New transfer date.

Well good news everyone I am back on meds and cycling for the next transfer. Woohoo 🙌 fun hormones 😂. So they decided we will transfer on October 16th or October 19th. Just depends on my lab work and ultrasounds. So I will be doing labs and ultrasounds this week and ill be flying out on the 15th to Florida. I guess the perk is hopefully I’ll get to enjoy the beach a bit more! I’m praying this little one really wants to stick around. So far I don’t feel like I’m too moody but I do get hot 🥵. Thanks again for all the support everyone! I’ll post more as I know more. 🥰

Re starting meds.

Well here is my update. After stopping the meds my hormones thankfully balanced back out and I felt so much better. I just had to wait for my period. I was told and worried it was going to be so bad with my lining being so thick. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. I’m back on the birth control pills and will be starting the Lupron shots again on Monday. They gave me a 10 day window for for the next transfer. Being October 14th-23rd! They are going to work on getting this date narrowed down a bit more since I can’t take 10 days off work to be in Florida 😂. We do have to go back to Florida but there are definitely worse places to have to go. Maybe this next time there will be a bit more sun so we can enjoy the beach. I joked with Ricky that we should go back to Disney again for a day or two! He was a firm no. I just love the happiest place on earth. 🥰 I’m excited for another try and praying this one all works out.

I enjoyed this delicious treat box from my friends. I totally cried when it was delivered.
I’ve been enjoying drinking 😝
My heating pillow I usually use for my sore butt worked great for my belly cramps.

Beta day

Well today was beta day and as I suspected it was negative. I don’t have much more to share then that. I’m still super sad and emotional. I was told to stop all meds and wait for a period. I did my fair share of crying today too. My hormones are insane right now. My estrogen is two times the normal amount! 😳 So no wonder I’m extra crazy. Thanks everyone for the hugs, texts, visits, calls etc. it’s been nice to hear words of encouragement and love during all this. I’ll update when I know more and have a worth while update. Tonight I’m drinking all the wine because I decided I deserve it! A twisty straw makes it classy. Also my kids are so sweet and kailynn made me a card because she knew I had a bad/sad day. How sweet is she. ❤️❤️❤️