Its a snow day!!! And a few fears.

Well its snowing like crazy here I guess were the eye of the storm were suposed to get 9 to 12 inches!!! I’m glad work closed down and let me leave I doubt anyone wanted haircuts today anyway!!! I started taking prenatal pills joni the lady that works with my agency said it was ok. So I figure ill do what ever I can to help this baby!!! I can’t believe tomorrow they may be giving my portfolio to the couple I just keep praying there the right couple for me! I have been reading other blogs and its so exciting but I’m also super scared because some of them don’t get along with there ips the whole time or don’t get to talk with them much after the baby is born! Don’t get me wrong I know its not my baby but I know I will love it and I just want such a great relationship with my ips that that scares the crap out of me!!! Well I guess that’s all for now ill make sure I update you all as soon as I know they have sent off my portfolio! !!!

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