could feel something but wasn’t sure what it was so we took a peek via ultrasound and nope not a head. She was still laying sideways Or transverse as they call it. Her head was on my left side. I will continue to do acupuncture and hope that works. I am currently laying in bed with cold packs on my left side. Hopefully it encourages her to slide head down. Like I said I am trying it all. Worst case scenario we will try to manually flip her right before birth.

I have another appointment tomorrow with another ultrasound so we will see if maybe this ice pack thing helps. Dr. Sammons did mention that it’s probably helping me stay pregnant because if she goes head down she will obviously apply more pressure and labor could start. So I will just keep waiting and enjoying all these last little fun bits. I love birthing and surprises so I can’t wait for her to surprise us with her birthday. Ps I’m still hoping for my water to break spontaneously! Let’s see what she’s up to this week.

How’s Baby Mac?

In week 36, Baby Mac is probably close to 19 inches (47.8 cm), and 6 lbs (2.7 kg), about the size of a papaya, although variation in the height and weight of each individual baby increases as they get closer to birth, and when your little one arrives they should be just the perfect size for them! At this point, if Baby Mac is still in the breech position, your healthcare provider may talk to you about ways to try to get them into a head-down (vertex) position for safe labor and delivery. Your baby’s digestive system still isn’t fully developed yet. Although Baby Mac has had plenty of practice swallowing amniotic fluid, they won’t be digesting food until they start eating on the outside.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t thought much about it yet, you should spend some time thinking about how you want to plan to feed Baby Mac once they’re born. Breastfeeding is an excellent way to bond with your baby and make they get the nutrients they need, but it’s not the only way to do things. Bottle feeding can also be an intimate, special time. Many parents feed their babies with some combination of these methods. And while it can be helpful to plan for these things advance, once Baby Mac arrives you should do whatever is right for you and your little one.

Ice pack on the belly!
Enjoy my sweet dance moves and big belly

35 weeks today and I was checked!

Little Miss is still moving like crazy and I love it. Yesterday our scans went great. During my non stress test they could see some contractions I was having. I had like 5 when I was there. So I made sure to drink extra water! I had dinner plans with some friends so I didn’t want to miss it. My blood sugars are all still looking good. It’s not so bad and the meals really help me since it takes all the guess work out of things. I was still having some contractions at dinner and even over night but nothing I couldn’t sleep through so I figured I am fine. Plus I knew I was seeing Dr Sammons today.

So at my apartment she went ahead and checked me since it’s my 7th pregnancy and I have been contacting. If I am being honest I didn’t really expect much. I just had it in my head that I probably wasn’t really progressing since I haven’t been working etc. Well I was wrong! We are 3cm dilated and 50% effaced!!! The 3cm is not really impressive to me because I know you can be like this for weeks especially since I’ve had so many babies. My body just kind of knows what to do I guess. But the 50% effaced on the other hand makes me think when I do start laboring I am probably going to go pretty quickly. I just hope Karen and Roger make it in time.

When the Dr was checking me she was like oh no… She says I don’t feel her head. I was like this seems impossible she’s been head down like the last two months! We know because we have so many darn ultrasounds each week. Literally yesterday at 4:00 pm she was head down. So she does a quick ultrasound and guess who has now decided to move to transverse. Yep baby Mac was like I like this spot now I guess. 😂 She really does like to keep us on our toes. So I have an appointment set for next week for acupuncture on Monday. It’s a good thing I am not working with all these appointments I have going on. It’s really crazy. I am hoping between acupuncture and some crazy spinning babies moves I can get her to go back to head down. Worst case scenario we will manually flip her like we have done before but we won’t even attempt it until I am in the hospital in active labor because we know she will likely try to flip right back.

