12 weeks already!

Well 12 weeks and 1 day! Wow 😳 it’s already going by so stinking fast. Im happy and sad because well obviously I just love all things pregnancy. We had a drs appointment today and we got to see sweet baby LB. He already looks perfect. A real big baby in there now. He is 6 1/2 cm they showed me. 😂 Basically he looks big and perfect on the screen but is actually super tiny in there. He has fingers sweet feet too. Actually they measured him and he looks to be measuring 12 weeks and 6 days so almost a week ahead.

It is seriously incredible to me how fast they grow and change in there. I don’t think I will ever not be just amazed by it all. Also great news guys I am officially done with meds in two days!!! I’m starting to feel the prego belly growing. I think I look like I’m 20 weeks instead of just 12 😆. Also during the ultrasound baby LB was quite the active little man. He was just kicking and playing and rolling too! Also I asked again in case anyone is wondering he is still head down!!!

😂 If you have followed me for all my journeys you know this has been a little bit of an issue for me at the end. Today was a great Christmas Eve and now we just get to wait for Santa to get here in the morning. I’m trying my hand at making home made cinnamon rolls so let’s all say a little prayer these turn out ok! I’ll update with some cute and fun pics. Merry Christmas to everyone and drink a glass of wine for me this year!

Baby LB is starting to practice breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid, and now that he is taking something into his system, he is building up his first poop. For you, second trimester symptoms like heartburn and vaginal discharge might pick up or begin this week.

How’s Baby LB?

Pretty soon, his intestines are going to recede down the umbilical cord and move back into his abdomen. Baby LB is also practicing breathing by inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid surrounding him, which is only strange when you think about what amniotic fluid is made up of – mostly water, Baby LB’s skin cells, and Baby LB’s waste (he still needs a lesson in social customs).

Baby LB is starting to develop reflexes as his brain continues to grow and become more complex, and he is using the greater command he has over his body to curl his fingers and toes. His nerve endings are developing right along with his reflexes, and at this point, if you poke your abdomen, Baby LB will respond by wriggling (though you almost certainly won’t feel it).

His kidneys are beginning to function. he has also started building up the waste he will store until his first poop, a tarry substance known as meconium. Baby LB’s neck, which he only just started to form in the last few weeks or so, has already begun to straighten as his chin lifts off of his chest, and he is growing rapidly, measuring over two inches long, about the size of an apricot.


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