34 weeks. Lots of news!

Well the last 4 weeks has been quite a whirlwind. During some of our ultrasounds baby B was measuring just a little behind in his legs. I didn’t think much of it but my dr decided to send us to a specialist just to make sure. She basically said worst case scenario would be dwarfism and best case would be he’s just short. Obviously that was not what anyone wanted to hear. We all want our babies to be as perfect as they can be. We had to schedule out the appointment for about a week or two after. Lucky they got us in pretty quickly! We were able to get great news this week that he looks just fine! Yes his legs are a little short but he seems just fine! What a relief this was for J and K! So we had our regular OB appointment today and he still looks good except for he won’t move to the head down position!!!! He likes to be transverse. He’s a stinker. So we will now be trying acupuncture! I’m also trying the warm on the bottom of my belly and the cold by his head to encourage him to move south! We still have time for him to get it together. Obviously I want to avoid a c section. I feel terrible and selfish sometimes saying that… obviously if it’s an emergency or nothing can be done then I just want him here safe and sound with his parents. I just know how hard it was physically and emotionally for me to heal after my one c section. It’s way more painful and takes a lot longer to get back to normal. So send me all the prayers and good vibes you guys have for a wonderful safe vaginal delivery! Exciting news J was able to feel baby B move around a bit! We tried to guess what part of his body it could possibly be! In all of his pictures he likes to keep his hands and feet right by his face! We’re actually impressed how he does it! He’s a little acrobat! So I have acupuncture next week then the next week A regular ob appointment. Then I go every week so at my 37 week we will have another growth scan at the specialist and then another ob appointment to check me! My dr will be out of the office for that appointment but will be back for the next one I believe! Oh we also did hospital tours while they were in town! That’s fun for them! I remember feeling excited to pick where I was having my baby. I wanted them to have the same experience that most get. Well I believe that’s all I have for right now. I’ll add some pictures for fun! kailynn wanted me to do a fun pose she said

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