So we may have done something bad…

So as you guys know my last blood draw was not making J or I feel very good. I’ve always had my numbers double on time with out a question. So obviously we have been slightly worried and we fell down the google trap. You can read one million great inspirational stories about beta numbers being low and slow and having great pregnancies after , But then you read that one and then another negative and that’s all you can think about. We tried getting the ivf clinic to just let us test Friday because we didn’t want to stress and suffer all weekend. That was a big fat NO GO. They just said nope wait until Monday. So this is when we started scheming. We tried to think of how we could cheat the system. I had just one order paper left to get our blood work done. I thought how much trouble would we be in if I pretended to be super confused on the days lol. Like oh you said Monday but I got confused and went Friday??? I decided that was a bad idea. Then I thought hey they have no dates in the orders and I fill them in as I go! Sooo I just made an extra copy of it. I mean why give me open beta orders if you don’t want me to use them and abuse the system right? I then had to call the monitoring clinic here to make sure they could even do it and if they would help us keep our super secret and NOT send it to the IVF dr so we wouldn’t be caught cheating. Turns out they were super on board to help. It was honestly so much fun planning and scheming with J. We were like two teenagers all morning lol. So needless to say I went for more blood work today. Then I instantly felt like oh crap. I was like what if the numbers are really bad what then? Do we own up to it and call the dr or fake like it never happened and just suffer all weekend anyway and go again on Monday? Uggggg stress!!! So we waited all afternoon until the results were finally in. We figured it out and if the numbers were to double like they were supposed to we would be at 918. So I was hoping for something at least close to that number. Then when she said the number I freaked out and made her say it again because I thought I must have misheard her. She said 1277!!!!! WOOOHOOOO our secret scheme worked!!!! Now we are definitely super excited and resting so much easier now this weekend. Now we just have to go back Monday and pretend to be so shocked by our big numbers. I sure hope you enjoyed this story just half as much as we did planning and executing this extra blood draw. Thank you all for reading and praying and sharing!

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