Testing testing 1… 2…

We’re still testing basically morning, noon and night! We want to make sure baby is still digging in and staying put! Oh how I have prayed for this little one. Testing is always a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions. You stand there hoping and praying to see something just anything on the stick. Hold it under every light in the house at all angles just trying to see a sliver of hope! I also try to make everyone else look at them to make sure it’s not just MY EYES. We had a bbq yesterday and I made everyone stop and look at my latest pee stick just to confirm I wasn’t crazy and the line was faint but still there. I started second guessing myself thinking I was getting J’s hopes up and what if I were wrong. Thankfully I don’t think I am. Lots could still go wrong I suppose, but as of right now things seem to look good and promising. We also have our blood test right around the corner on Thursday! That’s when we will get the beta numbers and then be told to come back in two days to repeat them. They want to make sure the numbers double. Here is a picture of today’s test that is just so bright and shiny! It’s finally more then a shadow and has some color to it!

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