Retired or Not….

Hello everyone who has kept up since day one or welcome if you are new! I love that I can see that people all over the world have seen and read my little blog posts. It’s crazy to think that this all started 9 years ago. I hope by me being open and honest through all this it has helped others. I hope women who have struggled getting pregnant have felt encouraged, uplifted, joy and most of all seen!

Because of my journey to help others I have read so many stories of women who want nothing more then to be a mom. I have women reach out to me probably once a month wanting to know more about surrogacy and how it all works. I love trying to help in any capacity that I can. Infertility is a dark difficult place for so many women. I truly wish I could help everyone! I’m inspired by these women who speak up and speak out about the pain, discouragement and disappointment they face. I’m also sensitive to the fact that so many cry and suffer in silence sometimes. I can only try to imagine the way it all must feel. I’m truly sorry.

I hope that my choice to help will spark an interest in others so that they may also help someone somewhere. Obviously having babies for others is not for everyone and I know I’m a bit of an oddity for loving it all so much. But I also know there are others like me and even if you can’t do something like this you can be inspired to do things to help others and make this world a better more beautiful place. Donate blood or plasma sign up to donate a kidney. Check into bone marrow donation. Foster children who need love. (This is also on my to do list) 🥰 Donate time at animal rescues, food banks or women’s shelters. Help the homeless. Honestly the list could go on and on.

Now before I get too far off topic… As we all know I always say every pregnancy is my last pregnancy until well the next last pregnancy. 😂

After my last pregnancy I was definitely sure I would be done because of some of the complications I had at the end. While I know they were very common in pregnancy and somewhat normal. To me they were very scary and concerning since I’ve never had anything except basically picture perfect pregnancy’s and deliveries. (Minus one c section and breech delivery) 😆

So I was on the road to finding my new normal after pregnancy and babies have filled my last 12 years of life. Retirement was off to an okish start you could say. Until I got the call and was asked about coming out of my so called retirement and doing one more!

I know I know insert all the gasps, shock and confusion here. 😂

I know you are all thinking who asked? Before I always went through an agency and found these couples to help. I definitely wasn’t on a search this time. But sometimes life just works in fun little ways and things turn out perfect.

This time it was someone I considered a friend. ❤️ It’s funny because I only knew her because of wait for it…. MOLLY! My first Baby mama. Its just so crazy how the world works sometimes. Molly tried to get me to help her have a baby years ago before I ever even met Jen. The timing just wasn’t right. So then when the timing was right I was equal parts shocked, honored, excited and sad that she would ask me. I’ll get to the sad part later. I have had some fun times in Chicago on my girl’s trips! I can’t even talk about how crazy and fun our night on the town was. I partied HARD this particular night it was a treat for all of Chicago and the girls that were there! 😂 So after literally seeing me at my craziest party girl self you could imagine my surprise when she was still ok letting me carry her unborn child! I wish I was exaggerating a bit but honestly I’m not. I was a mess that night🤣🤪🤣

I was sad because I didn’t think I would be allowed or ok to be pregnant anymore. I mean 6 babies is a lot. Not like 19 kids and counting a lot but a lot none the less. I explained that I was old and wasn’t sure I would be allowed to help but we decided to ask Dr Kaplan anyway and just see what he would say. I was basically in shock when the nurse emailed me back a few days later and said that after going through my files he would approve me! I still had to go get a ultrasound done in his office though to check and make sure he thought my uterus was strong and healthy enough. So I went and did that. I was still a little worried even then that they may say no. Again to my surprise they said everything looked perfect.

So I guess my old trusty uterus may have one more in her. Haha Im still honestly a bit shocked this is all happening again. My 5th journey! I would be lying if didn’t admit I’m a tiny bit nervous too. I really really want to help them have a perfect healthy baby. So I would appreciate any and all prayers, good thoughts, well wishes for us all and the precious baby!!!! I hope this pregnancy goes smoothly and we have no issues at all. I’ve already been praying for the baby they will be preparing to implant in me via IVF. I hope she or he is perfect and digs in deep. I hope my uterus is strong, fluffy and the perfect little home until baby is ready to come into this big world and go home with mommy and daddy!

So the details are as follows…

We are finishing up our contracts now. Just 17 days until meds start! All the shots…. I can honestly say I’m definitely not looking forward to that part. 😂 Lupron rage, headaches and the giant butt shots. My poor butt is already sore just thinking of it. Ricky on the other hand I think will secretly be excited on my grouchy days to stab me knowing he can torcher me a bit and get away with it. Then on March 28th as long as everything goes at planned I will be in Chicago getting pregnant again! I’m seriously so surprised I’m even saying that again. I always have so much going on in my world and honestly I think I love it that way. It’s busy and mostly fun!

