Ultrasound to check my lining.

Yesterday we did an ultrasound and blood work to check my uterine lining and blood work for my estrogen levels. Good news was my ultrasound went great and my lining looks to be even better then it did last time!!! I’m at a 10 with still a little over a week to go! So they said we can keep everything the same now. Meaning my meds. I’m still taking Lupron each night and estrogen pills 3 times a day. I’m waiting for them to call me today to let me know when I will be starting all my other meds. Pills and butt shots. 😔☹️😢 I already feel bad for my butt. 😂

We will be flying out on the 15th in the morning and as far as I know transfer still looks good for Friday the 16th. I’ve been praying for this next transfer of this sweet baby boy! I’m excited for this next try. I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to test this time after transfer or not. This was obviously the first time I have ever not been able to share excitement and good news. So I’m honestly scared to test again and not see good news and feeling as bad as I did last time. I know I will feel bad even if I don’t test and get bad news. I’m just not sure what I will do.

Thanks as always to everyone for all the love and support. I’ll be sure to update more this coming week.

See that triple stripe! 🥰 I want to be nice and fluffy and cozy for baby boy!!!
Here’s where some of my crazy comes from. 😂

4 thoughts on “Ultrasound to check my lining.

  1. Hi. I see you’re a surrogate. I was wondering if you can tell me about the meds you are supposed to take. Are they strictly necessary? I can’t swallow pills so that would be a big problem for me in regards to during surrogacy.

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    • Yes there are TONS of meds involved! Pills and shots. If you are not good with pills and shots this definitely wouldn’t be something to do. If you look through some of my posts I know I have a few where I show all the pill bottles and needles etc.


      • Awh crap. Shots doesn’t bother me but I’ve never swallowed pills in my life. I don’t get why this is such a big deal if I am otherwise completely fertile and should be able to get pregnant the normal way. Shouldn’t they be able to pop the egg up there and it will do it’s own thing without help?


      • Sadly no. They have a protocol that works and they stick with it. They need to make your lining extra thick and plush for a embryo. Looks like this may not be a good option for you. 😞 you could look into egg donation depending on your age? I’m not sure if you have to take pills for that or not? Honestly though I feel like pills would be part of any of these things.


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