Beta blood work.

Today was the blood draw for the pregnancy hormone hcg. They call it the beta. I went first thing this morning at 9:00 am. I called twice and finally got the numbers back. They came in at 132! So we’re officially pregnant!!! J is so excited obviously lol. I have to go back on Tuesday for another blood draw. I have been feeling normal and fine. The only signs/symptoms I have are extreme fatigue lol and hunger! So basically I want to eat and sleep more. I try to nap everyday. Today I napped so hard my alarm scared me when I had to go get kailynn from school! Thanks again to everyone who reads and shares and prays for us! I feel incredibly blessed to be able to help this family. I also feel incredibly blessed to have had all three transfers to have worked for me on the first time so far every time. Many girls and family’s have to do many transfers before it finally works.

Testing testing 1… 2…

We’re still testing basically morning, noon and night! We want to make sure baby is still digging in and staying put! Oh how I have prayed for this little one. Testing is always a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions. You stand there hoping and praying to see something just anything on the stick. Hold it under every light in the house at all angles just trying to see a sliver of hope! I also try to make everyone else look at them to make sure it’s not just MY EYES. We had a bbq yesterday and I made everyone stop and look at my latest pee stick just to confirm I wasn’t crazy and the line was faint but still there. I started second guessing myself thinking I was getting J’s hopes up and what if I were wrong. Thankfully I don’t think I am. Lots could still go wrong I suppose, but as of right now things seem to look good and promising. We also have our blood test right around the corner on Thursday! That’s when we will get the beta numbers and then be told to come back in two days to repeat them. They want to make sure the numbers double. Here is a picture of today’s test that is just so bright and shiny! It’s finally more then a shadow and has some color to it!

Pee stick time.

I know we have all been wondering. Yes we have started testing it’s very hard to tell in the early days. We started testing at 3 days past a 5 day transfer. That’s pretty early so we were expecting some negative tests lol. So the one Friday night was negative then the one Saturday morning looked negative. Once I came home I thought maybe just maybe I saw a little something. So I peed again and we had a shadow! I tested again this morning still a shadow. It’s had to photograph well, but J can see it also. We’re hoping it gets darker and brighter soon. We are still praying this baby digs in deep and stays put. J went to dr google today and the HCG hormones double every 2/3 days so I’m hoping to have a much better line by Tuesday? Maybe something with some good color to it! These ghostly shadowy lines are promising but still not what we want to see. So keep the prayers and good thoughts coming our way!!! I’ll post the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Transfer day!!!

Today was the day! I didn’t sleep well last night and I was up bright and early at 6 am! If you know me you know I don’t do mornings. The transfer was at 1:00 and I showed up 30 mins early. I did not want to be late. They showed me the sweet baby embryo and he or she looked perfect! The Dr said my uterus and lining were perfect so that made me feel better also. I really hope this baby is digging in for the long haul. So dig in deep baby! I had also purchased J and I matching charm bracelets. They say (Every good and perfect gift comes from above) and I had our initials on each one. Since sadly they didn’t make it, I wore both of our bracelets to the transfer. J will get hers as soon as she gets back. I’ve had some minor cramping since the transfer. The same thing happened with the previous two transfers, so I’m marking this as a good sign. We went to eat lunch and had ice cream after. When we got back to the hotel we went to the beach and I laid out and fell asleep ha! Then Ricky abruptly woke me yelling about the dolphins 🐬!!! So if course I got up and FaceTimed the kids to show them. Poor kailynn cried because she said we were having too much fun without her. I assured her the water was cold and not fun to swim in yet. Now I’m back in the hotel room watching Netflix for the night! I don’t think I mentioned before but our hotel room has two beds!!! We are definitely an old married couple, we were very excited to have our own sleeping beds lol. I’ll post some pictures of the fun.

Tomorrow is transfer day!

