Guess who’s back…

Yep it’s me again 😂. So our fun Florida trip wasn’t just about beaches and fun in the sun. I also had a drs appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) there! My last IPs (intended parents) have been wanting baby number 2 for a bit now. Our original plan was to wait until after our Disney trip in august/September. Obviously Disney is not happening for us this year 😢. So we decided may as well get into baby making. So we started calling our lawyer’s and making plans for my medical screening. Good news is screening went great he said my uterus looks perfect. That’s a big compliment from a RE! So as of now as long as things go according to plan with contracts I will be starting meds on July 20th!!! Bring on all the shots. Then the plan is to do the transfer of baby on August 20th. I’m already praying for this sweet baby. I want my belly to be a perfect home for him or her for the long haul. We would appreciate all the love and prayers and happy thoughts you all have to offer. I’ll be updating as often as I can. I seriously can’t believe I’ve had 5 babies and planning for a number 6! What an incredible body I have. I’m so happy I can use it to help other’s. We also got a super cute picture of us while social distancing of course. 😆 I can’t believe this guy is almost 2!

😂 Ricky Hates me 😂
He’s a great camera man though.

Chicago Chicago Chicago

Ok so we made it were here!!! My brother Bobby took us to the airport and we were super early so we just ate and waited. When everyone started boarding we were the last group so we had to wait until they called us and we kept waiting and it got really empty and then they started paging us saying the plane was going to leave!!!! WHAT I swear we did not hear them say group 4!!! So we almost missed our flight after being two hours early lol. I also asked the man if we could have a window seat he looked a bit aggravated and changed it. When we got on the plane I was lucky to have a window seat but it was literally right on the engine!! It was the loudest plane ride ever lol. So I have about two hours untill we meet them and I’m relaxed in bed with one of my favorite movies ever anchorman! But I know I need to get up and start getting ready it takes a bit to make me look nice lol. Ill be sure to update you guys after! Thanks again for reading and supporting us in this amazing journey! Here is a picture of me on the plane!!!