Transfer is completed

So I actually slept well last night. I didn’t get to anxious or nervous until it was drive time! I prayed the whole way to the office. I’m not sure everyone understands how much pressure I/surrogates put on ourselves. I cried in the office praying for this sweet baby.

We all already love her so much! That’s right it’s a GIRL!!! I prayed for the doctors and nurses and the embryo technician! I prayed that my lining and body was just what this little lady needed to feel comfortable for the next 9 plus months. It’s such an exciting and nerve racking time. So many shots and emotions go into preparing for this very moment. Then it’s over in less then 10 mins. Now it’s up to this baby and my body and all our prayers. It’s difficult for me to not be emotional during all this.

I know this baby is so loved by so many already! My job for the next week or two is to try my best to be stress free and just keep taking my meds and shots. We have official blood work on the 31st to check my HCG that’s the pregnancy hormones. I’m hoping to hold off on my at home tests until Sunday or Monday. It will be super hard but it’s also super hard to see negative tests. If I do test on Sunday it’s likely to still be negative. But we can all hope and pray 😂. I went back to the store to try to find more pregnancy test that I like and they were still sold out from when I bought the last 8! Lol.

I’ll try to make another post in the next day or two to update if I have any symptoms to note. Although the pio drug I’m on makes my body think it’s pregnant so it’s hard to go off that too much. After the transfer we went and had a nice lunch and just enjoyed being together! I was excited to tell the waiter that I couldn’t have a Bloody Mary because I just got pregnant today! 😂 I’m not sure he was as amused as we all were. So now we need all the love and prayers we can get. I want to see this little girls face in 9ish months!!! I just know she will be perfect and beautiful!!!

I’m so incredibly blessed to be able to help others. I truly hope this helps show others and my own kids that we can all do something to help others! This world can be a beautiful place if we all love and help each other. I so often have people tell me how great I am etc. I truly want everyone to know how blessed I have been to be able to do this. Yes I know I’m giving a gift and helping a family but you have no idea how much these families mean to me!!! These are friends that I would have never met or known had I not decided to do something like this. I can’t imagine not having these people in our lives.

Obviously I know this is not something everyone can do or wants to do and that’s ok! I know I’m crazy and love being pregnant but that’s why this is such a perfect thing for me to do. Here are some fun pictures from our last few days. ❤️ check out these leggings. 😂

Check out these adorable leggings I found for us to wear! They are storks!!!
I wore my bracelet from last time too!
So funny that they even made something like these!
Baby Girl!!! Isn’t she already perfect 💗