The beginning!

Well everyone said start a blog so here it is lol! I’m still just starting out and all my feelings are frustration,  excitement, fear, and joy just to name a few. This has been a long road for me so far and its just starting. I started all this in december but have wanted to do it for a long time. Thanks to my friend Sierra who helped me talk to the right people I am moving along. My first agency didn’t work out but I was sent to another and I’m just waiting to be matched now. I feel like i have been waiting for this for a LONG time. All I know about the couple that they will be sending my portfolio to is that they live in North Carolina! I just have to hope they really like me I guess! I have been praying a lot about this I pray that its what God wants me to do and that this couple and my family get along well that I can bless them with what they have been wanting for so long and that my family can be understanding of my decision to do this. I can not wait to see the joy I can bring to this couple! I actually feel bad about it sometimes that I feel like I will be gaining so much from this journey!  Well I guess time will tell if they like me I know I won’t know much untill monday that’s when they will be ready to send out my portfolio. Untill then I will just keep praying that they are the family God wants me to help complete with there beautiful new bundle of joy!

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