I know this was a long one. Thanks to everyone as always for all the love and support. Especially to Ricky our kids and my parents who support me through all my crazy life adventures. Plus all my other friends and family who always offer support and love for us all. I’m beyond grateful and appreciative for everyone. It seems fitting to me that when I began this all years ago I started in Chicago and with Dr Kaplan and now here I am all these years later likely ending in Chicago with Dr Kaplan. How perfect is that. 🥰

Without further ado I would love for you to meet my new IPs and friends who now already feel like family too. Rodger and Karen. My heart is bursting with excitement to help you both! What an incredible journey we have both had to get us here together. I just know it was meant to be.

All my meds are here!!!
So many things to keep track of.

Happy induction day.

Well today was supposed to be induction day. I didn’t make it to today and I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand I’m so happy he’s here safe and sound. I can’t help but to be a little sad though that it was due to me being told I had pre eclampsia. 😔 5 pregnancies and now this happened. I was shocked I felt fine! It was a regular Thursday I had my drs appointment where everything was FINE. They checked me and I was only like 2cm and baby was still high up. We laughed and knew he would make it to induction day today. I was feeling fine other then my swelling that only seemed to happen when I stood for too long. I came home and installed a toilet with my dad and then I took a bath that night. I had no contractions all day. Then bam at like 9:30 or 10:00 they started and after about 30 mins of me feeling like they were consistent I decided to download a contraction timer and time them.

Well they were coming every 3 mins! This was happening for about an hour and a half so Ricky was not going to let me not go to the hospital. If it had been up to me I would have probably stayed until they were more intense. I dislike being in the hospital sitting in a bed and probably being sent home. 😆 So I curled my hair and did my makeup because well I can’t look a mess. I told J and K I would let them know but I was going to be checked. They had me pee and hooked me up to the monitors. I was super dehydrated they said. (As usual I never drink enough water…) So I was getting IV fluids and I figured they would send me home.

They also took my blood pressure and she asked if it had been running high. I said no I’ve never had a high reading that I know of. I knew then something was not good. She of course said it was no big deal and they would check again in a little bit but I just knew something was off when I’ve never had a high reading. They said they would run a blood sample to check things too. The on call dr came back in and said how would you like to have a baby today. She was very cheerful about it. I knew better. 😢 I said well not if it’s because you think I have pre eclampsia. She said sorry but they wouldn’t let me leave because of it. I cried. I was worried about baby LB and me. I asked them to re test my pee after I was hydrated but they said it wouldn’t matter. I was confused because I felt totally fine and normal. I was disappointed that my body was not doing what it was supposed to do. I’m a pro pregnant person this isn’t supposed to happen to me! But good news he was head down!!!

I called J to let her know, she took it way better then I did. They started booking flights! Dr Sammons was not on call and it was a different dr from the wentzville office. Someone I had never met. He was all about putting me on pitosin and breaking my water immediately. I was a FIRM NO! My last labor I let them break my water and I felt like it was too soon. They insisted that once that happens labor would go quickly. That didn’t happen and they almost gave me c section because my water was broken for so long and I wasn’t progressing fast enough to push. (Thankfully my nurses rallied for me and I made it last time) This time I wasn’t going to repeat that! They also wanted me to get the epidural before they broke my water… I didn’t want to because then I knew I would be stuck in bed. Now I’m definitely Pro epidural! I’ve always had an epidural so I wasn’t against getting it. I just didn’t want to get it if I wasn’t in pain yet. The nurse kept telling me i could do what I wanted, but that if I didn’t get it and things went quickly then it would be hard to get relief. So I caved and got it. I don’t want to say I regret it but I will say I was right and nothing happened quickly! I labored for HOURS! Stuck in bed.

I asked the nurse if I could be moving or using a peanut ball etc. She just encouraged me to rest. In the mean time J and K had made it to the hospital. My Dr also called me and said the other on call dr told her well she wouldn’t even let me see her or do anything! Lol Dr Sammons said that sounds like Rashel. I even asked her if I for sure had pre eclampsia or if it could be wrong. She said it wasn’t wrong. Uggg Thankfully the night nurses came in and it was the same girls from last time! 🎉 These girls had me on the peanut ball and hanging my legs off the bed etc to get baby LB to come on down! Thank the lord. During the whole labor thankfully my blood pressure went as stayed down and I didn’t require any medicine for it. (Magnesium) I have only been told terrible things about this medication when laboring. I was very thankful to not need it.

