Happy induction day.

Well today was supposed to be induction day. I didn’t make it to today and I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand I’m so happy he’s here safe and sound. I can’t help but to be a little sad though that it was due to me being told I had pre eclampsia. 😔 5 pregnancies and now this happened. I was shocked I felt fine! It was a regular Thursday I had my drs appointment where everything was FINE. They checked me and I was only like 2cm and baby was still high up. We laughed and knew he would make it to induction day today. I was feeling fine other then my swelling that only seemed to happen when I stood for too long. I came home and installed a toilet with my dad and then I took a bath that night. I had no contractions all day. Then bam at like 9:30 or 10:00 they started and after about 30 mins of me feeling like they were consistent I decided to download a contraction timer and time them.

Well they were coming every 3 mins! This was happening for about an hour and a half so Ricky was not going to let me not go to the hospital. If it had been up to me I would have probably stayed until they were more intense. I dislike being in the hospital sitting in a bed and probably being sent home. 😆 So I curled my hair and did my makeup because well I can’t look a mess. I told J and K I would let them know but I was going to be checked. They had me pee and hooked me up to the monitors. I was super dehydrated they said. (As usual I never drink enough water…) So I was getting IV fluids and I figured they would send me home.

They also took my blood pressure and she asked if it had been running high. I said no I’ve never had a high reading that I know of. I knew then something was not good. She of course said it was no big deal and they would check again in a little bit but I just knew something was off when I’ve never had a high reading. They said they would run a blood sample to check things too. The on call dr came back in and said how would you like to have a baby today. She was very cheerful about it. I knew better. 😢 I said well not if it’s because you think I have pre eclampsia. She said sorry but they wouldn’t let me leave because of it. I cried. I was worried about baby LB and me. I asked them to re test my pee after I was hydrated but they said it wouldn’t matter. I was confused because I felt totally fine and normal. I was disappointed that my body was not doing what it was supposed to do. I’m a pro pregnant person this isn’t supposed to happen to me! But good news he was head down!!!

I called J to let her know, she took it way better then I did. They started booking flights! Dr Sammons was not on call and it was a different dr from the wentzville office. Someone I had never met. He was all about putting me on pitosin and breaking my water immediately. I was a FIRM NO! My last labor I let them break my water and I felt like it was too soon. They insisted that once that happens labor would go quickly. That didn’t happen and they almost gave me c section because my water was broken for so long and I wasn’t progressing fast enough to push. (Thankfully my nurses rallied for me and I made it last time) This time I wasn’t going to repeat that! They also wanted me to get the epidural before they broke my water… I didn’t want to because then I knew I would be stuck in bed. Now I’m definitely Pro epidural! I’ve always had an epidural so I wasn’t against getting it. I just didn’t want to get it if I wasn’t in pain yet. The nurse kept telling me i could do what I wanted, but that if I didn’t get it and things went quickly then it would be hard to get relief. So I caved and got it. I don’t want to say I regret it but I will say I was right and nothing happened quickly! I labored for HOURS! Stuck in bed.

I asked the nurse if I could be moving or using a peanut ball etc. She just encouraged me to rest. In the mean time J and K had made it to the hospital. My Dr also called me and said the other on call dr told her well she wouldn’t even let me see her or do anything! Lol Dr Sammons said that sounds like Rashel. I even asked her if I for sure had pre eclampsia or if it could be wrong. She said it wasn’t wrong. Uggg Thankfully the night nurses came in and it was the same girls from last time! 🎉 These girls had me on the peanut ball and hanging my legs off the bed etc to get baby LB to come on down! Thank the lord. During the whole labor thankfully my blood pressure went as stayed down and I didn’t require any medicine for it. (Magnesium) I have only been told terrible things about this medication when laboring. I was very thankful to not need it.

I don’t even remember what time it was but they finally checked me again and I was like 9 and a 1/2cm… I was so tired and hungry I said I bet I can push through a 1/2 cm! Or just do a good membrane sweep. My nurse laughed and said she would tell the Dr but that she thought I could push through it also! Woohoo In came my Dr and she said let’s give it a go! I’m a super pusher I know this about myself 😂. It’s like my pregnancy super power. I feel bad for women who push for an hour plus. I’ve never had to do that thankfully. Baby LB was still pretty high us she said so I was going to have to work for it. I felt like I had been pushing for HOURS. I was tired and kept thinking oh no maybe this is the time I can’t do it. But I kept pushing. Finally they said he was close and before I knew it out he came!

