31 weeks and diabetes update.

Well I have been tracking my numbers all week like they said and I sent them in this morning. I didn’t hear anything back so I waited for my appointment today when I got there. They hooked me up for my non stress test and I waited. They finally came in to tell me what I was dreading hearing. They said I have gestational diabetes. I honestly was a little surprised because I only had 2 elevated numbers. All my other numbers were well with in range. She basically said any spikes indicated I had it. I’m sad and angry if I am being honest. It’s a lot to take in. She was very kind explaining that I should have no problem controlling it with my diet so I wouldn’t need insulin or anything. I just didn’t want to worry about this. So now next week I have to have a two hour zoom meeting with a nutrition specialist on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8am I have another ultrasound and non stress test and then Thursday I am meeting with the doctor again to go over the diabetes stuff again right after that we have a 4d ultrasound in wentzville. I’m wondering how to not be stressed for these non stress tests with so many appointments in one week! 😂 I know everything is going to be fine and I know I will do whatever I need to so that I can keep her safe until she is ready to go home with her mom and dad but it just sucks and that’s how I feel right now. It’s a lot to try to understand with good carbs and bad carbs. All the blood checks and monitoring of numbers.

I want to try to look at the positives and maybe this will help me be extra healthy and I can get really skinny and hott after this last pregnancy! 😆 (wishful thinking) But this will be good things to learn and use in life. She’s doing great in there and wiggling and just being adorable. She already has the cutest pouty face you have ever seen. She’s basically going to get whatever she wants. She’s been getting the hiccups a lot and the ultrasound tech said that’s actually a great thing because she’s working her diaphragm muscles.

Karen and Roger took the news better then me. I can’t help but to feel like they could have picked a younger better surrogate then me but they said they are still happy with their choice. I know it’s really nothing I did and it’s the placenta that causes GD. The Dr made sure to tell me that. Tonight I’m going to my best friend’s wedding and it’s going to be a great night and I’m excited to celebrate her and her new husband! I’ll post all the normal stuff now and I’ll update again next week. Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming!

Baby Mac is also working on some final preparations prior to delivery, as their senses are now intact, they continue to add on that baby fat, and their immune system is nearly ready to fight and prevent illness all on its own — Baby Mac will just needs some time outside of the womb for it to fully develop.

Your little one’s brain and nerves also continue to develop under what is still a very soft head, which is still quite soft because the bones that make up their skull are not yet fused together. This is so that your baby can pass as easily as possible through the birth canal. These soft spots, or fontanels, won’t close until Baby Mac is about two years old.

Just look at this perfect face! Her hand is on her head because she’s also upset about us having diabetes. 😂


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