Beta blood work.

Today was the blood draw for the pregnancy hormone hcg. They call it the beta. I went first thing this morning at 9:00 am. I called twice and finally got the numbers back. They came in at 132! So we’re officially pregnant!!! J is so excited obviously lol. I have to go back on Tuesday for another blood draw. I have been feeling normal and fine. The only signs/symptoms I have are extreme fatigue lol and hunger! So basically I want to eat and sleep more. I try to nap everyday. Today I napped so hard my alarm scared me when I had to go get kailynn from school! Thanks again to everyone who reads and shares and prays for us! I feel incredibly blessed to be able to help this family. I also feel incredibly blessed to have had all three transfers to have worked for me on the first time so far every time. Many girls and family’s have to do many transfers before it finally works.

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