His mom got to grab him right away and I touched his sweet little head! He had such dark hair. He was precious and perfect! He was crying right away too. Those first sweet tiny baby cries are the best. K got to cut the cord and mom did skin to skin. It was perfect. Turns out my pushing of what felt like hours was a crazy 21 mins… 😂 I’m pretty dramatic I guess. I’m not sure how you women have the energy to push longer! You all are incredible!!! We ordered pizza and salad and Ricky got me a soda! It was like 10 pm and we were all exhausted but excited too. I love getting to see J and K with their new baby. That’s literally all it’s about for me! Seeing them love that baby is what I waited 9 plus months for. It makes all the shots, meds, drs appointments, swelling, pushing for 21 mins 😆 etc all worth it! And Leaf if a wonderful big brother. He loves his baby brother so much and J is great at sending me pictures and updates on how life is going with two kids.

After I was released I had to go back to the dr that Monday for a blood pressure check. Thankfully it’s still been good and I didn’t have issues or need medication for it. It seems to be back to normal and all my swelling is gone! I guess I’m thankful to Ricky for making me go to the hospital even though I didn’t want too. If not things could have gotten worse I guess since I didn’t have another appointment until the following week! I’m still shocked that my body has birthed 6 babies! It doesn’t feel real to me. I have been so blessed to have two of my own children and then two more for each of the families. I will always say birthing babies will be the best thing I will have have done in my lifetime. These children will do incredible things in this world. They are all bringing such love, joy and happiness to so many! I have not only been able to help make parents happy but grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, God parents, and big Sisters and brothers! My heart will forever be grateful and blessed for this experience. I’m the least emotional girl ever but this part of my life makes me emotional! This chapter of my life has been filled with the most love and joy. I’m not sure if this is the end for me or not but on baby making. 😔 I don’t think I will ever feel ok closing this chapter. This part is hard for me. I want to have babies for EVERYONE! Regardless I’m so blessed and happy to have this chapter in my life. Love is a powerful thing. I love all these babies and these families. This isn’t something everyone can do and that’s ok! I think we can all look for ways to help change the world though. Look for ways to give back! I promise it’s worth it. 🥰

I also have to obviously thank my incredible support team. First up my husband! He doesn’t get enough credit! Not only has he supported me 1,000 billion percent. (But being pregnant with other peoples children is a little different lol) He has picked up the slack when I have been pregnant. He gave ALL the butt shots except for like 3! The first one my cousin Barb showed him how to do it and two Molly had to give when Ricky couldn’t come to Chicago! He deals with the hormones. Lupron rage is real! He has taken care of me after every delivery. Helping me shower, carry IV bags in and out of bathrooms, putting my underwear on me when I can’t bend over, waking me up when I fall asleep on the hospital toilet! 😂 That is an inside joke but yes it actually happened! So so many things. He loves me like crazy and I need to do better at remembering that. 🥰

Then their is my parents! My mom and dad have always watched the kids for every out of town trip I had to make. When I had my C section my parents kept the kids for 5/6 weeks because it was so bad and I couldn’t lift the kids for car seats or Everett for his crib for naps. They came over at crazy hours to get the kids when I would go into labor. They have picked up meds and supplies for me so we would just be able to go home from the hospital. They have sat with me when I couldn’t be alone, taken me to drs appointments. The list goes on. I don’t know what I would have done without that kind of love and support!

We also have my kids! They have sacrificed time with a non pregnant mom. Suffered when I had headaches or mood swings. We have skipped family trips because I couldn’t travel too far. Good comes from this also! My kids think having babies for other people is NORMAL! They ask others who are pregnant who their baby is for. ❤️ I am proud of that.

Welcome to the world sweet baby Oliver! Born at 37 weeks and two days! 6/18/21

5 pounds 15oz of pure perfection.

Watching your wife birth is exhausting… 😂
Making the best of an early birthday party!
Dad Cutting the cord!
Baby Oliver’s little home! This was cool.
I love love love this one!
My crazy positions and incredible nurses!
He was a perfect little roommate! 🥰
I had to make him hold him! 😂
Liquid gold!
Oliver’s first feeding

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