Pee stick time.

I know we have all been wondering. Yes we have started testing it’s very hard to tell in the early days. We started testing at 3 days past a 5 day transfer. That’s pretty early so we were expecting some negative tests lol. So the one Friday night was negative then the one Saturday morning looked negative. Once I came home I thought maybe just maybe I saw a little something. So I peed again and we had a shadow! I tested again this morning still a shadow. It’s had to photograph well, but J can see it also. We’re hoping it gets darker and brighter soon. We are still praying this baby digs in deep and stays put. J went to dr google today and the HCG hormones double every 2/3 days so I’m hoping to have a much better line by Tuesday? Maybe something with some good color to it! These ghostly shadowy lines are promising but still not what we want to see. So keep the prayers and good thoughts coming our way!!! I’ll post the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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