I don’t even remember what time it was but they finally checked me again and I was like 9 and a 1/2cm… I was so tired and hungry I said I bet I can push through a 1/2 cm! Or just do a good membrane sweep. My nurse laughed and said she would tell the Dr but that she thought I could push through it also! Woohoo In came my Dr and she said let’s give it a go! I’m a super pusher I know this about myself 😂. It’s like my pregnancy super power. I feel bad for women who push for an hour plus. I’ve never had to do that thankfully. Baby LB was still pretty high us she said so I was going to have to work for it. I felt like I had been pushing for HOURS. I was tired and kept thinking oh no maybe this is the time I can’t do it. But I kept pushing. Finally they said he was close and before I knew it out he came!

His mom got to grab him right away and I touched his sweet little head! He had such dark hair. He was precious and perfect! He was crying right away too. Those first sweet tiny baby cries are the best. K got to cut the cord and mom did skin to skin. It was perfect. Turns out my pushing of what felt like hours was a crazy 21 mins… 😂 I’m pretty dramatic I guess. I’m not sure how you women have the energy to push longer! You all are incredible!!! We ordered pizza and salad and Ricky got me a soda! It was like 10 pm and we were all exhausted but excited too. I love getting to see J and K with their new baby. That’s literally all it’s about for me! Seeing them love that baby is what I waited 9 plus months for. It makes all the shots, meds, drs appointments, swelling, pushing for 21 mins 😆 etc all worth it! And Leaf if a wonderful big brother. He loves his baby brother so much and J is great at sending me pictures and updates on how life is going with two kids.

After I was released I had to go back to the dr that Monday for a blood pressure check. Thankfully it’s still been good and I didn’t have issues or need medication for it. It seems to be back to normal and all my swelling is gone! I guess I’m thankful to Ricky for making me go to the hospital even though I didn’t want too. If not things could have gotten worse I guess since I didn’t have another appointment until the following week! I’m still shocked that my body has birthed 6 babies! It doesn’t feel real to me. I have been so blessed to have two of my own children and then two more for each of the families. I will always say birthing babies will be the best thing I will have have done in my lifetime. These children will do incredible things in this world. They are all bringing such love, joy and happiness to so many! I have not only been able to help make parents happy but grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, God parents, and big Sisters and brothers! My heart will forever be grateful and blessed for this experience. I’m the least emotional girl ever but this part of my life makes me emotional! This chapter of my life has been filled with the most love and joy. I’m not sure if this is the end for me or not but on baby making. 😔 I don’t think I will ever feel ok closing this chapter. This part is hard for me. I want to have babies for EVERYONE! Regardless I’m so blessed and happy to have this chapter in my life. Love is a powerful thing. I love all these babies and these families. This isn’t something everyone can do and that’s ok! I think we can all look for ways to help change the world though. Look for ways to give back! I promise it’s worth it. 🥰

I also have to obviously thank my incredible support team. First up my husband! He doesn’t get enough credit! Not only has he supported me 1,000 billion percent. (But being pregnant with other peoples children is a little different lol) He has picked up the slack when I have been pregnant. He gave ALL the butt shots except for like 3! The first one my cousin Barb showed him how to do it and two Molly had to give when Ricky couldn’t come to Chicago! He deals with the hormones. Lupron rage is real! He has taken care of me after every delivery. Helping me shower, carry IV bags in and out of bathrooms, putting my underwear on me when I can’t bend over, waking me up when I fall asleep on the hospital toilet! 😂 That is an inside joke but yes it actually happened! So so many things. He loves me like crazy and I need to do better at remembering that. 🥰

Then their is my parents! My mom and dad have always watched the kids for every out of town trip I had to make. When I had my C section my parents kept the kids for 5/6 weeks because it was so bad and I couldn’t lift the kids for car seats or Everett for his crib for naps. They came over at crazy hours to get the kids when I would go into labor. They have picked up meds and supplies for me so we would just be able to go home from the hospital. They have sat with me when I couldn’t be alone, taken me to drs appointments. The list goes on. I don’t know what I would have done without that kind of love and support!

We also have my kids! They have sacrificed time with a non pregnant mom. Suffered when I had headaches or mood swings. We have skipped family trips because I couldn’t travel too far. Good comes from this also! My kids think having babies for other people is NORMAL! They ask others who are pregnant who their baby is for. ❤️ I am proud of that.

Welcome to the world sweet baby Oliver! Born at 37 weeks and two days! 6/18/21

5 pounds 15oz of pure perfection.

