Birth story!!!

Ok guys buckle up this is a long one!

Ok birth story! So I was crazy busy at work for two days with everyone trying to get in to see me before I had the baby. I was joking with my clients saying they were going to put me into labor. Turns out they did hehe. I worked until about 9pm on Wednesday I had been feeling just kind of sick and odd for a few days before but didn’t think much of it because I hadn’t lost my mucus plug or anything. I got home and into bed and the contractions started. After about 30 mins I decided I better time them. They were every 4 mins lasting about 30 seconds. Not very painful though. I let J and K know that if they continued I would go to the hospital to get checked. Ricky and my mom were in a hurry for me to go but I honestly didn’t think it was real. I decided to drive myself because I didn’t want to wake the kids. I even went and picked up my mom to go with me lol. When I got there and was hooked up they were every 3 mins and starting to get a bit more painful. My dr was on vacation. Just my luck I thought. So a house dr came to check me I was 1 and 1/2 centimeters dilated but still not effaced much. They also did an ultrasound and he was still transverse! Ugggg. I asked if they would try to flip him and they said it was up to the on call dr but that they wouldn’t let me go home with contractions being so close together. I had 3 drs appointments the next day so I wanted to go home ASAP if I wasn’t in labor. They moved me to a regular room and I called J and K and told them they better try to get a flight that they didn’t seem like they were going to let me leave. Well since they live In Florida and they were having a hurricane it was a bit difficult finding a flight! The on call dr finally came to see me and I had never met her before she was very nice and said she would flip the baby! I didn’t really want the epidural but I was told I had to have it so I did. They flipped him super easy! This was now early Friday morning. They checked me again and I was now 2 centimeters still not dilated much. They came back about an hour later and I was 3 centimeters and dilated better. They also pumped me full of fluids so that basically stoped my contractions. I was still having them but very irregular and not painful at all. I let my epidural wear off. I begged to take out my catheter and to let me walk. No one wanted me to do that but after enough complaining my nurse agreed but only getting up to go to the bathroom. At this point every thing basically stoped. I was frustrated because they wouldn’t let me try to walk or do anything but literally set up in the hospital bed. I knew that wasn’t doing anything I asked to bounce on a birthing ball or anything the nurses said no. They decided to break my water hoping that would help. By this time J and K were on there way and should be arriving at the hospital about 4:00 pm my time. It took forever to break my water apparently it was thick. I’m not sure what time it was I quit looking. I was having super painful contractions like really bad and crazy crazy pressure. I kept telling the nurse I thought I was going to pee even though I knew I had a catheter in. They thought the baby was coming and wanted me to roll over. I wasn’t very nice and let them know I wasn’t freaking moving and if they wanted to check me they could look from the way I was laying or wait until the pain stopped. I finally rolled on my back once it was less painful. They checked me and couldn’t figure out why I was in so much pain with my contractions. They did give me a shot of epidural at this point. After the very next awful contraction I felt a huge gush of sweet sweet relief! It literally was instant happiness for me lol. I let the nurses know that something was coming out of me like crazy and I wasn’t sure what it was but that I now felt incredible! They looked and turns out I had another sack of water that hadn’t ruptured so that was all the pain I was feeling! At this point J and K had landed and said they were on their way. I was checked again by the next on call Dr and basically told if I didn’t start progressing and getting my contractions close together I would be getting a c section. I was pretty mad because I felt like they wouldn’t let me do anything to help get them going because I was confined to a bed! I let the epidural wear off yet again. Finally J and K arrived. Turns out they got lost and went to the wrong hospital! Oops. Then the night nurses came and I felt so much better the one nurse was so sweet I explained to her that no one would let me do anything to help speed this along and that I would do anything to avoid a c section if I could. These two women went and got peanut balls and had me in all kinds of crazy positions ALL night long! At about 4:30 my on call dr came in again and checked me she had a very puzzled look on her face and asked for the ultrasound machine again. I knew he had flipped again! Turns out he was now BREACH! J and K had went to another room to try to rest so they were not In there to hear all this. The Dr was very calm and said we had two options deliver him breach or do a c section. I figured it was an automatic c section! I had no idea she would do that. I very happily said I would like to still try to deliver naturally. She told me she was actually the only one in the whole practice that would do it!!! I truly believe everything happened the way it did for my benefit! What are the odds she was the only one who would be willing to and she just happens to be on call that night! Then the bad news came. She said if I wasn’t ready by 7am then she would do a c section anyway because she couldn’t wait forever. When she left I felt a bit defeated after all the work I had put in. The two night nurses assured me for the next two and a half hours they would do everything they could and that I wouldn’t be getting a c section. They came in religiously every 30 to 45 mins doing different things. J and K came back in the room after I had the nurses update them on the whole breach situation. I never looked at the clock I just kept praying and doing what they told me to do! I had two hard contractions and I knew it was time so I called them in to check me and sure enough I was over 10cm and fully ready to go! I burst into tears and so did the nurses. After 12 hours with them we had done it! We were all hugging and crying. I truly believe if they wouldn’t have been there to help me I would have had a c section I had no idea what to do! I asked the one nurse if she was also birth doula. She said no she just really likes to read and research things to help during delivery. I looked at the clock and it was a little after 6:30 am!!! The Dr came in had me give her a little push and they took me to the O.R. I guess just in case they needed an emergency c section. Once I got in there they moved me to a table. They were having a hard time so I just rolled on myself. Then the anesthesiologist freaked out and wanted to give me more meds! I said no absolutely not. I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to push because I couldn’t feel it and then I would be in trouble! So I told them if it’s an emergency just knock me out I don’t care but don’t give me any meds unless I have to have them. I only had to push 3 times and he came out! It was very weird seeing a butt first lol. It was pretty hard to get his head out. They had to shove a lot on my belly but he did come out fine. They had to lay him on me and he was having a hard time. They kept rubbing him and he wasn’t really doing anything. I freaked out and told them to just take him that he needed help. He was very purple and not crying. I couldn’t see once they took him to the warmer area but I was obviously upset and crying. J was so sweet and kept yelling over to me that he was breathing and just fine. Once he started crying and I could hear him I felt much better! I ended up only needing one or two stitches! I’ll count that as a win! He was born on 10/12/18 at 6:46 am! He was 6pounds 4 oz and 20 inches long!!! Turns out his legs were just fine the whole time! I was 37 weeks and 1 day. This was definitely my longest labor EVER. He was worth every single second of it. I’m pretty proud of myself for laboring for that long and for basically not having pain meds for most of the labor or pushing! It was so nice to go back to the room and be able to just get up and walk around right after! I got lots of love and baby snuggles when we were in the hospital. This was definitely a labor to remember. Thanks to everyone for all the love and support during this! I would also like to add I had no idea how rare or scary a breach delivery could be! The Dr was very comfortable and confident! We were lucky she was there and I know God had this all planned out just how it needed to be!

