29 weeks!

We are now 29 weeks. I’m doing great and feeling great! We have had a busy summer and now my kids are back to school! We had the sugar test last week and great news all came back fine! Things are definitely starting to get exciting now. I go to the dr every two weeks now! Baby B is a real wiggle worm these days! He likes to bounce and play. I’m so excited for these last few months. The end is always my favorite part. Minus the peeing all night and getting winded so fast! Today I took a shower and then had to take a break before getting dressed. Haha. J and K will be back to visit for my 34 week appointment! We are doing a 4 d ultrasound and hopefully some hospital tours! J has a super cute app that tells her the size of baby B as an animal! It’s my favorite part of the week when she tells me what animal he is each week! This week he’s a rabbit! That seems very fitting since he’s hopping around so much these days!

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