Watching your wife birth is exhausting… 😂
Making the best of an early birthday party!
Dad Cutting the cord!
Baby Oliver’s little home! This was cool.
I love love love this one!
My crazy positions and incredible nurses!
He was a perfect little roommate! 🥰
I had to make him hold him! 😂
Liquid gold!
Oliver’s first feeding

37 weeks! 2 weeks or less to go.

Today is 37 weeks so we have just 2 Weeks or less now! Baby is still moving a ton. I’m hoping he has flipped back down to head down but I guess I won’t know until tomorrow when the Dr checks me. I now have fancy compression leggings and and croc shoes I have been wearing to help with my leg swelling. It’s so weird my feet are fine it’s just my knees down to my ankles. 😂 I have really really been struggling to sleep at night. I’m up ever couple hours to pee and sometimes I just can’t fall back asleep. We are also currently having our basement remodeled. So they start work by 8am. I maybe should have thought that out a little better. 🧐 I’m definitely getting some contractions off and on nothing I can really time yet. They definitely are less Braxton Hicks though because these are hurting ones that make me have to stop what I’m doing and take a break! I’m just glad this guy has already decided to stay longer then his brother did. I will enjoy our time together as long as he wants to hang out with me. 🥰 I’m waiting for any other signs labor is coming not much else seems to be happening though. I do think my boobs are preparing for milk though because they feel much heavier these days! I’m going to pump my colostrum for baby in the hospital and then a girl I work with is having a baby so I will give some to her also! I’m glad I found someone who will get the benefits of the milk. 🥰

As I look back I feel like all my pregnancy’s have gone by so very fast. I always feel sad thinking this could be it for me. Obviously I never know what could happen during delivery. I wonder how so many other women just know they are done being pregnant and they are totally content never getting pregnant again. I secretly wish I could feel this way. Maybe it would make things easier for me? I just feel so sad thinking I will never feel the tiny fluttering of a life inside me again. Or these giant kicks and rolls this boy likes to do! Also knowing I’ve been able to meet such incredible families and help such deserving moms makes all the difference to me. I will never be able to understand the level of trust they were able to put into me. I can’t imagine being on the other side of this. I can only hope someone would do this for me. That’s what I always think, when people say how lucky these couples are to have me. If they only knew how lucky I was to have THEM! These last 12 years of my life I have been pregnant (basically) and every single pregnancy has been a miracle. This will honestly be life’s greatest accomplishment. Being able to have my children and children for others. I’m not sure what else I could do that would make me feel so happy and proud. Then the best part is knowing that I will get to see what these beautiful little people get to grow up and do! I hate that kids grow so fast but it’s amazing to see the personalities they have and to think of all the great things in life they will accomplish. 🥰 I feel like an extra proud aunt I guess🥰.

Tomorrow I’ll do an extra mini update if I remember so we can all see if little LB has decided to move back to head down. In the mean time if everyone could pray for a safe and healthy delivery for us I would appreciate it! Also if he does decide to come before his induction date of June 30th that his mom and dad can make it to town quickly and safely as well! I’ll post a few pictures and a crazy video of this little ninja.

How’s Baby LB?

Baby LB is over 6-7 pounds and 19 inches (48.9 cm) tall, the size of a honeydew melon. And at 37 weeks your little honey is now considered near-term, meaning their systems are developed enough to sustain them outside of the womb, which is a big milestone. But growing in the womb for a couple more weeks can do nothing but help, as Baby LB continues to put on more of that adorable baby fat that you’re going to love spending so much time hugging and kissing! They also keep inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid as their lungs prepare to make their grand entrance into this open, airy world. And their digestive system also waits in the wings for the time when Baby LB will need it for something other than the amniotic fluid it’s been working with for all of these months.

Baby LB’s reflexes are also quite strong by now, and if you were to put your finger in the middle of their palm, your baby’s hand would grasp around yours. By the time your little one is born, this reflex, and Baby LB’s grip, will be strong enough that you could almost lift Baby LB by the hold that they can grab onto your hand with (not that you should try it out!). In fact, when Baby LB first comes into the world, they’re already going to have a full set of the reflexes that will help them thrive.

What’s new with you?

While Baby LB may still do a little more growing, you’ve probably grown as big as you’re going to during pregnancy, and you might start to notice new stretch marks in different places as your uterus reaches its largest size. You might also be continuing to deal with some uncomfortable heartburn. And you could even see some spotting around this time, as your cervix may be beginning to dilate and get thinner as it prepares to pass Baby LB through. As your cervix thins, you might start seeing a bloody mucus discharge that indicates the blood vessels in your cervix are rupturing as you prepare to give birth. While this is common, especially after a vaginal exam or sex, contact your provider if you notice increased vaginal bleeding.