Because she’s so active and clearly can move easily it makes me feel better about her weight estimate. If she really was extra big I feel like it would be much harder for her to more so freely. Also because I am crazy and curious I looked at my old blog posts to see how dilated I was with the others at this point and with the boys at 37 weeks I was only 1 1/2 cm with Greenleaf and 2cm with Oliver! I didn’t mention effaced so I am guessing I wasn’t or she didn’t tell me. So for only being 35 weeks I am definitely ahead of the game now. It makes me feel even better about our decision to not work. So I guess we are officially on baby watch! I’ve still been having off and on contractions today too but nothing that I can really time or hurts to bad. Oh also my blood pressure has been perfect still and I have literally zero swelling!!! It’s been so nice. Swelling really sucks so I am going to be so happy if I can avoid that all together. Also because of my healthy diet I weigh basically the same as I did when I got pregnant. 😂 Now if I could only figure out how to lose. Bit of weight after she’s born. I need to hold myself accountable and not eat all the sugar and sweets. All I want is a big donut right now though…..

As always thanks for all the prayers and well wishes we appreciate them all. Let’s see what little Miss is up to this week.

How’s Baby Mac?

Many babies are now rotating from the breech position (head up) to turn head down into your pelvis. As they move into their birth position, Baby Mac will then drop lower in your pelvis. If this is your first pregnancy, this may happen soon, even weeks before you give birth, though in later pregnancies it often doesn’t happen until just before labor or even after labor begins.

At between 18 or 19 (45.7-48.3 cm) inches and 5-6 lbs (2.25-2.7 kg), the size of a bunch of carrots, Baby Mac is getting close to the size they’re going to be at birth! And most of Baby Mac’s organ and skeleton development is complete, although they’re still refining their abilities every day. Really, most of the work Baby Mac has left to do is just growing bigger and stronger. In particular, Baby Mac’s lovely lungs need a bit more time to prepare for the outside world.

What’s new with you?

Are you feeling ready to have Baby Mac in your home and your life? Even if emotionally that question might be hard to answer, make sure you’ve done what you need to do to prepare for your little one’s arrival from a practical perspective, like getting your little one’s sleeping space set up; getting some diapers, clothes, and any other basics; and looking into any necessary insurance changes you may want to make.

As you approach the end of pregnancy, you might notice that you’re squirting out a few drops of urine when you cough or sneeze, but Kegel exercises can help with this. You may be noticing an increase in vaginal discharge too. So if you need some extra protection in your underwear, pads can provide you with some extra assurance. And soon your Braxton Hicks contractions may start to happen more frequently, last longer, and be more uncomfortable. Again, this is a normal part of your uterus preparing for birth, and Baby Mac will be here before you know it!

Big belly 🥰
Happy 35 weeks
What a wiggle worm!

34 weeks!

Well we have made it another week. Things are looking good. I went to work on Monday and knew pretty quickly that I unfortunately was going to need to stop working. I was super winded and uncomfortable the whole time. By the end of my day I was having contractions again. As much as I HATED admitting that I was not super woman I knew that I needed to make the call. I would never forgive myself if she came early and it was because I was being selfish and wanted to work. That’s not fair to any of us. The good news is I’m not on any strict bed rest or anything. I am just taking it easy. I can obviously still walk and do things just when I get tired I have more opportunities to rest. Vs being at work and standing 8 ish hours a day. It’s much harder as a hairstylist to take the breaks I may need and eat and drink appropriately while at work.

Speaking of eating all my meals from my delivery meal service are pretty good! I was actually surprised by how much I enjoy them. They have a good variety and it’s so nice to not have to worry about the carb and sugar amounts because they are already made for diabetics! Because of this my numbers have all looked pretty good. I’m so happy I can control this with my diet and keep her safe. I definitely miss my sweets but I am working on finding other options. I found Keto ice cream and while it’s definitely not the same as regular ice cream it works. It doesn’t raise any of my numbers and I feel like I get a little sweet treat at night before bed. I even found some cookie recipes I may try. Who knows maybe I’ll stick with some of these things.

Because of all the changes I have actually lost weight now at this point. Karen was understandably worried about that part. I knew I had lost weight because my wedding ring barely stays on now! I figured it had to be because I was eating much more healthily compared to before. We made sure to ask the Dr and she confirmed that was likely the reason.

