Happy 30 weeks!

Can you guys believe it!!! Pregnancy number 5 is almost over!!!! Here comes sad Rashel…. I just want to be pregnant forever and give all the babies to wonderful loving homes! I am excited to have a dirty martini after though! Who wants to bring me one in the hospital lol??? It’s so exciting because now is when all the fun starts happening! Braxton-Hicks, walking, mucus plugs etc etc. I’m going to the dr Every two weeks and then it will be every week! Baby B is little Mr. active! We are having lots of fun kicking and playing and making my belly look super weird lol. Im having lots of stretching ligaments! Ouch. I’m feeling the third trimester for sure! Peeing 7 times a night and walking and running out of air 😂 taking a shower and needing to lay down for a break before getting dressed! It’s all part of the fun! I have to say this sweet baby B has been so wonderful to me. He’s a real fun little guy. I’ve also been lucky and still haven’t gained any weight! I’m just all belly. To be fair I don’t normally gain weight really anyway. Maybe 5 to 10 pounds. I was already in the higher side of my weight then I wanted to be anyway. Before anyone asks yes I eat! A lot! Ask the girls I work with or Ricky who goes on late night Taco Bell runs or McDonald’s! I’m still eating lots of ice too! I love it!!! J and K are going on an exciting trip to Europe for 14 days!!! Happy babymoon to them! I can’t lie I’m super jealous. One day I will go and it will be great! Ricky has been taking all my pregnancy pictures for the most part so this week he decided he just had to recreate my perfect pose…. I still think I look better then him! Sometimes he can be pretty funny though. Here is to my last 9/10 weeks!!!!

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