Check out these crocs… 😂 They are actually super duper comfortable!
My poor legs have a fat roll from the space between my shoes and my compression leggings 😆

20 week ultrasound

Today was the 20 week ultrasound at the MFM office at the hospital because now at 36 I’m an old pregnant lady. 😂 It was a long appointment and they looked at everything. We got mostly great news. He looks so perfect in there. He has sweet little lips and loves to move his arms and legs. I loved watching him wiggle around. He started out head down and we all know that makes me happy! But then he went transverse and then to breach! 😆 Obviously it’s still super early and he has lots of wiggle room to flip and turn and play. We could see all 4 chambers of the heart and his brain and spine they even looked at kidneys and eyes! Every square inch of this sweet boy we saw. The nurse practitioner did come in and let us know that it looks like we only have a two vessel umbilical cord. She said they normally have 3. The good news is because everything else seems perfect she said we shouldn’t really be worried. I will have to now have more appointments to watch and monitor his growth. So I will be going back every 4 weeks for a growth scan. The obvious perk is we will get to see his sweet little face more often!!! It will always amaze me how fast they grow and how perfect he looks. The screen makes him look SO big but in reality he was a whopping 12oz! A whole soda can in there. Seeing him wiggle and grow makes me love him even more and I can’t wait to see his sweet little face in 20ish weeks. Leaf was so sweet on the phone and talked about his baby brother coming. It’s so special to help a family have a baby but, it’s also so exciting to help make Leaf a big brother!!! I’m sure like any older sibling he’s going to be shocked that a new baby is there and all his normal attention has to be shared now but I just know he’s going to do great.

We then had my regular OB appointment and we got to talk about birth plan!!! Basically the plan is to have a healthy baby 😆. We will plan to still deliver in lake St. Louis. Apparently they have done a new remodel since we were there last and it’s very nice. The goal is to make it to 39 weeks and induce if needed but generally I go by 39 weeks anyway. So hopefully since his due date is July 7th maybe I’ll be home having some drinks 🍹 on the 4th of July!!!

Thanks to everyone who loves and supports us all and let’s all keep praying that this umbilical cord issue isn’t an issue at all!

Look he’s smiling!!!
Pregnancy perks! 😝
Awe baby feet 🦶
Ricky also sent me flowers today and it was a perfect day for them. 🥰

We’re half way!!!!

Woohooo today we are 20 weeks! So that means half way, only 20 weeks or less to go! Generally I go around 39 weeks so that would be great. Last time mister Leaf cheated me out of the end of pregnancy and came at 37 weeks. 😆 I LOVE the last 3/4 weeks because it’s filled with so much anticipation and excitement for everyone. I go tomorrow for the big ultrasound at the hospital because I guess at age 36 I’m considered a super old lady! They called it a geriatric pregnancy. It’s also funny because it’s a like 26 year old embryo. Not my old lady egg! So my ultrasound should be about an hour and then I have a regular drs appointment. So tomorrow will be an all day event. I’m already sleepy 💤

I’m feeling great still. I do get a bit more winded after showering and dressing. Especially if I have to blow dry my hair. The kids say my belly is really firm 😂. Baby LB isn’t as active as leaf was. I’m hoping to get some good kicks and moves here soon. I’m still eating lots of fruit and I have started back on my ice cravings. I still haven’t gained weight!!! (I’m super happy about this) Today kailynn did our photo shoot and she actually did a good job. She definitely didn’t complain as much as Ricky does when I ask him to take a picture! All this crazy snow we have had the last couple days has me super nervous walking outside. I feel like I do the 90 year old woman shuffle.😆 Now let’s get to the fun stuff baby LB is up too!

How’s Baby LB?

This week marks a milestone – Baby LB has straightened out enough that we can now measure him from head to toe, as opposed to the old “crown to rump” measurement that we previously took, so don’t worry if it sounds like he has grown more than seems possible when you hear his measurements – we’re just measuring more of him now. Because of this, Baby LB is now about 10 inches tall (25.4 cm), the size of an endive, and he weighs about 10 ½ ounces (298 g). If Baby LB is a girl, she now has seven million primitive eggs in her ovaries, and if Baby LB is a boy, his testicles are descending from his abdomen into the scrotum.