Yesterday at my appointment with Dr Sammons she said my fluid levels looked to be in the normal range now. She said she didn’t measure but she said by the looks of her she looked perfect. So I was excited for todays growth scan to see what they say. They measure her head, belly and leg bones to determine the size. First thing they said was the fluid levels were down even more from last week! Woohoo. They are now completely within the normal range! It’s funny because remember Dr Sammons told me they tend to increase and peak around 32 weeks and then they would likely level out. Well here we are at 34 weeks and they are now leveled out and fine. I love that I can trust her with all my pregnancy stuff. Baby Girl is also still head down!!! We all know how happy this makes me. She knows what to do and is clearly prepared for her grand introduction to this big world. We haven’t done any more checks for dilation or anything since I don’t want to risk it stirring anything up. Next week though she said she thinks she may want check me since it’s baby number 7. She estimated 4 weeks or less for baby to arrive. She doesn’t think I’ll make it to a 39 week induction. I am totally happy with a 37/38 week birth. I feel like that’s a good amount of time in and she would be safe to come out. I’m just a bit sad it’s really almost over now. Oh also at the growth scan they estimated her weight again! They said as of today they would estimate 6.8 pounds!!!! 😳😩😬🤣

On one hand I am glad she is healthy and her chubby cheeks do make me think she could be a good size already but on the other hand I know these ultrasounds can be off by a good amount because they have done this to me before. Except they had us so scared the baby was going to be too small. So it’s hard for me to know or trust this. Roger’s other two daughters were big babies when they were born though. 9 and 10 pounds! So I’m pretty excited to see how big or little this girl is going to be. She could be my biggest baby yet if they are right! As of now Everett has been my biggest at a bit over 7 pounds. He was honestly also my easiest birth so maybe the bigger they are the easier they will come. That’s what I’m hoping and telling myself at least.

I’m looking forward to easter this weekend and having a family dinner after church. I’ve been occupying my extra time by watching call the midwife on Netflix. It’s a great show if you need anything to watch and there are like 13 seasons! I’ll have plenty of time to watch them now. I’ll post what baby Mac is up to and some cute pictures.

How’s Baby Mac?

Right now, Baby Mac is measuring in at somewhere around 18 inches, the size of a savoy cabbage, and weighs in the neighborhood of 5 lbs. But your baby still has some growing to do, and your little one’s lungs, brain, and central nervous system will keep rapidly developing. Baby Mac’s immune system is still not yet mature, so your little one will depend on your body sharing antibodies to help them fight future infections. What other exciting developments are happening? The vernix caseosa, that slippery coating that protects Baby Mac’s skin, is now covering their body as they get closer to delivery day. Your little one is also peeing up to a pint (473 mL) a day, and preparing that tarry meconium for their first poop.

What’s new with you?

As Baby Mac gets stronger, you might feel yourself struggling a little. Try to get as much rest as possible, to stay active with movement you enjoy if you can, and eat a range of nutritious foods that help you feel good. This won’t make all of your symptoms go away, but it can help you feel as good as possible — and your due date is on the horizon now.

What symptoms might you be dealing with in week 34? Confusion and blurry vision can be fairly common as your hormones rage. Third trimester symptoms like swollen feet, constipation, and hemorrhoids may also be at a high point right now. And while these symptoms are common, if uncomfortable, side effects of pregnancy, make sure to tell your healthcare provider if you notice your vision changing, headaches, pain in your upper abdomen, and/or if your hands or feet swell suddenly, as these could be signs of preeclampsia, which is dangerous for both you and your baby.

Your hormones are also preparing your pelvis for delivery, so you might notice some new symptoms, including increased vaginal discharge and the need to pee more frequently. And your expanding belly and pelvis could cause an increase in lower back pain at this point. As annoying as these symptoms are, just remember that these changes are your body’s way of helping your body prepare for labor and delivery.

It’s also time to make sure that your hospital or birthing center trip and your return home are planned out. Is your bag packed? If you already have a little one at home, do you have someone on call for babysitting? If you have a pet, do you have someone ready to pet-sit? Do you have any details to sort out at work? And even if you know the way to the hospital or birthing center, it doesn’t hurt to review — after all, you never know when Baby Mac is going to decide to make an appearance! If you’re delivering at a larger hospital, it’s also a good idea to double check what entrance you’ll want to go in and what paperwork you’ll have to deal with on your way to the delivery room. If you get all of these ducks in a row, it will leave you with a lot less to stress out about in advance of the big day.

My belly is definitely feeling big!