37 weeks I may be in labor now!

So last night around 10 my contractions started and were about every 4 mins for an hour. By the time I got to the hospital they were every 3 mins and more painful. They dosed me with lots of fluids and slowed down the contractions until the on call dr could come because of course my dr is on vacation that’s my luck. The dr got here and she said we could try to turn him to see if he would engage and help me labor better. I was so happy to hear they were willing to turn him still. I got an epidural and he slid right down when the Dr moved him! So now we just wait to see if my contractions kick back in again. Let’s hope they do because J and K are on there way up! I’ll try to update when I can!

Happy 36 weeks!

We have almost made it!!! We have 4 weeks left at the most. I’m thinking more like 3 weeks! Today I had another acupuncture session. Baby B is still transverse I’m hoping he starts running out of room soon and decides to just go head down and stay that way. He still seems to have plenty of room to move and play because he does ALL the time! He’s quite the mover. It’s actually really fun to watch. We also had my ob appointment where she confirmed that he was definitely still transverse. I sadly already knew. Now I go to the dr every week!!!! Next week I have Three appointments. The acupuncturist then the ob then the specialist ultrasound! My Ob will be out of town next week so the other OB will check me. We picked a hospital so that’s exciting! I guess I need to pack a hospital bag now! I always feel like I have so much time and then I’m shocked thinking oh boy he could be here any time now! I’m so very excited for his mommy and daddy and to see their faces when they meet this sweet boy! I also can’t wait to see him and see how much hair he has! I’m sure I’m going to miss my little buddy but I’m also excited to sleep on my belly woohoo!!! I’ll post some fun pictures too!