Inside your uterus, Baby LB’s skin is still in the process of being covered in a creamy white substance called vernix caseosa that will cover and protect his skin through until birth. Scientists speculate that this coating might play a part in helping Baby LB adjust to living ‘on land’ instead of in the watery environment inside your uterus.

Your healthcare provider will be able to see the presence or lack of male genitals at your second trimester ultrasound, and if you wish, can tell you Baby LB’s sex by now. He is going to keep gulping down that amniotic fluid – he now consumes multiple ounces a day. Baby LB is also sprouting teeth buds underneath his gums, as well as lips, eyelashes, and eyebrows – the face you’re going to know and love is on its way! Just 20 short weeks until your bun will be fully cooked.

I’m not really sure what this is but it’s kind of cute 😝
I also don’t know what this is…

Almost 15 weeks!

Tomorrow we will be 15 weeks. I’ll be going back to the dr soon too! I feel like every 4 weeks is so long to wait now 😂. I’m just so used to going at least once or twice a week for ultrasounds, bloodwork etc. Not much is really going on other then that. I’m glad to be off all meds and into the second trimester already! I’m pretty sure I can also feel the baby every once in a while. Just those tiny flutters. I’m already starting to feel like it’s going too fast. My belly is definitely growing. I have been eating LOTS of fruit! Mostly berries raspberries, blueberries and blackberries but a lot of kiwis also! I haven’t gained any weight yet. That’s still typical for me I don’t usually gain much if any when pregnant. I’m actually extra happy about that this time because well those quarantine pounds were not kind to me! Hopefully when the weather warms up a bit I can go for some extra walks.

This is a short little update because I don’t have a ton to share. January is just boring and that’s ok with me! I’ll add a belly progress pic. I took this a day early for 15 weeks.

Ultrasound again today! 8 weeks.

Well almost I’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow! So today I went in for another ultrasound and I’m always a little nervous before ultrasounds because well it’s early and so many things sadly could go wrong. Plus since I don’t really get many pregnancy symptoms I don’t actually feel much different. I’m always so excited once I can see the baby looks bigger and see the fluttering heartbeat! That will never not amaze me. It’s so incredible and beautiful all at the same time. Just weeks ago they put this tiny ball of cells baby into me and now he has tiny arm and leg buds starting to form! It’s just so hard to believe it can all happen so fast. The love I feel for these little babies is also so amazing to me. You just can’t help it. I have prayed for this little guy before he was ever even in me. I prayed he would thaw out perfectly and that he would be comfortable in my fluffy uterine lining. He’s just a baby miracle and I feel so blessed and lucky to help.

While the ultrasound technician was checking everything I was joking and asked if he was head down yet. 😂 Turns out he is!!! Woohoo 🙌 obviously this boy has plenty of time to wiggle and move about but it was so funny to me since his big brother came out breach! I have literally delivered babies every way possible at this point. I kinda think it’s cool. Oh also his heart rate went up to 163 so that’s great also.

As far as me my headaches are still off and on and Tylenol is working so that’s good. My dreams have went back to normal from what I can tell. My boobs are definitely more tender right now. That really seems to be all that’s going on with me. Oh I do feel like my belly is sticking out more in my lower uterus area! I’m sure it’s because I’ve had 5 previous pregnancies so my uterus is just like here we go again 😆. I also started this time a little heavier then I wanted to with this pregnancy so, I’m sure that helps add to the fluff that’s already there. 🙄

I’m waiting to see what the Dr says about the next steps. I’m assuming he will say I can stop meds at 10 weeks and just be a regular pregnant person!!!!!! You seriously have now idea how happy this will make me. My butt is so ready to not be stabbed anymore. Also I think Ricky will be happy to not have to do it every night. Oh gosh I almost forgot to tell you guys a great story!!! Ricky had his first injury with giving me my shot. He was trying to put the cap back on the needle and stabbed HIMSELF. He’s obviously fine but of course I had to give him crap and tell him that the next day he would feel pregnant from all the hormones that must have been left on the tip of the needle 😆. I’m actually surprised it took this long for him to stab himself with all these years of shots he’s done. I’ll post some pictures to enjoy as well.

This is what baby B has been up to 🥰

Baby B is moving around like a little dancer, even though you can’t feel it. Your baby bulge might start protruding at this time, as your appetite increases to match Baby B’s. The placenta is also picking up its hormone production, giving yours a break. You’ll start to see fewer mood swings soon.

How’s Baby B?

Baby B is in his last few days of embryo-hood, which mostly means that the brand new, teeny tiny internal organs developing under his see-through skin are almost ready to start functioning on their own.

