Tomorrow is transfer day!

This morning we flew out and came to sunny Florida! I love it here so much! One day I hope to have a beach house! Ricky says I’m always excited and happy but I’m “extra” at the beach lol. It’s true I just love the sun and sand! My blood work all came back great today and transfer is scheduled for 1:00 tomorrow! The sad news is J and K likely will not make it back in time for the transfer. They went in vacation and are snowed in now. I feel so bad for her to miss this exciting moment. I can’t imagine what I would be thinking or feeling. Honestly Ricky would hate me, because I think I would make him drive overnight to try to make it lol. Even if they drove all night I’m not sure they could make it. We even tried to see if they would just transfer Wednesday since I will be here anyway. That was a big no. I’m going to try to FaceTime them or take pictures at least. Now on to a funny story! So my Dad had to give me my shot last Thursday night and I went over and over with him how to do it and made sure he was fine doing it. He assured me it was fine. It was not. So instead of doing it fast like a dart he slowly stabbed it in. Ouch. Then he pulls it out only to realize there was still medication in the syringe!!! So then came stab number two! It was finally done and I definitely have a bruise. My dad says anytime I need help he’s happy to! 😀 I also enjoyed a nice strawberry daiquiri on the beach since it will be my last for a while we hope! I will be sure to update more tomorrow when we get back to the hotel. Enjoy the photos.

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