More GOOD news!!!

Ok so me and ricky were able to talk about everything last night and I have too say we both like them. Soooo we are going to do a phone call with them if we both still like each other then we will be officially matched!!! Wow I never thought this would happen!!! I feel like things are really speeding up now I don’t know how much the couple would want me to share so ill just say they live in California lol. If things move along I may ask if I can share more on here about them. With talking to the lady at the agency she said that if things go right we could be doing a embryo transfer in JULY!!!! Wow that’s fast… I know they were already talking about contracts and lawyers. Thats the part I’m not excited about!!! That seems scary to me. I know its part of the process but I just know I’m not looking forward to that particular part… I am glad she said in her papers that she would like to have a friendship. I hope we can feel comfortable on our first phone call and continue to talk and build a relationship!  I really feel for this couple already it must take a strong marriage to go through the things they have and are going through. I hope I’m the one that can help bring the love and joy of a baby to them!!!