That pesky tail is finally celebrating its last hurrah, and pretty soon it will disappear completely. Baby B’s webbed fingers and toes are poking out from little limbs that are growing longer every day, and facial features are becoming more prominent, as his lips, nose, and eyelids are looking increasingly human-like around now. Your strawberry-sized bundle of joy is also moving around like crazy, although you almost certainly cannot feel it. Baby B’s head, still tiny compared to yours, now makes up half of his total body weight. But don’t worry, all the famous babies have big heads!

So big!
Fat or baby that is the question lol.
The terrible wound 😝

First ultrasound one baby or two???

I’ll start with sadly J and K didn’t make it for the first ultrasound but I told them we could FaceTime hopefully. I actually slept great last night and Ricky took the day off to get some things done so he let me sleep in and took the kids to school. 🥰 After he got his errands done we went for breakfast. First watch my fav!

The girls at work are all praying for this baby to split so I have been a little anxious about it. I told J what they were up to and she said what if she secretly had been also…. AHHHH you guys are killing me. So my appointment was at 12:30 so we got there way too early because I was excited 😝. We finally got called back and the ultrasound technician was so excited for us that this time it worked. She has done all of my ultrasounds for both of these cycles.

So I get naked waist down and get in the table. They have to do a internal ultrasound because baby is still so tiny. Ricky FaceTimed J and I kept watching the screen trying to see a baby in there. I knew we should also be able to see the heartbeat already also so I wanted to make sure I could see that. I told her at least three times to really look and make sure if it was one or two.

At first I was worried I could see the blob of the baby but I couldn’t see the flickering of the heartbeat. She assured me it was there and she could see it. She zoomed in and then I could too!! 😍 I immediately felt so so much better and calm. Then I was on the hunt making sure I only saw the one little guy. Good news for me it looks like it’s one strong little guy growing in there. I’m so relieved and happy for all of us.

The ultrasound technician said baby looks perfect and is measuring at 6 weeks and 4 days so a little bigger then we’re we are. I should be 6 weeks one day since we know the exact moment he went in 😂. His heart rate is a solid 114 so that’s great too. So much joy and happiness today.

I wish I could better explain to people what this kind of experience is like but honestly unless you have been through it on one side or the other (surrogate or parents) it’s so hard to describe. If I’m honest I feel like I’m even more excited now since we sadly had the failed transfer. I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly. I am still feeling normal and just enjoying extra naps. I’m thinking my headaches have been more weather related then pregnancy. Now my dreams on the other hand are CRAZY!

I can’t even talk about all these dreams, but they are vivid and weird and way way out there 😂. I swear all night every night I wake up thinking WTF is that about. I know it’s normal for many but this is actually a first for me so it’s kinda cool. I should have another ultrasound in two more weeks and then I believe they should officially release us to my OB! This is exciting for me because I’m sick of all the meds and my butt hurts. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend as always thanks for all the prayers and support we appreciate all of it.

Breakfast donut holes yummy 🤤
Baby 👶

Beta numbers!

So I slacked off on telling everyone about my actual blood work beta numbers that the dr considers confirmation of pregnancy! I went for the first test on Wednesday morning and by the afternoon we got the numbers back. I was hoping for 200ish it came back at 178 that was 9dpt. 🙌 woohoo that is a good strong number. So then I just had to go back on Friday to get another blood test. They do this to make sure the numbers double. That indicates a successful pregnancy. So at this point we were hoping it doubled.

I went in at 8:30 am so even earlier then I did on Wednesday and all day I waited for the numbers…. Nothing… I kept checking my quest and nothing was there. Finally the Dr office called me and they said they didn’t get them either! Now it was Friday at like 4:30 and they basically said we would have to wait until Monday to find out what the numbers actually were. Turns off it the quest worker didn’t order them as stat! Stat means they are to be done ASAP and faxed to dr. It said it ALL over the lab slip. I was so frustrated with this guy that took my blood now.

Anyway J and I weren’t really worried because my first number was so good it would have just been nice to know the second one. Then on Saturday I took a nap before Halloween trick or treating started and when I woke up J had texted me to let me know the Dr called her because they sent him the numbers!!! It was 478!!! That more then doubled.

So as far as symptoms go I still feel super normal. I just nap even more then normal 😆 if you know me in real life you know my favorite thing to do is nap!!! I just require a lot of sleep. Unless I’m on vacation or it’s Christmas morning. Those are my only exceptions. Oh I do get pretty hungry more often also and still smelling everything from a mile away. I’m just praying I stay lucky and still don’t experience any morning or night sickness. This is pregnancy number 6 and I want to keep this streak going.

