Beta number 2!

So on Tuesday we had our second beta blood draw. The numbers came back at 459. I’ve been pretty worried about this number. It’s technically still in the realm of normal and it did rise. I was just hoping for a good strong hike in the numbers to make us feel like we did with our first beta! 132 was a good strong first number. Things could still be fine with the number we have now but I can’t help but to worry a bit. When the nurse called all she said was it was higher and that we would do another beta on Monday morning. So we have to wait six days!!!! Uggggg we feel like this is so long to wait. I’m also sure Monday will take forever to get them numbers back. We are obviously hoping to have a good big number on Monday so we can just hurry up and set up a ultrasound to check on baby B. I’m also still doing all the shots and boy are they taking a toll on my poor butt! This time I’m getting big golf ball sized knots and huge bruises! Please continue to pray for us and that J and I can stay calm and be patient.

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