33 weeks more crazy stuff this week too.

Just when I thought everything that could go wrong in two weeks had happened nope there was more to come! Our microwave broke silly I know but just something else crazy to happen. So we ordered a new one obviously. Then we FINALLY got news about our car. Kia agreed to fully cover our engine replacement! You guys this was seriously the best news I almost cried. I’m really hoping this car lasts a long time now and I won’t have an extra car payment for awhile so we can save more money. You know for vacations or purses or something. 😆 I was really impressed with Kia and the customer service really. I really thought we were going to have to fight with them over this so it’s nice that they did the right thing. They are even covering our rental car and the towing bill.

So then the next bad thing to happen was Sunday. It was a regular day a great day at church came home to relax etc. all normal stuff. Then at dinner I started noticing a few contractions. Braxton hicks are common. They seemed to keep coming though and I got a little worried. So I immediately knew what to do chug lots of water and lay on my left side and wait for them to go away. Unfortunately they just were not going away. After I started timing them my app said I should probably go to the hospital. I called Karen and Roger to let them know what was going on. I was just trying to make sure I got there in enough time that if I was in labor they could try to stop it. It was still to early for her to come.

Once they got me hooked up they gave me a bag of fluids to try to get them to stop. Even though they said I was actually very well hydrated! (We all know what an accomplishment that is for me) Well the fluids didn’t do anything. So they called an on call dr and he recommended some pill to try. So I took that. It still wasn’t stopped so I got another of the same pill but an extended release one. By then they had actually slowed back down so that was good news. They checked me just to make sure I wasn’t dilating They also decided to give me steroid shots to help mature baby girls lungs just in case. So I had to get one that night in my butt and go back on Monday at 8pm for a second one.

Ricky and I didn’t get back home until about 3am. Thankfully my dad came straight over and stayed on the couch so just in case the kids needed anything. We were all tired that’s for sure. I had to take Monday off and see My Ob. So thankfully she had one appointment available. I hadn’t seen her since all the the crazy things and new diagnosis’s of GD etc. literally as I am driving to the appointment I get a call that she had to go to the hospital for an emergency. Of course she did. I should have expected something else to go wrong. They put in on a new guys schedule. I am super hormonal at this point and just wasn’t happy about some random new guy anyway. I feel bad because I know I didn’t give him a fair chance but this guy knows nothing about me or my ob history. Dr Sammons does and I just couldn’t trust him after a 5 min conversation. He told me to go ahead and take the rest of the week off work and let’s see what next week brings.

I decided to text my Dr (I’m very thankful she trusts me with her number) I just explained I would really feel better if I could at least speak to her over the phone about my situation. She called me today and thankfully went over everything with me. She said she is ok with me going back to work next week. There are obviously conditions though. She said if I start having more contractions then I will be pulled and not able to work. I totally understand and don’t want to risk her health in any way. Hopefully it was just a fluke though and we can move forward no issues. Dr Sammons said we will induce at 39 weeks if I make it that far. She doesn’t have high hopes of that happening. She thinks I’ll go on my own before then. That’s honestly what I hope for because it makes birth easier. She just needs to wait closer to 38 weeks. I feel like that’s a good time frame.

Yesterday at my ultrasound and non stress test everything went well. She was even head down. Though I feel her moving so much I don’t think she’s staying down there yet. I think she’s going to be long at least because she really likes to get up under my ribs! My extra fluid is still high but it was lower then last week so I feel like that’s a good sign. Next week they will do another growth scan to measure her again and we can check weight and see how much bigger she’s gotten. Today we are doing a 3/4 D ultrasound and Karen and Roger are in town to see her. I love that they are able to come to so many appointments. At today’s appointment we got some cute face pictures and her squishy cheeks are just the best. I can’t wait to see them in real life too. They also said it looks like her hair is really growing. I think that’s a fun perk also. After our appointment we went to St Charles Main Street since the weather was so great! We just enjoyed walking around and nice weather. It was perfect. I am really hoping that now all the crazy things that have happened are now over with and we can just enjoy now. I am really really enjoying these play sessions. We are not getting a lot of sleep but it’s totally fine because she’s so fun to play with. With only 7ish weeks to go I am just going to enjoy all of this. I am going to forever miss all of these beautiful things I have been able to experience. Closing this chapter of my life is definitely going to be hard. Pray for me.