My meds are all still the same and going strong. I take estrogen pills 3 times a day and I do my big nighttime butt shot each night plus two pio vaginal suppository’s morning and night also. I will have to do this basically the whole first trimester. Then I will get to wean off them. My butt is sore like normal and sometimes the shot hurts worse then other times. I swear Ricky does this on purpose. 😆 The good news is it’s all totally worth it! I believe I’ll do another blood test on Tuesday so I’ll update them. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

First blood test
My poor nephew 😝
My cute kids 🥰

Everyone’s question is have I tested????

So my last post was 4dp 4dt and I was holding strong with not testing. My symptoms were definitely there. Me smelling odd things super strongly. Peeing what felt like too often. Mild cramps from time to time. But that was it nothing else was really happening. I kept checking my boobs to see if they hurt or if my face is breaking out.

Basically an hour or two at most after I made my last blog post I caved and went to check how many tests were actually still in the bag from last time and then I figured well I already got them out what if I just go ahead and take one… ugggg why do I do this to myself. I had like 4 or 5 cheap Walmart ones and only one FRER. (First response early response) So then I’m like well what one do I take? I hate to waste the expensive 8.00 test if it’s too early anyway, But what if the cheap one won’t pick it up but the frer would?

So I ended up deciding if I’m going to do it I’ll just do the cheap one and if I thought maybe something was there I could always still take the frer. So at 2:00 it would be exactly 4dp 5dt. So I figured I would wait until exactly 2:00. So I peed in my cup and used the dropper to take the test. As soon as I was done I instantly felt dread. I left the room and set the timer for 10 mins before I went back to check it. Then I was a little mad at myself for caving. I couldn’t help but worry what if it didn’t work this time too. I mean I basically felt the same except for the smelling stuff and peeing. I just prayed a lot and kept checking on my white chicken chili to pass the time. 😆

When time was up I went to the bathroom to check and I kept telling myself it’s ok if nothing is there because it’s obviously still very early and I’ll be ok either way. When I picked up the test I was literally shocked 😳 like crazy shocked! There was definitely a line. Not like a shadow or check it by tilting it twice under direct sunlight to see haha. This is funny because it’s so true we do this stuff looking for a line or a start of a line. So then I was shaking and couldn’t believe it was actually there and bright. It just kept getting darker the more I looked at it. So obviously for science 🧪 I had to take the other test now just to make sure it would show up too!

I could hear Ricky in the kitchen making himself lunch so I went in and showed him the test too. (Just to make sure) He said great give it here. He could see it too. He was so excited and said he didn’t even have to squint to see this one. I was happy to know I wasn’t crazy. So then I went back to see the frer because that one only takes 3 minutes. You guys I could see it on there too!!! My heart was so so happy. I was so scared my body just wasn’t going to do what the baby needed or something was wrong with me. I know that’s not how it works but I still secretly blamed myself a little.

So then I felt good like so so good. I felt bad for not telling J right away but I was also terrified what if I took another and it wasn’t there like last time. I didn’t want to feel like I let her down again. Ricky insisted I not tell her until I got another test to make sure things were looking good.

Ok so fast forward to Saturday morning this was 5dp a 5dt well at 2:00 it would be. We decided to go walk around down town St Charles Main Street. I wanted to test before we left but didn’t want the test to not look as bright since I didn’t wait very long. So I waited as long as I could and just did it. You guys BAM it was freaking bright. I told Ricky I bet this would show up on a digital test. He said well take one then. So I did. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not. I told him if it showed on a digital then I was definitely calling J because I couldn’t keep this from her any longer. The digital took forever but it finally popped up and to my surprise it said pregnant. 🥰

I FaceTimed J and baby Leaf was there too. I asked him if he wanted to be a big brother and put the test up to the camera. I was so excited and nervous I couldn’t keep my hand still 😂 I was shaking so bad. Obviously we are all so excited but still trying to be cautious. This is exciting but it’s still so early. We decided to ask the clinic today if we could go a day earlier for our blood work and they said yes! So tomorrow I go for our first beta blood draw. Once we get a baseline number I will go back on Friday to get another and see how the numbers double. Thanks everyone for all the support and prayers we for sure appreciate them. I’m so glad I get to share happy news this time.

My first test 4dp 5dt
It got soooo bright so fast! 😍
For science 🧪 obviously 🙄 😆
Then the tests I took on Saturday 🤩
This is my Walmart line up
One last test because well I had one left 😂