Happy 36 weeks!

We have almost made it!!! We have 4 weeks left at the most. I’m thinking more like 3 weeks! Today I had another acupuncture session. Baby B is still transverse I’m hoping he starts running out of room soon and decides to just go head down and stay that way. He still seems to have plenty of room to move and play because he does ALL the time! He’s quite the mover. It’s actually really fun to watch. We also had my ob appointment where she confirmed that he was definitely still transverse. I sadly already knew. Now I go to the dr every week!!!! Next week I have Three appointments. The acupuncturist then the ob then the specialist ultrasound! My Ob will be out of town next week so the other OB will check me. We picked a hospital so that’s exciting! I guess I need to pack a hospital bag now! I always feel like I have so much time and then I’m shocked thinking oh boy he could be here any time now! I’m so very excited for his mommy and daddy and to see their faces when they meet this sweet boy! I also can’t wait to see him and see how much hair he has! I’m sure I’m going to miss my little buddy but I’m also excited to sleep on my belly woohoo!!! I’ll post some fun pictures too!

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