36 weeks and 2/3 days. Guess what’s happening?

Well I’ll start off by saying if Dr Sammons tells me she’s going out of town that’s how I know I’ll have an issue! 😂 So remember on Thursday I was 3cm and 50% effaced still. My Friday appointment went great actually baby girl FLIPPED! She was head down so the dancing, acupuncture, and cold pack stuff worked. I actually think it was mostly the cold packs but they were all still fun to do. What a relief. So on Saturday Ricky and I went to the farmers market for a bit to get out of the house and we took Bo to hobby lobby to get GG (our kids great grandma) a cute sign for her door. He enjoys the car rides and does well in stores. We came home and I took a nap. I don’t sleep much at night because she loves to kick and play.

I got up to go do a few pictures with our family photographer for something a little extra to remember this last pregnancy by. I wasn’t going to do anything but then one day getting in the shower I was looking at my body thinking this is really it. I am never going to look like this again. It’s really a bittersweet feeling. So I decided last min I was going to do something for just me if no one else. I may not always love the way I look or my body but I can’t forget the amazing things it has done. I’ve been so blessed to be able to get pregnant and carry my children and then five more for other women. Wow sometimes that even surprises me. My old uterus has been good to me and my body has held up well concerning how many babies I have grown and birthed.

Anyway after the pictures I told Ricky I was having a few contractions but nothing I was worried about yet. He came home and we were watching tv. The contractions kept coming so I decided I better start timing them just in case. Well they got pretty timeable! So I drank extra water and moved positions. All the things they tell you to do. I finally gave in and figured better safe then sorry I will go in to be seen. I wanted to make sure I gave Karen and Roger enough time to get here. So off we went.

Once I got to the hospital it was like the contractions were like haha never mind. I told the nurse I swear I was having them for like the last 2 hours! Well then they started again and were even getting stronger. The house Dr came in and checked me. I was 4cm and still 50% effaced. So that was a change from Thursday appointment. Because I am not 37 weeks though they can’t do anything to encourage labor. So they gave me some fluids and said we would check again after some fluids. I told Karen to wait until my next check for us to make a decision on what to do. So about an hour or hour and a half goes by and she came back in the re check me. You guys I was then 5cm! I called Karen and said I would feel more comfortable if you guys came. They were ready to go! So the hospital said they were keeping me over night for monitoring and they would keep pushing fluids and sugar water to see what happens.

I wanted to sleep but as everyone knows in the hospital that doesn’t happen. They came in constantly trying to get this girl back on monitors. One nurse was like no wonder you don’t get any sleep. I don’t mind too bad though we manage. Karen and Roger made great time and got to the hospital to say hello around 3am ish. They went ahead and went to a hotel since not much was happening. Once I got up they decided they were sending me home! 😳😬 That’s right I am literally 50% done having this baby and they are like go home and good luck. Just come back if contractions start coming again and get worse. I am sure I looked panicked because the nurse was like is everything ok? I said well I a mean this is my 7th baby and delivery we all know it can go fast at this point. She was trying to be kind and reassure me but I finally said well I am not trying to have a baby in the car! She was very sweet but also young. I know she was doing her job but I just couldn’t believe this was happening.

So I told Karen and packed up to come home. On the one hand I totally get it. They want her to stay in and healthy so do we I, but I can’t help to think I have NEVER been 5cm and not been in the hospital actually birthing! She is obviously trying her best to come out. To make things extra exciting I lost my whole mucous plug I think! I was losing a bit in the hospital I thought but couldn’t be sure. Well once I was home a huge amount came out. I was sure that was it! It was so yucky looking. I made Ricky come look because well I needed someone else to see it I guess. 😂 He wasn’t happy about it. So now I’m thinking how much faster will this make things? Dr. Google haha says hours/days. I am thinking soon for sure. I can’t imagine walking around have way done could last much longer. I guess we will see.

So now I guess we wait and see. I know whatever birthday she picks will be the perfect one. This is still my favorite part and I am so glad Karen and Roger made it safely for the birth. Whenever she decides it should be. I’m going to keep praying she stays head down! I actually may call the office today to just see if they had time for a super fast check just so it can put my mind at ease to make sure with all her moving she hasn’t flipped again. You all know how much I wanted to experience my water breaking naturally. I still kind of do but I will say I’m a bit more apprehensive now that I’ve naturally progressed so far. My fear is if my water breaks I really might have a baby in the car!

That’s all the information and updates I have so far. Let’s all keep praying for baby Mac and that her birthday is wonderful and that we all make it to the hospital in time. 💓


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