Its been one year!!!!

Ok not exactly but all most! To be honest ive had lots of emotions this week! Im so overly happy and Im in shock! I feel so blessed to continue to be apart of this little girls life! Thats the best gift ever for me! Im shocked that shes already a year old! I feel like it was just yesterday i was peeing on pregnancy tests lol. Her mom and dad have become so dear to me! Molly is one of my best friends! Who would have thought two complete strangers could become so close so fast! I guess when you have their baby that puts things on a fast track lol. Ive also been enjoying this year of my life. When you have a super scary birth like we did i think you enjoy things more! Im celebrating my big 30 birthday tomorrow and miss Ellie’s grand entrance into the world! And i can’t help but think if things went a bit different all the things i would have missed this year with my family and friends. It sounds crazy to say BUT i think it was all a huge blessing! I know how fast things can change tomorrow is never promised so you need to enjoy today! Ellie will be having a great get together with family and friends and cake of course! I will face time with them tomorrow also!!! its so crazy to think last year this night we were prepared to be at the hospital at 6am!!! things definitely didnt go how any of us planned but im still over joyed with the choice i made to help get her here! This world and my world would be lacking so much without that sweet Ellie belly!!! So HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!