Beta day

Well today was beta day and as I suspected it was negative. I don’t have much more to share then that. I’m still super sad and emotional. I was told to stop all meds and wait for a period. I did my fair share of crying today too. My hormones are insane right now. My estrogen is two times the normal amount! 😳 So no wonder I’m extra crazy. Thanks everyone for the hugs, texts, visits, calls etc. it’s been nice to hear words of encouragement and love during all this. I’ll update when I know more and have a worth while update. Tonight I’m drinking all the wine because I decided I deserve it! A twisty straw makes it classy. Also my kids are so sweet and kailynn made me a card because she knew I had a bad/sad day. How sweet is she. ❤️❤️❤️

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