4dp 5dt

This means 4 days past a 5 day transfer. I still haven’t tested and it’s so hard but I just can’t go through what I did last time. So I’m waiting. I don’t know how long I’ll wait but for now I’m waiting. Each day is a day closer to my beta blood test.

Yesterday I unpacked all my stuff from my suitcase and cleaned a bit. I also ordered my groceries and watched some crap tv. (90 day Fiancé the other way) 😂 I’m addicted. I still have pregnancy tests left over from my last cycle and I “hid” them from myself in the bathroom closet. Obviously this was dumb because I’m not a toddler and I know they are there… Ricky said I should give them to him and he would hide them but I already know that would be way WAY to risky. I don’t want to test but I like knowing where they are just in case.

I will say Wednesday night between 11 pm and 6 am I got up to pee ***6*** times. I mean I usually get up and pee at night but definitely not 6 times. Then when I was getting the kids ready to leave for school yesterday I swear I smelled dog poo in the dining room. Like the smell was so strong I made everyone look for it before we could leave. We never found any poo… Also I can smell the lemon grass in my oil diffuser still and I haven’t had it on for two days. Ricky says he can’t smell it.

That’s the only things I have really noticed so far. Still a bit of cramping here or there but nothing big. I’m trying to not over analyze everything but I also don’t want to not make mention of things. The hard part is all the meds I’m on make my body think it’s pregnant already so it’s really so hard to know anything. I didn’t pee a ton last night so maybe the peeing was a fluke?

This morning I got to watch my nephew Travis for a few hours so that helped keep me busy and occupied. Then he left and my kids decided to go with my mom also. So now the house is so quiet with Ricky down stairs working. I already made dinner also. It’s only 12:30 😂. I made white chicken chili. I have been seeing it all over Facebook and it looked delicious. I guess I will watch more tv and maybe nap. That always helps pass the time and I love napping.

Puff got a bath and a conditioning treatment last night to keep me busy. She obviously wasn’t amused 😆.
Sweet baby snuggles to keep me pre occupied!
He got to nap before me 😂