I got some great videos of her kicking and playing I’ll share them as well as what she’s up to this week.

How’s Baby Mac?

Baby Mac is growing up so fast! Your baby is 17-19 inches tall, the size of a cauliflower blossom, weighs between 4 and 6 lbs. At this point in pregnancy though, there is a large variation in size from one baby to the next, and it’s harder to give an estimate for how big Baby Mac is getting. Baby Mac is going to keep putting on about a half pound (230 g) a week, and as long as your healthcare provider says they’re on track, it’s safe to assume that your little one’s growth is just perfect for them.

Your baby is also beginning to keep their eyes open while they’re awake, and before too long you’ll get to see those eyes look right into your own! Baby Mac’s bones are still forming, and though relatively soft, they keep hardening. And your little one’s brain is developing more and more every day. 

Is Baby Mac still causing a ruckus in there? While their kicks should have become more regular now, counting kicks is as important as ever as it can go a long way in helping you monitor your baby’s health. So it’s a good idea to pick a moment each day to count the kicks. 

What’s new with you?

Your growing body may increasingly be making some of your normal activities harder and more uncomfortable. So take care as you move through your days — take your time getting in and out of bed, cars, or up from seats; be careful moving in crowded spaces as you might accidentally bump your belly into furniture, and just be patient and forgiving as do your usual activities with an amazing body that’s still changing every day. 

Many folks also experience insomnia during their third trimester, which you can blame on a restless mind, restless hormones, and trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in. Getting enough rest is very important though, so try to get as comfy and cozy as possible so that you can sleep as much as you can. And if you haven’t started using a sleep pillow yet, this may help you get more comfortable and feel more supported so that you can get in those zzzs. If you’re being kept up at night by prolonged or severe feelings of sadness or extreme worry and you think you might be experiencing anxiety or depression, seek out professional support. You have lots of options. 

She’s so fun! 😍
Non stress test
Little miss sweet cheeks! 💓💓💓

32 weeks and growing!

Well we have made it to 32 weeks now. I would be lying if

I said the last couple weeks have been easy. We have just had so much going on in our personal lives as well as the pregnancy. I am doing my best to stay as stress free as possible. It’s just crazy to me that everything can just seem to happen at once. Our grandma has been Ill and we are trying to get her moved to a nice place where she can be safe and closer to us. Plus I had literally 5 drs appointments last week plus work! Then on top of that Ricky texted me that our car just stopped working on the highway!!! Thankfully he was able to not crash and get it to the shoulder. We had it towed to the house and we’re hoping it was an easy fix. Nope of course it wouldn’t be… Apparently the whole motor just locked up and quit working! We almost had it paid off and I was really really excited to not have any car payments for a bit.

Maybe some good news though Kia is trying to get the motor covered under warranty because our year had recalls for bad motor issues. It’s extra stress though just waiting to hear if they will cover it or not! Plus only having one car is not ideal. So everyone pray and cross your fingers and toes that it can be covered. That would be such a relief at this point. Other good news is my Bistro MD meals came. They are a meal delivery service and you can get meals for diabetics! Honestly they are actually really good. It’s super simple and convenient and that’s what I like about it! I don’t have to worry or stress about if it’s good or not. So far all of my blood sugar tests have been great too! That’s such a relief for me.

The drs seem to think I will be just fine controlling everything with diet. Since I only had a few high numbers anyway. Baby girl is moving great and I am really trying my best to stop focusing on all the crazy and negative things going on in my life and enjoy these last few weeks of my last pregnancy. 😭

I really want to soak up every little kick and wiggle all the hiccups and rolls. She’s been a great little last belly buddy and I want to treasure this last little bit of time we have together. I know her whole family can’t wait to have her and she’s going to be so spoiled and loved. I just need to focus on enjoying these last few weeks and that’s it. 7 weeks or less now! It’s just going so fast. These are for sure my favorite weeks. Preparing for all the early labor signs and symptoms. Over analyzing each contraction thinking are these the ones? Hoping and praying my water breaks this time. Hoping she gets in that head down position! Wondering how long labor will take. Then that incredible high you get after birth and seeing so much Joy and happiness on someone else’s face. Knowing you had a part in that. Nothing can compare to that happiness and joy that fills a hospital room after birth. My heart always feels like it could just burst!