This morning we flew out and came to sunny Florida! I love it here so much! One day I hope to have a beach house! Ricky says I’m always excited and happy but I’m “extra” at the beach lol. It’s true I just love the sun and sand! My blood work all came back great today and transfer is scheduled for 1:00 tomorrow! The sad news is J and K likely will not make it back in time for the transfer. They went in vacation and are snowed in now. I feel so bad for her to miss this exciting moment. I can’t imagine what I would be thinking or feeling. Honestly Ricky would hate me, because I think I would make him drive overnight to try to make it lol. Even if they drove all night I’m not sure they could make it. We even tried to see if they would just transfer Wednesday since I will be here anyway. That was a big no. I’m going to try to FaceTime them or take pictures at least. Now on to a funny story! So my Dad had to give me my shot last Thursday night and I went over and over with him how to do it and made sure he was fine doing it. He assured me it was fine. It was not. So instead of doing it fast like a dart he slowly stabbed it in. Ouch. Then he pulls it out only to realize there was still medication in the syringe!!! So then came stab number two! It was finally done and I definitely have a bruise. My dad says anytime I need help he’s happy to! 😀 I also enjoyed a nice strawberry daiquiri on the beach since it will be my last for a while we hope! I will be sure to update more tomorrow when we get back to the hotel. Enjoy the photos.

First butt shot!

Ouch…. Today was my first butt shot. I always forget that pain ha. Good news is it’s totally worth it! Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for the family farm so I’ll be out of town. That means my dad is giving me the shot tomorrow. He’s excited I’m definitely not lol. I really hope he does it fast and as good as Ricky does! I’m posting pictures of the shots I’m taking just to give everyone a good idea of what they look like. We fly out Monday morning at 6:15 am! I can’t believe it’s already so close. Extra good news the weather is saying it should be in the 80’s the whole time we are there! Heck yes I’m so excited to wear shorts and lay in the sun the whole time!

Official transfer date!

We got the official information on transfer and meds! I don’t have to go back to the dr this Thursday so I’m going to take the kids to the farm and do some cleanup work with Dad before I go get pregnant. I’ve been trying to hurry and do all the fun things I know I can’t do once I get pregnant again like having drinks with the girls and eating sushi! It’s been a lot of fun already. Last night I had my girls night pre prego party! I can tell I’m old now though because I stayed out until midnight and that was super late and exciting for me haha. I got home and Ricky was like wow you really did stay out late! So now this is what I have to do. Here are your medication instructions.

Continue all of your meds as you have been doing.

2/6/18 Last Lupron injection in the evening.

Continue with Patches and Estrace as doing. this does not stop or change.

2/7/18 Begin Progesterone injection 2 ml at 1:00 pm. Continue at 2ml every day. Moving the time down by a couple of hours each day until you are doing the shots between 6-9 pm.

2/11/18 Begin Medrol. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Also begin the Doxycycline 1 tablet 2 x a day with meals.

2/12/18 Progesterone level to be done at the facility. I have attached the orders.

2/13/18 Transfer day. Please begin a Bayer brand baby aspirin 81mg in the morning and continue every day.

Please arrive at the office with a full bladder. Take your 1 Diazepam tablet 2 hours prior to the Transfer. No scented lotions or perfume. Transfer is scheduled at 1:00 pm.

How crazy and exciting is that!!! They said they could do the transfer on the 13, 14, or 15. I was kinda hoping for a Valentine’s transfer but the 13th will work just fine! We are all so excited now. I already went to the store and bought LOTS of pregnancy test. The poor lady at the check out counter didn’t say a word but I’m quite sure she thought I was crazy buying that many tests at one time!!! I almost just said hey I need to be really really sure haha. I can’t wait to start testing. I’m also quite nervous. I have been incredibly lucky to have had both previous transfers work the first time. I know this is not always how things work. There is a very real chance that the baby just doesn’t stick and we would have to start all over on medications and try again. I just keep praying that my body does perfect and this baby loves my uterus and digs in deep for the long haul! Please keep the good thoughts and prayers coming for all of us! I will try to update more as things continue to move forward!