Still waiting grrrr

So no news yet its been killing me the waiting!!! But I spoke with my agency yesterday and I was just thinking they could look at our pictures and my med record and just say yep I love her lol. But I wasn’t thinking of all the things they must think about! Not only my med records but the money involved and my insurance and lots of other things!!! I feel bad for not thinking of all that before so now I have been praying that God will bless them and show them what to do. I know I can’t wait to do this and bless a family but it has to be in Gods time not mine. Sadly I think God loves to test me in the waiting game I’ve never been good with waiting for his time lol! So I hope ill know something tonight but if not I know it will happen. I just hope I’m a great fit for this family and if not I hope they find someone that is!!!

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