So these last few weeks my focus will be on this sweet baby girl and keeping her as healthy and happy as I can. Enjoying each and every movement and even pain knowing this is it. It’s all worth it! Now let’s see what baby Girl is up too this week.

How’s Baby Mac?

As Baby Mac keeps getting closer and closer to being born, they now measure in at 17-18 inches, are the size of a pomelo, and weigh about 4.3 pounds. Your little one’s head also has a coating of fuzz, and their skin is continuing to fill out. Baby Mac is still a little ways away from their first mani-pedi, but they already do have a full set of fingernails and toenails! In fact, one of your baby’s favorite activities right now is sucking their fingers, which is not only cute, but actually improves their coordination and familiarizes them with their body. 

And Baby Mac is really practicing for the big stage, breathing and “swimming” like crazy. Your baby is also probably already in the head down position with their head moving closer to your pelvis as they prepare for delivery.

What’s new with you?

This late in your pregnancy, you know your own unique symptoms pretty well. Symptoms are different for every pregnant person, but one of the most common symptoms of the third trimester is the increased need to pee. Hemorrhoids, flatulence, and constipation might continue as well. And you’ve probably reached a peak in the increased blood flow that’s, by now, been contributing to any number of symptoms. That extra 50% of blood does have a purpose though — currently it’s helping to keep Baby Mac snug and safe, and it’s also going to help make up for the blood you lose in delivery. 

It’s also time to start thinking more about your hopes and plans for labor and delivery, including thinking about if you may want to use any pain management. Talk to your provider about your options and what makes most sense for you. Epidural anesthesia is among the most common pain management options, though many opt for other medications, or elect to have medication-free births. It is also possible to labor without  analgesics (pain meds) but need other medications like pitocin and/or antibiotics. Ask your provider about the pain management options available to you and any other questions you have about labor and delivery. It does help to go into labor with an understanding of your options, but keep in mind that you can always ask more questions even when in labor if you change your mind then. Everyone’s desires and needs are different, and your provider and care team will help you do what’s best for you. 

It’s also important to prepare for life after delivery — you want to be as prepared as you can be for Baby Mac’s arrival, since you’ll be busy with your little one before you know it. If you’ve finished with some of your baby prep basics — Crib? Check! Diapers? Check! — and want another project to keep you busy as you count down the days to your little one’s arrival, it’s never too early to start with some baby-proofing. Putting up baby gates, getting some cabinet locks and door knob covers, and mounting furniture (like dressers, changing tables, or bookcases that can tip over) to the wall so it’s not a fall hazard are all items that can be added to your baby-proofing to-do list, whether now or later. Certainly, Baby Mac is several months away from trying to climb dressers or explore under the kitchen sink, but if you have some extra time to do some of this prep now, you’ll be glad to have dealt with any potential safety hazards long before your little one is particularly mobile.

My stretch marks are really coming out now!
My amazing friend and client got me a survival bag! 😂 Ps the jolly ranchers are delicious

31 weeks and diabetes update.

Well I have been tracking my numbers all week like they said and I sent them in this morning. I didn’t hear anything back so I waited for my appointment today when I got there. They hooked me up for my non stress test and I waited. They finally came in to tell me what I was dreading hearing. They said I have gestational diabetes. I honestly was a little surprised because I only had 2 elevated numbers. All my other numbers were well with in range. She basically said any spikes indicated I had it. I’m sad and angry if I am being honest. It’s a lot to take in. She was very kind explaining that I should have no problem controlling it with my diet so I wouldn’t need insulin or anything. I just didn’t want to worry about this. So now next week I have to have a two hour zoom meeting with a nutrition specialist on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8am I have another ultrasound and non stress test and then Thursday I am meeting with the doctor again to go over the diabetes stuff again right after that we have a 4d ultrasound in wentzville. I’m wondering how to not be stressed for these non stress tests with so many appointments in one week! 😂 I know everything is going to be fine and I know I will do whatever I need to so that I can keep her safe until she is ready to go home with her mom and dad but it just sucks and that’s how I feel right now. It’s a lot to try to understand with good carbs and bad carbs. All the blood checks and monitoring of numbers.

