Almost 15 weeks!

Tomorrow we will be 15 weeks. I’ll be going back to the dr soon too! I feel like every 4 weeks is so long to wait now 😂. I’m just so used to going at least once or twice a week for ultrasounds, bloodwork etc. Not much is really going on other then that. I’m glad to be off all meds and into the second trimester already! I’m pretty sure I can also feel the baby every once in a while. Just those tiny flutters. I’m already starting to feel like it’s going too fast. My belly is definitely growing. I have been eating LOTS of fruit! Mostly berries raspberries, blueberries and blackberries but a lot of kiwis also! I haven’t gained any weight yet. That’s still typical for me I don’t usually gain much if any when pregnant. I’m actually extra happy about that this time because well those quarantine pounds were not kind to me! Hopefully when the weather warms up a bit I can go for some extra walks.

This is a short little update because I don’t have a ton to share. January is just boring and that’s ok with me! I’ll add a belly progress pic. I took this a day early for 15 weeks.

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