I want to try to look at the positives and maybe this will help me be extra healthy and I can get really skinny and hott after this last pregnancy! 😆 (wishful thinking) But this will be good things to learn and use in life. She’s doing great in there and wiggling and just being adorable. She already has the cutest pouty face you have ever seen. She’s basically going to get whatever she wants. She’s been getting the hiccups a lot and the ultrasound tech said that’s actually a great thing because she’s working her diaphragm muscles.

Karen and Roger took the news better then me. I can’t help but to feel like they could have picked a younger better surrogate then me but they said they are still happy with their choice. I know it’s really nothing I did and it’s the placenta that causes GD. The Dr made sure to tell me that. Tonight I’m going to my best friend’s wedding and it’s going to be a great night and I’m excited to celebrate her and her new husband! I’ll post all the normal stuff now and I’ll update again next week. Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming!

Baby Mac is also working on some final preparations prior to delivery, as their senses are now intact, they continue to add on that baby fat, and their immune system is nearly ready to fight and prevent illness all on its own — Baby Mac will just needs some time outside of the womb for it to fully develop.

Your little one’s brain and nerves also continue to develop under what is still a very soft head, which is still quite soft because the bones that make up their skull are not yet fused together. This is so that your baby can pass as easily as possible through the birth canal. These soft spots, or fontanels, won’t close until Baby Mac is about two years old.

Just look at this perfect face! Her hand is on her head because she’s also upset about us having diabetes. 😂

28 weeks and 3 days.

This weekend was quite a busy one! I felt like I squeezed a whole 10 days into 3. I went to Chicago for Karen’s baby shower. I got in Thursday afternoon and just got back this morning at 11:30. I stayed with Molly, Jon and the girls. It was so much fun. I was able to meet more of Karen’s family and friends and get to know the ones I have met even better! It was such a wonderful time. Of course everyone was excited to see how big my belly has gotten. I stayed up too late each night and I don’t even regret it. 😂 As usual I didn’t take enough pictures. We ate at yummy restaurants and walked around cute stores and Michigan Avenue. Karen bought some super cute baby clothes! It’s exciting to see how excited everyone is getting for baby to come.

The baby shower was the most beautiful shower I have ever been too. The girls all worked so hard to make it so special for Karen. They had it catered and I tried almost everything! My favorites were the mini mahi-mahi fish tacos, chili lime chicken bites and the crab cakes!!! I think I ate 14 mini crab cakes. 😂 Plus there was so much more. All of Karen’s friends and family were there. It was so nice to see so many people come to celebrate her and her new baby girl. She has way more friends then me that’s for sure. I had brought the cute dress Kailynn helped me pick out and my new dress shoes I hunted down for like 5 days. Then my feet and legs have decided it’s time to start swelling! Of course that’s my luck. Thank God I brought an extra couple of dresses just in case we did other nice things. I basically had one pair of boots and tennis shoes that would fit and didn’t look terrible on me. Everyone looked so gorgeous at the party it was fancy and right up my alley. I love getting the opportunity to dress up and spend time with girls.

A couple speech’s were made and I couldn’t help but cry. It was really beautiful to witness all the love that surrounds Karen and this baby. She was gifted a gorgeous necklace from everyone and I also gave her my gift. I guess I can finally share what it was now. I had a local artist hand paint the picture I took of the embryo the day they put her in me. So it’s her first ever photograph I suppose. I’ll post the few pictures we did get so you all can see. I was happy to get home and nap. I’ll be sleeping with my feet up I guess from now on to combat this swelling. Less then 12 weeks until little miss is here. I’m so excited to see when she will pick for her big birthday. Hopefully not too soon though we need her to be nice and cozy for a bit longer. I have had a few braxton hicks that have started. Nothing hurts I can just feel my belly getting tighter.

Also funny story Molly shared with me. Sweet Grace had learned where babies come out of and she told her mom that she just wants me to have her babies too so that she won’t have to do it. ❤️ Seriously how precious is she. Kailynn has also asked me to just have her babies. These kids don’t understand how old I’m going to be! 😂 I love that we have been able to make this so normal for them that they think everyone can have babies for everyone else. We need more of this for the world we are living in. ❤️❤️❤️

Let’s see what baby Mac is up to.

How’s Baby Mac?

Baby Mac is about 14.8-16 inches tall, the size of a coconut, and weighs about 2.5 lbs, getting closer and closer to the size they’ll be at birth!

Baby Mac’s wrinkles are starting to disappear as they build more fat, which will help them regulate their body temperature after birth. Temperature regulation, like the surfactant your little one is producing to prevent lungs from collapsing, is a big step for Baby Mac toward being able to thrive outside the womb. In the meantime, Baby Mac is continuing to rehearse for life by dreaming (moving in and out of REM sleep in cycles, just like you!), coughing, and practicing breathing. What a talented baby you’ve got there!

This is a great time to think about if you want to plan on breastfeeding (if you haven’t already). Many folks find that a little education goes a long way in helping them feel as prepared as possible for such a new undertaking, so you may want to seek out and sign up for a breastfeeding class to learn about all of the ins and outs of nursing. You should also speak with your healthcare provider about your choice, ask them any questions you have, and see if they can recommend any breastfeeding classes in your area. In addition, your provider can check to see if you have flat or inverted nipples and discuss any other physical conditions which could make it harder for Baby Mac to breastfeed. And to round out all of your breastfeeding preparedness, this is also a good time to figure out what kind of breast pump, if any, you’re going to use.

What’s new with you?

Now that you’ve moved into the third trimester of your pregnancy, you might find that the reality of Baby Mac’s arrival is really setting in and your appointments with your provider may increase to every other week.

Have you picked out your baby’s name yet? If you’re not sticking with Baby Mac, now might be a good time to start, or to start narrowing down your list of names if you’ve got a few strong candidates. Many new parents like to keep the name they choose private until their babies are born, just so that they don’t have to deal with any well-meaning attempts to change their minds, but if you do want a little outside input, now can be a nice time to share with family and friends. Whether you choose to go the unique or traditional route, picking out a name for Baby Mac is a great way to bond with your little one while they’re still in the womb.

If your recent GCT test raised any red flags, your healthcare provider will have you take a glucose tolerance test (GTT) around now, which will confirm or rule out the possibility of gestational diabetes. Your healthcare provider may also give you a Rhogam shot if your blood came back Rh-negative. And your Braxton-Hicks contractions will continue, as might shortness of breath and difficulty sleeping. If your shortness of breath is acute, reach out to a healthcare provider right away. Of course, pregnancy sensations differ from person to person, so you may still be feeling sluggish when some women’s libidos are cranking. It’s all perfectly normal. Every pregnancy, every baby, and every parent are different from one another. As always, ask your provider if you’re wondering what sort of sensations are normal, if you need tips for or help with relieving any discomfort you’re dealing with, or if you have any questions at all.

This is the embryo portrait
The Girls made this cute sign in the playroom
Sweet little embryo picked from above ❤️
Karen me and Molly!
How cute is Karen!
This arrangement was so beautiful 😍
So many gorgeous flowers
Can she come home with me???
Now this is a hostess with the mostest! 😂
What a gorgeous cake

My glucose test results are back.

This was faster then I thought. I guess I just assumed I wouldn’t see anything until Monday. We’ll surprise surprise it came back today. I was a bit scared to open it at work. I prayed and just hurried and hit open. Thankfully quest color codes it all and basically tells you what it should be. Otherwise I would have no idea what I was looking at. I know green means good and red is bad. I prayed to see all green. Thank God when it popped up it was ALL green!!!! My heart was so very happy. I was a bit stressed worrying that I may have to be super careful and thinking of all the issues it could mean for me and baby. I want her to have the best/safest home inside of me! I’m so happy I can still eat my bread and sugar 😂. Thank you all for the support and prayers! Now let’s finish this pregnancy with a smooth easy delivery and recovery. I’m getting so excited to meet this little lady she’s going to be the best I know it. 😍

Ps in case anyone wanted to see what taking a bath is like for me these days. 😂 Its a lot of cold belly.